Friday, January 11, 2013

Colbert Shines Light on Idaho's Citadel Patriot Community

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert brings the upcoming Citadel community into the light with mostly harmless jabs.

First, Colbert of late night's "Colbert Report" teases his audience with the promise of a great real estate opportunity. For some of you, this might just be the case ... more on that below.

The Citadel is "a developing community of Patriots, currently evolving in the mountains of Idaho." Lots of people are finding their own ways to come together with like-minded goals apart from government intrusion.

The Citadel is no different - what makes it unique is that they want its people to have a community-backed economy with help from a firearms company currently in the planning stages. As stated on their site:
The III Arms Company, current facilities located in West Virginia, was founded to act as the economic cornerstone of the Citadel. Forty-plus American Patriots pulled together to get this company off the ground to serve two purposes: To build solid fighting arms to defend Liberty and our fellow Patriots, and to raise revenue to build the Citadel.
Essentially, The Citadel describes its overall objective as forming a self-contained private property "built as a fortified bastion of liberty" - they liken it to a Disneyland for Patriots where one will find a visitor's center, hotel, bank, churches, walking trails, and all manner of self-sufficiency in action. As part of the core mission, the leader is described only as "the ideal of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty"

One thing is for certain: when your platform is brought to light by one of the big dogs of late night comedy: you've made it.

Will these types of large-scale, patriot-themed communities spread across the nation as America's traditional leaders continue to erode basic freedoms? Have you heard about other communities with similar themes? Please leave your comments below. 

You can find the full details of this Patriot community on their website: III Citadel Blog.

Other sources: 
JG Vibes wrote this report on the project.

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Anonymous said...

Even to a "gun enthusiast" this is pretty funny :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's funny, but you definitely can see where he's coming from. Regardless, he gave an opening to present this information. I'm not sure about the people involved there. In my experience, ALL planned communities suffer from egos, logistical and money problem, but thumbs up for introducing the theme of liberty instead of the usual regulatory dictatorships in your normal gated community. It would be nice if it worked. People should support this. One success and it really could take off as a perfect option. Good luck Idaho!

Anonymous said...

Another "sustainable community" Agenda 21 style just with a different group in control.

The Steel Ibeam said...

To those that do not quite grasp the ideology pertaining to III Arms Company or III Citadel, I encourage you to visit the Patriot blogs involved with these projects. As typical mainstream journalists go whether its on a comedy show or not, the topic is skewed. The plan is real, the people are real and it may be for you and it may not be. Regardless, I encourage you to go back to the beginning of the summer of 2012 where the idea started. Yes, an idea that took less than a year and has gained this much momentum now.

If you feel that it is truly "Agenda 21" style or HOA bound, voice your opinion as to how to make it not so. I am sure the Patriot community would love to hear what you have to offer.

In Liberty,

Amanda Warren said...

Thanks Israel for your input. Yeah, what I see is the opposite of Agenda 21 - decentralization and full freedom.

A founder explained the the citadel to me extensively. We were intrigued and hopefully captured at least part of its essence with this post.

Liberty & Peace

Anonymous said...

I'd rather live there than downtown Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Echoes of Jonestown.....

Anonymous said...

"Will these types of large-scale, patriot-themed communities spread across the nation as America's traditional leaders continue to erode basic freedoms?"

Nope. It will be a miracle if the Citadel even got off the ground.

Anonymous said...

So, they're re-inventing the medieval walled village? I guess nobody explained to them what happens when someone with brass cannons (or more modern weaponry) shows up. There are reasons why they stopped building forts that way after the Civil War.

Or, what happened in Medieval walled cities- bubonic plague, cholera, typhus, dysentery... not to mention fire danger. And then there's the constricting effect walls had on population growth and commerce. There's a reason most city walls in Europe were demolished centuries ago.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe the all the reasons for failure that people come up with ... it's a housing development not a new country. Millions have bought homes in golf course communities because they like to ... play golf! While preparedness may not be as popular as golf, I think it is an excellent idea and think they will succeed in not only making a viable community but also in bringing a new brand of tourism to the area that they build in. Wish the idea was mine!

Daniel Marrin said...

The walls aren't built to keep the gov't or anyone else out that has military grade weapons. It's built to keep those that haven't planned ahead from trying to come in and steal the food or other resources that they have when the SHTF. I'm not a part of the community, but I like the concept of neighbors helping neighbors, preparedness, and the statement it makes to those that choose to treed on the citizens. If it wasn't for family ties, and employment, I would consider it. I hope the idea catches on in VA.

Anonymous said...

This is the way that traditional communities and town in early America were formed. A land owner, (usually a plantation owner) would issue scripts to his employes who could spend their scripts at the company stores. Land would eventually be sold to the employees and eventually you have a town. In Michigan there is a ghost town called Fayette where you can see how this took place. It is as if it is still in the 1870's everyone worked for the company. ANother example from early 1900's and is now a triving city is Ypsilanti MI, founded by Henry Ford. Ypsilanti was Ford's land and he reserved it for his employees. He issuesd scripts to his workers for purchasing Ford vehicles and other supplies at company stores. This is not Agenda 21 or any other such non-sense. This is the traditional method by which communities, states and nations are formed.

Anonymous said...

This will not end well.

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