Thursday, January 24, 2013

BRILLIANT: Corporatism is Not Capitalism


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Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Deregulation led to the financial crisis. It allowed the bankers to get their hands on the people's money. Corporatism is Fascism. Capitalism is based on international rivalry and exploitation of labor. They are equally evil Siamese twins. I say to hell with both of them and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty crazy that he came out and said that materialism/consumerism is just 'human nature' (meaning it's permanent; in our DNA). No behavior is genetic. Behaviors are a combination of our genes interacting with the environment. If we have an environment of scarcity, it makes sense to create a system in which scarce resources can be prioritized among individuals.

Capitalism has become a system of waste that perpetuates scarcity. Products are not created to best possible standard in order to improve everyone's lives. They are created to fail as soon as is acceptable by 'consumers', in order to ensure repeat purchases. This is called 'planned obsolescence'. Capitalism also prevents progress, in that the company holding the most capital (money) wants to preserve itself at all costs. Even if it means making a better product look inferior. The oil industry is a prime example of this. They frequently lobby Congress to reduce the influence of alternative energy technologies that are far superior to oil.

Capitalism cannot provide for everyone's needs and never has, because it is a system that depends on scarcity to survive. We need something better. Change is the only constant in the universe. The only ideology that fully embraces change is the scientific method. We need to structure our society in accordance with this. We need a Resource-Based Economy. Please do some research on this topic if you'd like to know more, as it is too complex to explain in full here.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

@ Brendan R - "It's pretty crazy that he came out and said that materialism/consumerism is just 'human nature' (meaning it's permanent; in our DNA). No behavior is genetic."

Indeed, to disprove that notion all one has to do is visit my grandparents and virtually all of their senior friends.

They were raised during a time when they were well taught to only buy what they needed, not to blow their money on things they want but don't need. Modern consumerism is a totally foreign concept to them.

Consumerism was brought about through the corporate propaganda system connecting emotions to worthless objects and making people believe that buying those worthless things - even if completely and totally not needed - will make them feel "good".

Basically consumerism is a "high" from a drug called "propaganda" that completely alters/warps the mind.

An honorable note here would be the fact that Alcohol scientifically speaking is classified as a drug, but thanks to propaganda and the government bowing to the corporations and providing a separate "alcohol" section for drug statistics the fact that alcohol is a drug is not known by most of it's users.

Alcohol is not a drug, the saying is "alcohol and drugs"... so it's a completely different thing. Like caffeine. [/sarcasm]

People in our fucked up modern society hate life and want to feel good so they will gladly believe something will make them happy even when there is no chance of that actually happening, nay usually they end up even worse off because they get into money troubles because of it.

Personally I think actual drugs would be a better investment than worthless crap made in China or Bangladesh by a slave-worker for 20 cents that costs you $30, the highs from the drugs last longer and in the end cost less(and won't support corporations that use slave/child-labor).


Anonymous said...

Sad to say, his argument relies on some serious deception and distortion. Why are so called radicals defending capitalism? Really surprised to see Activist Post promoting this.

Capitalism is a system of exploitation, pure and simple. But of course, in America, we are victims of centuries of pro-capitalist propaganda, and so it's no surprise that even radicals who want to change the system still believe that capitalism is not to blame. We just need to fix it.

Please research some anarchist/ left libertarian writings critiquing capitalism to understand why this is false.

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