Tuesday, January 15, 2013

America, Flirting with the Dark Side of History



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Anonymous said...

Yeah we supposedly study history in school so this kind of manipulation will not be REPEATED.
Yet it is happening once again with a -educated- society. Obviously not educated enough.

Hide Behind said...

Where is it written in stone that education makes one more humane?
And just what is being educated, compared to being trained? Weequate being educated by our pay scale. And that depends upon a degree in a chosen occupation.
WE went to college to get a degree as fast as we could not to beome educated.
A Dr or nurse is no more than a mechanic for the human body and can be very skilled in a specialty but could be, as many are, dumb as a rock about the world outside his in the face environment.
At one time an IQ of 60 where the only skill you needed was how to pack a lunch and find your way there and back home 5 days a week made enough to raise a family of 4-6 send them to college own a boat two cars and take yearly vactions away from the home he was buying those days are gone and he never seen them coming.
THE difference you need for an occupation is the skill level in that occupation npt an IQ level so a degree means no more than a chance to earn enough you do not need an education.
The greatest scientific and innovative minds do not work in the public sectorthey work on corporate or goverent sites or as undergrads at universitys developing things like round up and geneticly modified food that are only profit driven.
Then take a look at who runs the corporate, financial and political forces of this land and you will see graduates of the highest rated schools in the world.
We say they are better educated than you or I and yettheywork and plan how to kill, how to steal, how to maipulate the populaces minds to to deeds that are humanly despicable.
Deeds that cause siicides by the once igorant who became educated into just how barbaric their military life was.
An education is knowing there is more to life than pleasures of the crootch or slap on the back by some cold harted SOB who signs your paycheck.
THat there are causes and effects outside just black and whites and that if you work always in the shadows don't act surprised when on the dark side.

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