Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bill Maher: You Have No Rights Left to Protect with Your Guns

Activist Post

Bill Maher is clearly anti-gun, but he makes several worthwhile points in this video that break political boundaries. He points out how liberals have allowed Obama to strip just as many rights as Bush did, and how conservatives just bought guns while this was going on instead of doing something useful to protect their rights.  Now, there are no rights left to defend, he opines.

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Anonymous said...

Don't bet the farm on that ignorant statement Mr. Maher. You may have no rights left but the rest of REAL Americans DO and we WILL Fight for them. You go ahead and sit in your mauve cubicle while WE solve a MAN's problem.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maher, if there are 'no rights to defend' then how about 'rights to take back'?

Bit of an elephant in the room, don't ya think?

The guns are for when the government HAS gone to far, not to prevent it going there.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see the dumb j on TV I puke....

Anonymous said...

People, stop saying things like: "We're now becoming a quasi police state..." and the like. We manifest our realities with our thoughts (positive and negative); so putting out such negatives will help to manifest exactly what is being put out -- "what goes around comes around." Ergo, if a negative is stated like it is floating towards/in a future outcome, it keeps its potential for manifestation always in the future, until a greater force can/will act upon it.

Anonymous said...

And one has to ask: what primary force is behind Hollywood, gun sales in the world, lies in the media, brainwashing, etc.?

Anonymous said...

He says Obummer has stripped our rights like Shrub?
Then why the F *ck did he donate $1M to obummers re election?!? What a douchebag

Anonymous said...

Maher is a NWO terrorist. May the piece of trash be arrested, prosecuted and hung for treason.

Anonymous said...

You are a stupid and most idiot in this entire country The US have the most lethal weapons in the world, period. So why do you care if I have a toy gun against an A bomb or a Chemical or a E M weapon? How about a Microwave weapon? If I should have one it will be to fry your stupidity, idiot!

Anonymous said...

Our inalienable rights come from God not civil government. The 10th amendment tells us that rights not delegated to Civil government are retained by the state of the people, Therefore Civil Government can never lawfully strip these rights from us and only clinically insane officials would dare tempt the living God. This last gasp effort of a New World Order to retain their power will fail. And the smoke of their burning will rise forever from the lake of fire as a testimony against those who have rebel against the living God.

Anonymous said...

I like Bill Maher most of the time, but he gets it only half right on this one. He shows his true bias against people who know they have the right to defend themselves by manufacturing the myth that right wing gun nuts only care about guns, when in fact that could not be more further form the truth. People who support the 2nd amendment are the people most likely to support all the rest of the other amendments and freedoms. In fact, not only do supporters of the second amendment support all the other rights, they are more informed about our loss of liberty more so than anyone else. That's why they own guns genius...because they are painfully aware of what is going on and are willing to fight and die for those rights. You speak of the rise of the POLICE STATE and on this we agree, but you make a mockery of the very people that would actually be the ones protecting you from that very threat. Without the right to own assault rifles resistance against the TYRANNICAL POLICE STATE would be almost futile. Just ask the JEWS under HITLER. Unfortunately, Mr. Maher chooses to create this bogus myth to support his own wrong headed bias. The people you mock Mr. Maher, may one day be the SAVIORS of this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! CHECK OUT JAY CONRAD ON FACEBOOK IF YOU WANT TO GET SCHOOLED!!!

Anonymous said...

The only difference between supporters of the Second Amendment and the anti-gun Mr. Maher is in the worst case scenario the supporters of the Second Amendment actually have the foresight, the courage, and the capacity, to actually do something, where with Mr. Maher's decision you do not.

Anonymous said...

1. Bill Maher is an asshole, and a shill.

2. Even a broken clock is correct twice a is Bill in this case.

Bill says the gun nuts are the same people who supported most of the biggest abuses of freedom, abuses of our Constitution and our right to liberty.

The gun nuts are largely right wing, Republican or Libertarian. They supported Bush wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (helping to bankrupt our nation) to enrich big banks and big oil. The gun nuts loved those wars and were loud cheerleaders for them.

The gun nuts supported the war on drugs, filling up our prisons (privatized for profit and extra cruelty, supported by gun nuts) and also the police abuses that go along with these criminal drug raids.

The gun nuts supported the Patriot Act, and the Bush FISA abuses, spying on Americans. The gun nuts supported torture and drone murders when Bush did it, and now they don't care as Obama continues it.

All of these horrible attacks on our Constitution were supported by gun the pig Obama talks gun control and you idiots start chirping and whinning about your precious Constitution. Too late, the game is over.
Sounds like Bill has a point, even if he is a greasy NWO shill.

Anonymous said...

Our rights still and always will exist. The government has simply made it a "crime" for us to use them. We need to stop seeing things in the context of our "rights" having been stripped by the government, because it gives undo, godlike authority to the government (any government).

As for people doing something to "protect their rights", what can possibly be done against tyranny beside fortifying one's self against its agents and spreading truth to best of one's ability?

Protest? Tried that. Didn't work.

Vote? *snicker* Yeah right.

Listen to people like Bill Maher? ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for at least one Intelligent response. You can't take away something that is a part of you, you can only willingly release control over it. The whole idea of rights is a meme to program the slaves into believing that something inalienable, immutable, irrecoverable and innate can be "restricted" or "taken" or "given"... you can't give these away you can only forfeit your control over them. "it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society "-Krishnamurti

Hide Behind said...

All this talk is just talk but the reality is all anyone can realy do is to say to hell with everyone else and hope to answer the question of "what's in it for me."
In the long run,
Wether or not you own a gun,
You are far more likely to be robbed,
sent somwhere to kill or be killed,
Have your land stolen,
Yoursense of self worth destroyed,
YOUR life savings disapeared
By the sociaist who the government uses
And the flag. Wavers and abusers
Than any armed dishonorable thief, murderer, thug or robber.
So grab a beer or a good wine,and just relax,
As you watch the greatest farce of your lifetime._

Anonymous said...

He's full of it. Why do people even bother with him? He's wrong as usual.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that gun control is the magicians tool for slight of hand. Keep people pasionately focused on something they think will ultimately save them while you make all of the real rights that make them free disapear.

People have given up their privacy rights and protection from unlawful persecution by the state without any fight. What do we really have left to protect? How long could you protect yourself from a state that knows everythingvabout you? Hitler started off as a savior before he revealed himself as a devil. He started by removing the rights we've already given up in the name of security.

That, I think, is the point being made . We've given our freedom to big brother and think guns are our salvation when really they're the distraction that allow the illusionist to steal the rights that we hope to protect.

Anonymous said...

We know. We care. We fight. We usually wear masks when we do so in person.

The right owns guns to overthrow Obama's da komrade negro army. The left owns guns because they KNOW Obama's ALMOST as far in the 1%'s back pocket as Romney, KNOW what the riot police are doing to protestors, and believe that if those in power do not listen, the tension will build until eventually, we have a genuine uprising, because there IS no other 'out', and when that happens, they do not want the army/police to have ALL the guns, or even ALL the guns which are effective against police or military equipment.
None of these things negate the argument that the actual effectiveness of the 2nd amendment safeguards is far outweighed by the cost in human life of having so many guns... but that is a discussion that requires an understanding of why people who DO care about the rest of the bill of rights sometimes care about the 2nd amendment too.

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