Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Cop Shoots Dog at Wrong Address

9 News

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Anonymous said...

It's not a badge, it's a bulls eye.

Psycopath police departments keep hiring vets that are trained to destroy countries and kill people. This is what you get.

Anonymous said...

War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

Required reading BEFORE you ever defend a vet.

Anonymous said...

"Psycopath police departments keep hiring vets that are trained to destroy countries and kill people. This is what you get."

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I've shot a lot of dogs and cats that were at the wrong(my)address. If the neighbors turn them loose and let them come dig and crap in my yard and garden they can expect to find them "run over" down the street a few blocks the next morning. If they don't take care of them, I will......
Have a scoped pump up .22 cal air rifle that works nicely. No noise and they never know what hitem. I set the by pass up so I get about 1900 ps out of it.

Sparkie said...

When will these thugs start wearing brown shirts!! This is outrageous!!!

Mark McCandlish said...

AS a disabled veteran, and an animal lover, I think your comments about vets are way off the mark. Most cops are not vets. Many are the same jerks that bullied other kids in school and joined the police force for the power trip feeling it continues to give them and the ability to dish out lethal force with virtual impunity. Frankly, police departments nationwide- (particularly in Colorado) ought to be doing some serious psychological profiling on their cadet/police recruit candidates. There is a big, big difference between a clearly aggressive dog and one that is exuberant. And aggressive dog shows his teeth. The exuberant dog wags his tail. Tell me cops are not trained to read body language! (You KNOW THEY ARE!!!) So how does this wash? They enjoy killing. The public relations damage this kind of shooting does severely undermines public support of cops everywhere.

Anonymous said...

This is why we have the second amendment! NO probable cause, NO warrant and they break in and start shooting family members? And these idiots are still working without even a slap on the wrist for their murderous incompetence? We've gotta wake up as a nation and come to terms that the constitution is worth dying for! Our soldiers take this oath and we should live by it too.

Hide Behind said...

I have yet to see or meet a frontline cop or a grunt that did not want some triger time.
I do know some retired military who felt no need but they were only there to get by and then retire or go back to school. All were REMF types that liked clean work and easy too.
There are those if you listen close love to kill and will use any excuse they can find or fabricate to satisfy that killer urge.
Trust them no father than you can through a 130 pound Rotweiler that's never seen you before.

Anonymous said...

You no longer have rights. I will come to your house and take or kill what I want. You are a slave to me, just a piece of property. Your only purpose is to report to work and support my network till your dying day. You gave up all your rights when your backbone dissolved and you lost the ability to right what was wrong on your own. Now you rely on me to do that and I choose what is right and wrong. I am your master now and you can never change that because you have no spine. I will wipe my feet on you and do as I please. It's good to be king.

Anonymous said...

This is viscerally heartbreaking and disgusting at the same time since the taking of life was absolutely unnecessary. Every caring owner and their dog establish a life-long bond of loyalty like none other so for that shallow cop to tell the owner he "can get another one" this sorely reveals a dire lack of empathy training.

Secondly, since many Americans own domestic pets, all [seemingly] trigger-happy cops who break into a citizen's private home or business should be required by their 'on street' profession to be trained in knowing the behavior of every dog breed. Ziggy looks like she was part Heeler and/or Australian Shepard which would have made her not only one of the smartest dogs [stunning agility skill], but also among the most friendly and gentle.

Further, I bet few readers here have appreciated what one responder so specifically explained about how he has picked off "lots" of dogs and cats who dare to venture onto his property. This too, is glaring example of smug and cowardly behavior that seriously needs its own attention. In a neighborhood, the animals are not the problem; it's more about a rotten or non-existent relationship between humans.

I mean, does ALL former decency with civility and empathetic compassion have to go to hell in a hand basket simply because a swat-oriented government sets such sick example? NO. We, Citizens MUST do better by one another, and in these tragic cases, with the animals too.

hp said...

All dogs are created equally?

So much as sneeze near a police dog and see what happens. Likely a felony.
And one of the few dogs that really will attack you on the street, if let loose.

There's a real big problem with getting rid of the majority of real cops and hiring way too many bastards.

The public is supposed to be assisted, or at least left alone. Certainly not abused and bullied, even maimed and killed by such misfits and criminals.

The average bumbler (aren't we all) who isn't a cruel bastard is far more desirable than are these new standard sons of bitches. Who's hiring them?

A few weeks ago, on opening day of deer season here in Pa., I asked two cops "do you all know how many men, women and kids are out and about today, armed with high powered rifles, pistols and shotguns?" "800,000"
(look it up)

One cop was young, one old.
The old one just smiled and the young one looked a bit perplexed..

Anonymous said...

HP, In response to a fairly raised question, No, not all dog breeds are "created equally" and this is especially so when some humans have worked to specifically train more aggressive breeds such as the German Shepard. Essentially, this is a strictly controlled working dog for reasons of police patrol, drug sniffing or, on the battle field who have been conditioned by their 'one handler only' training to be as threatening to humans as is possible. In other words, while these higher strung breeds are literally utilized as tools, they are not allowed to be approached, petted, or even looked at in some cases because of how, between dogs, direct eye contact is perceived as aggressive.

Thus to clarify, what I was speaking to was the millions of 'domestic pets that are found inside homes and businesses' in this country who are neither innately aggressive by breed or, trained by their owners to become so.

So, rather than for property invading cops to immediately assume the worst of what they are initiating, why aren't they, by smart instinct AND training [not reaction] choosing to proceed on the side of caution, FIRST. As you so aptly say, to better protect Citizens [i.e. innocent bystanders] and as I plead, to intentionally SAVE [even] A [dog's] LIFE, rather than to destroy two.

My most sincere and deepest sympathies go out to Ziggy's owner.

Hide Behind said...

n many a foreign lands there was a rule about on the same order of one of our lost Rights, the Central government stops at our village gate and our Village Elders authority stops at our front gate.
For some damned reason caucasians especially they in uniforms no mattrr the color never did like that rule and just love to saddle up and go kick some ass.
Especially the part of it that means door kicking time,todays grunts know what I speak.
We love our swat members so much ee gave them the rights of judge jury and executioner.
IMHP; Assassins as well.
What is worse today is our homes are open to warrantless searches ny loads of entitys of authority, the OBAMATRONS are applauding psychiatric and mrdical evaluation as a means for that entry as well.
You have surrendered all your gates and today if a cop shoots your dog "You can get can get another one".
AND if the wrong house uou can present a nill but if they fpund anu trace of pot you better not and you know why.
IF they sjjpt the wronng huy amd he is just joe blow blavk yellow green or white no body gives a damn
Yet let them shhot someone who os heeled enough or some groupies need a cause to raisr guns look out momma hete vpmes the hush money and disclaimer forms.
Just save your money and maybe buy yourlittle mansion behind the walls of a gayed community of yhe wealthy and poiticly connected. And be protected by their dogs in colorfull uniforms.

hp said...

2:21 pm

Yes, thanks. I'm aware of dog differences in inherent qualities and training/conditioning wise.
Kinda like people, aren't they?

My attempted point, which I should have just said outright, is that police dogs are considered to be officers and you know what that means..

I believe cops care more about their fellow dogs than they do you or me.

Anonymous said...

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