Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield

Democracy Now

Premiering this week at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, the new documentary, "Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield," follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill to Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen as he chases down the hidden truths behind America's expanding covert wars.


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Hide Behind said...

One has to always remember that while a prestigeous event this is an Art Festival and while content of documentary has to be relevent it is the artistry of the camera and difficultys in how it was produced that carry majority of award points.
While this tid bit is old the award for photography. In Dirty Wars has already won, in its catagory.
DIRTY WARS is a joint project by Scahill and Rick Rawley and was carried out under immense difficultys by them.
Scahil is a right wingers nightmare and the left wingers embarassment and one of the very few journalist alive who does talk truth to power of both poltical and economic groups.
He is real deal and has put his butt in harms way in every theater of conflict for over 20 years and done it with his integrity intact.
In harms way means both sides of conflict could of taken him out and yet he has so far avoided both the acident prone US led NATO and the reason to be skeptical opposing targets elimination.
No mere war reporter or correspondent shill for any established media outlets he is an investigative journalist that exposes both the economic lies and liars and their political partners along with the lies of propaganda told to justify their wars and brutality by they who do their killings.
His major theme seems to be how the common man, no matter the country, used and abused mercilessly by people in power.
Surprised how long he has been at it what with death threats from some of worlds richest thieves and all the dangers he has placed himself in.
And all done for the common mans interest.
No better example of,"And the truth shall set you free" can be found in world today.
TOO bad the people in US do not want to hear that message.

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