Monday, January 28, 2013

Congress AWOL Over Unconstitutional Intervention in Mali

Ron Paul

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Anonymous said...

So you think we should just let Mali get overrun by these islamic terrorists?

Do huge civilian casualties mean nothing to you?

Clearly it's a job that needs to be done, like Sadam and Ossama.

Stop bellyaching and get on with it, you dont even have any troops on the ground wtf are you crying over.

Anonymous said...

How much do you get paid to shovel manipulative disinformation mr. "Anonymous"?. How long do you think you will be happy making that coin while deceiving?

Hide Behind said...

US has had boots don ground in Mali for over 20 years and has been a financial and military advisor to both its present head and its last one as we'll.
This was a civil war, a brutal war, an economic war, an ethnicly defined war, an artificially introduced religious war. And has been led by US and Euro centric nations for one of most resource areas of Africa.
Present leader at first fit right in as one of selected by white euro neo liberals as being humane he was injected and infected the nation for them.
HE was also favored because he liked to buy guns to put down an independence movement so then loved by neo cons and cold dead fingered America icansHe was especially loved by US MPRI a us contractor that trained their military along with US led force projection troops on the Mali grounds.
What led the white baxkers of their government was fact they were steeling the nations resources and onoy had to pay enough to keep one political faction incapital city happy while rest of nations people could go to hell for all they cared.
France whose whole energy structure and national economy deppends on nuclear energy has been stealing uranium from mainoy central Africa at dirt cheap prices for years.
AT one time France and Belgian interest controlled almost all the theft of central Africa and at one time its spec ops was training a group that was fighting an american spec ops grouping.
France and Belgian Interest lost.
This is just the big pitate. Let a smaller but loyal pirate their own little area to pillage.

Anonymous said...

The spillover of USA paid, armed and controlled Muslim extremist Al Queda mercs from Libya is a big part of the problem here.
The US military and its NATO sidekicks are being offered up as the only solution. Wow, we've never seen a play like this one before.......problem, solution.

Mali has lots of Gold, and for decades the international companies have been keeping more and more of it, with less and less going to Mali. Slavery to mine gold there, including the use of child slaves is very common.
Some of the genuine rebellion is from Taureg people impacted by the slavery.
The crazy Islamist stuff (attacking a Library today in Timbuktu) is CIA driven and just another mark of shame on every American taxpayer who funds this shit.

As a Canadian, I am far more ashamed of Canada and its greasy role in Mali. Big Canadian gold mining companies are right in the middle of all of it, and so are the Canadian people.
The vile fake leftist parties in Canada, Liberals and NDP support the war on Mali. They sell the greasiest lies to con their people into supporting this clampdown on slaves to protect the profits of gold companies.

Good on AP for reporting on Mali.......but do you really have to use the fraud Ron Paul to get the message out? There are plenty of credible people telling the truth about Mali.

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