Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Americans Ring in New Year Drinking Doomsday Kool-Aid At Alarming Rate!

Is there really an antidote to all this madness? 

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

As the New Year descends upon us all, is it just me or can others who are awake feel the fear, gloom and doom that Americans everywhere are drinking to like the Jonestown Kool-Aid? I admit it; I’m slightly alarmed at how alarmed Americans are lately. With the progressively graying Kenyan globalist teleprompter reading puppet popping up on TV selling fear and gloom, to his evil henchmen in California orchestrating surprise attacks on the Constitution and jumping center stage to absorb some of the blow-back for his administrations agenda to disarm Americans, to the primarily 6-headed 4th branch of government, preaching 24/7 breaking-news-style fear, doom and gloom with their CIA approved anchor talking heads.

How ironic that two of their primary henchmen from two of the most important globalist families have recently suffered sudden medical threats to their lives (H.W., Hillary)? Should we take this as an omen, a sign of something to come?

Like an interesting wild and fast moving horror movie where you don’t know who is going to go down first, the movie is entertaining; but, unfortunately, too many Americans are drinking the Kool-Aid and believing the movie is real.

Please take a deep breath and remember this is THEIR movie. It is one thing to understand their paradigm; it is another to believe and succumb to their paradigm. I’m in awe at the amount of DOOM-GLOOM fever spreading everywhere; seeing so many people who are buried in their perfect storm of fear, doom, gloom, end of the world paranoia and the all familiar stock up and save thyself mentality. Americans at alarming rates are drinking the Kool-Aid, which started just a few years ago with all the globalist end-of-the-world Hollywood movies and have continued with a steady dose of cable TV ‘End of the World’ programming that have Americans fully addicted to this synthesized paranoia.

Many fear junkies are perhaps disappointed that the world didn’t end on December 21st, so they seem to need to sink their teeth into other fear paradigms of which there are many to choose from. So what can we do to slow down this automated madness?

Let’s all start by drawing a line between knowledge, wisdom and hope. Knowledge is the gathering of information, which many reading this article are good at. Information gathering is related to intellectual capacity, mathematical skills, problem solving and IQ. Many people are experts at gathering information and piling it in their heads like a storage space packed with items. That’s knowledge, but then there is wisdom.

Just because you are smart does not mean you are wise. Wisdom however is related to HOW you deal with the information that you have gathered and how you lay it out, how you process the information so that it is functional and useful to you. This wisdom skill incorporates many other factors and elements to generate appropriate decision making, or what is known as JUDGMENT. One can have a box of automobile parts, and be intelligent enough to know how each part works, but it does very little if you don’t know how to assemble the car. Wisdom allows us to process all the fear, doom, gloom and wisely categorize it in its right place in one’s mind. If you allow the fear, doom and gloom to enter your mind and you carelessly throw it around just anywhere, beware - it can and will distort your thought process, judgment and perception and will have a cascading detrimental effect on your mental, physical and spiritual progress.

Finally there is hope. Hope is another thing all together. Hope can be viewed by some as irrational, naïve, unrealistic and even stupid, but hope can be the greatest game changer of them all; for knowledge without wisdom is a lost cause, and knowledge and wisdom without hope can be very burdensome and ultimately a lost cause.

So to all my truth seeking friends I offer this small argument with the opening of our new year: Give hope a chance and try to see that we humans are intellectual beings, we are cognitive problem solvers, and yet we have another element hiding deep inside our existence that some call ‘spirit’ or ‘supernatural’ or whatever you want to call it.

This element, I challenge my readers, is the element that ‘they’ don’t have. ‘They’ the evil globalist pigs or Monkeys of Evil live in a miserable world that they cannot escape from. They are godless and HOPELESS and they only gain satisfaction from knowing that they are controlling others and that they are inflicting some kind of suffering and pain.

This IS the so called ‘other side’ of humanity. Yes, humanity has a dark side and these people are the expression of that dark side. Every time someone succumbs to THEIR fear, doom and gloom you are joining them and obeying them in partaking of their misery and you are allowing them to walk you into their world of darkness, suffering, fear and gloom. This is exactly what they planned on imposing on humanity. They knew they couldn’t usher in their so called new world order without creating chaos. GWB referred to “order out of chaos” and this is part of their ritual.

I for one will pass and reject their tray of fear, gloom and doom. I refuse to drink their Kool-Aid and I invite all of my friends to see the silver lining of hope. This hope I speak of is one of the X factors that they cannot destroy.

If you understand this message, then try it on someone. In fact, the next time you see one of those brainwashed cops foaming at the mouth and looking for terrorists that don’t exist, hit that police with a gigantic smile and wave at him. Tell him how happy you are and how hopeful you are of humanity and our current situation and let him know that you appreciate them; and even though you don’t believe all the mainstream media lies about terrorists let him know that you know he means well and you are rooting for him . . . watch the expression on his face change. If you are really clever you’ll have a chance to educate that officer; just remember to do it with respect.

That is my 2013 HOPE TEST, will you take on the challenge? No it’s not about being naïve or unrealistic about the situation we are in; it’s about reaching deep inside you choosing to be the change that you want to see in the world. This is how the game is played. Now let’s begin 2013 and may the best spirit win! Peace and love.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Little confused here, was your opening paragraph meant to be a parody of "doomsday kool-aid drinking Americans" or was that meant to be serious?

Madman from Maui said...

Initially, I was hoping for a little hope from this post. I was up all night last night with visions of doom and gloom,and I told myself I needn't read anymore about the horrible things to come. But in essence, you have said nothing more than to sing the song," don't worry be happy"

Anonymous said...

This article should also come with a link to the one directly above it here at AP.......
For a fine example of hyped up fear mongering doomsday writing please click


Anonymous said...

Suarez: You just drank the kool aid,yourself, because those cops you want us to be nice and friendly to, will only be too eager to shoot and kill us, whenever their bosses tell them to.

In case you didn't know, the PD's from coast to coast, are being trained with israeli manuals, which consideres THE enemy.

Smile and befriendly all you like, they WILL taser and/or kill you, for any reason.

wage slave said...

The whole epic story of the history of evil needs an epic ending. What makes you think that the world didn't end in December 2012? It's all about ideas. The infinite novelty idea was spawned at that time, and now evil is doomed. And the best part is that nobody sees it coming. But the ending is important. It needs to be epic. That's why the drama.

Adam Evenson said...

I am in somewhat of a quandary here. Either fear has never been a part of my life, or it always has been. Is that a quandary? I have been aware all my life on earth, since earliest times, that evil was all around me, even touching me much of the time, and that my life seemed too fragile to enunciate. I have always known that deadly forces are all around me and close to me. I have walked in the midst of those forces, worked with them at times, and even considered myself one of them. Murderers and killers every one, were in large numbers around me, living close enough to me to touch, converse with, learn from, and even teach in return. Nothing has changed regarding my apparent mortality and the deadly forces close to me in my life of 73 years on earth, except my attitude. The whole earth is a dangerous place for mortal flesh. And I don't even know that mine is mortal or immortal. It seems it is mortal, as I have to brush my teeth and tend to body wounds where I am pierced from time to time and require attention. Thus, it seems that my body is mortal, but I am equally as aware and certain that I Am Spirit larger and grander than the most powerful human conception of a universe. Dang, should have capped all words in the name. It must be a single neuronal impulse in my body somewhere twanging an alarm. It means that one of my body neurons doesn't go along with all the immortality crap. But that neuron can die if it would like, as it's twanging my consciousness in a manner I don't like and if necessary, I will kill it with my thoughts. It's inside of me, after all, and I could kill all the physical body if I desired. Thus, I, Spirit, could not care less what happens to a body that this world calls mine, but which I call, "thine."
The beast writing these words belongs to the world it is touching, but I, Spirit, don't belong to any world unless I desire it. I'm one of those things this world calls Spirit, and Divine. The Divine cannot be denied anything. All I have to do is throw a tantrum if things get too askew in my view. It creates for me a long night where everything's right and there's nothing to fight. And I require that the A.M. (which is also "AM"), bring me my greatest delight when I awaken. Is Spirit just great, or what?

Yes, I do recognize, in one place in my consciousness on earth, that insurrections are happening all over the place and stirring up fear. It's been ongoing eternally in various of the multi-universes. Things are as God Almighty wants. Does any intelligent, physical, mortal human body imagine that God would not get what God wants? God is God, after all. God's Creation bows to God, like it or not. Thus, shelter any fears in Spirit, think about God, and just give the physical universe its way. If one has to fight, then fight, in whatever large or small way is possible, imaginable, prudent and just. I have cried my eyes out in this body about learning of evils in the world it is embedded in, and detest the events that lead to such physical discombobulation as those ongoing today. But I'm in a quandary as to whether I like it this way and have good reasons for impelling it. The Supreme Court is not the Final Judge. I AM.

abinico said...

Chill out - it's been controlled madness for thousands of years. And it is not going to change anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

There are decent police officers out there; not all are so brainwashed as to either taser or shoot someone who shows them friendliness and respect. How many have risked their own lives to save those of ordinary people like you or me?

Of course, there are the type of cops you mentioned, and that's tragic; but, please remember, there are plenty who take their oath to protect and serve quite seriously.

Angel said...

Kudos to the author.

Here's my advice: Protect yourself and your family from the nonsense going on today but still BE the kind of change you want to see in the world. A 'smile and be happy' isn't going to fix anything but it WILL do something inside of yourself-- you can't smile and not elevate your mood. You can still smile and be productive in bringing about change in this world.

All the doom-and-gloom was definitely starting to get to me this(past) year. I had to wake up from that and it took a while. I prescribed myself the following: find something to laugh at at least five minutes a day, whether it is a handful of stupidfunny comic strips, a cartoon or campy show I like, my kids(who're always up for a laugh), or a comedian. If I get my laughs for the day I always feel refreshed and happier. I'm still working for change the rest of the time but my body has that mental and physical release it needs to stay sane.

Laugh therapy is NO JOKE!!! Now go laugh.

Anonymous said...

Its very simple math folks ....we till have another 5 years to go before hyper inflation
the shift towrds sustainable living standards
must be complished by 2021 !

Paul Panza said...

Practice the inner smile meditation technique with the closed mouth post-birth breathing style; it is a good relaxation regime. For gathering excess and storing "chi" use the lay down technique with pre-birth breathing and third eye meditation. The "chi" can be used to heal or destroy, so be careful who you aim it at, it is possible to make people sick or worse by projecting it even over great distances; this is something that would affect the Reptilians and their Neo-niggers. As Operation Drone King expands you may need to learn such for you safety and protection!

Anonymous said...

great sentiment. positivity radiated is the only solution. people only fear for themselvs in this illusory material world because they don't understand that they possess a soul, an immortal energetic essence that vivifies the "clay"(dead/constantly dying matter-the so called flesh and blood of material existnce.) whatever your feeling about mainstream religious teachings (which are developed to keep people in ignorance of their immortal condition-spirit existing in matter), know that underneath the exoteric teachings rests the esoteric truth. once you "attain to faith, rise above the limits of the rational mind and achieve "gnosis" it becomes clear and although fear will always try to creep back in, it can always be overcome by relying on the awareness and knowledge that this material world is an illusion and a test. falling into the trap of negativity will keep you trapped. raising up hope and "attainin g to faith" will free you of fear, which will free your spirit. o know these things because i was a nihilist, ateistic, pessimist, and misanthrope for most of my life. the reason was because i limited my cosmic awarness and understanding only to the level of "rational thought." you can easilt free yourself of fear and negativity by gaining real knowledge, wisdom and understanding: the true laws of the universe, once realized will grow like a snowball rolling down a hill and will open up whatever you want to call it: enlightenment, moksha, nirvana, etc. it really exists but you cat access it by being afraid or being under the thumb of cold, rationality oif thought. All ancient traditions of tue wisdom say the EXACT SAME THING if you develop the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want to be happy and healthy? Stay OFF the telephone! It's SO simple.

Anonymous said...

If you depend on anyone to take of of you- you are going to have a wake up call.
There is a difference between fear and self preservation. It is the foolish who don't hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Failing to do so just puts a burden on others.
It isn't fear that makes a person prepare- it's the preparedness that helps reduce fear.
It isn't fear that a military stocks weapons, but the stock of weapons reduces the fear, and hopefully prevents a situation where fear would be warranted.

Doug Diggler said...

Well, whenever I need a strong dose of Doomsday Kool-Aid, I always come over to Activist Post where anti-social doomers can make up more Mad Max fantasies to compensate for their own personal shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Bernie speaks as if the financial 'elite' are some other species or something. With the exception of certain birth defects and/or injuries, all behavior is caused by a reaction to the environment by each individual.

You see, we've created this game we call the monetary system. We have this thing that is supposed to represent how many resources one is entitled to, based on their contribution to society. The problem with money is it creates what we call "social classes", where certain humans are considered more deserving than others based solely on how well they play the game.

Hence, there are no 'evil' people; just the ones that are the best at playing the game. If we want to solve the problem of 'evil', we have to rethink the game.

Brendan R

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