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Want to Know Why People Need Guns?

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The following video from many years ago titled "A Daughter's Regret" shows the testimony of Suzanna Gratia Hupp whose parents were killed when a madman opened fire in a Texas cafeteria. It is a powerful reminder of how essential it is to protect the Second Amendment, not for duck hunting, as she points out, but to protect our loved ones from maniacs ... and a government that would put us in such a vulnerable position.

Here is an excerpt from the video description, which adds background and context to her testimony.
It was October 1991 when an unemployed merchant seaman drove his pickup truck into a Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, Tex., leaped out and opened fire. He killed 23 people and wounded more than 20. 
Hupp and her parents were having lunch in the restaurant when the shooting started. Hupp instinctively reached into her purse for her .38-caliber Smith & Wesson, but she had left it in the car...
"Even if you choose not to have a gun, as the bad guy who ignored all the laws is getting close to you and as he levels that firearm at one of your children, don't you hope the person next to you has chosen to carry a gun and knows how to use it?"  ...
"A gun can be used to kill a family, or defend a family," Hupp said. "I've lived what gun laws do. My parents died because of what gun laws do. I'm the quintessential soccer mom, and I want the right to protect my family. What happened to my parents will never happen again with my kids there."

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Anonymous said...

"How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual... as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of."
- Texas State Rep. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

Anonymous said...

politicians suck

Richard said...

Her last words on the vedio were great: "We need guns to protect us from you" These are

Anonymous said...

A gun can be used to kill a family, or defend a family," Hupp said. "I've lived what gun laws do....

Yeah, and he is one individual case. There are equally tragic stories about family members turning on each other with guns that would show the opposite side of what gun laws do.

So enough with the individual cases designed to use emotion to bolster the talking point. What are the big picture statistics?
Guns cause well over 10,000 Americans to die each year from murder, another 20,000 to suicide. They cause 70,000 injuries requiring bullets to be removed and bodies to be repaired.
The gun nuts will bend over backwards to massage their woeful statistics to tell us about how guns keep families safe from crime. Sick greasy lies, disgusting stuff. Pure filth.

David Staats said...

@ANON.......Sick greasy lies huh? Why don't YOU do some research? Go to the FBI website and look at the stats and then tell me what is more dangerous. DUI's, hammers, guns, drowning in water (several diff ways). Of those 70,000 bullets being removed, how many are accidental discharges? Just because you don't like something doesn't mean everyone is like you. That is what makes this country great. We don't have to be the same. If you want to walk around like the other sheeple, then that is your right. But I will carry my gun every day and protect my family and friends when need be. By the way, the AR type rifles are used in 2% or less of the gun crimes in the USA, but no one wants to hear about real facts.

Roadrunner said...

To Anonymous at 8:35 AM:

"Sick greasy lies, disgusting stuff. Pure filth." That seems to appropriately describe your post-- just a shill for the elitist, huh?

A reading of "More Guns, Less Crime" by John Lott, or "Death by Gun Control: The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament" by Aaron Zelman easily dismisses your viewpoint.

Speaking of your "big picture statistics" you failed to mention the 75 million + unarmed civilians murdered by their own governments-- Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, etc.

Anonymous said...


I did not mention DUI's as a comparable, so why do you? Gun industry shills go to play book involves getting off track with silly the one you attempt to use. Also known as a straw man, either way no sale.

About 20,000 of the 70,000 wounded were accident, vs 50,000 on purpose. Are you suggesting the 20,000 shot by accident are somehow not feeling any pain, losing any organs or limbs????? WTF?

Guns do not keep families safe from I said before, the gun industry shills will weave far fetched lies and quote statistics that are nothing other than very clever diversionary tactics. Filth.

Anonymous said...

The univers has taken 14.7 billion years to create carbon based "intelligent" lifeformes killing themselves with guns. I wonder what we get the next 15 billion years.

So long. Now i have to go to kill someone.

Anonymous said...

I earn my money by fabricating guns killing me at a later date. Thats stupid, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Over 2000 years, Jesus was nailed on a tree because he suggested how about to be friendly to each other.

Anonymous said...

I remember this shooting at Luby's Cafeteria. I agree 110% with this lady, she is rational, that goes way beyond Rational with all these Nazi Fascists in Washington. I have read some reports that if the Real & Honest People in this country ever learned how to do research you may find that SUDDENLY, and only after all this BS about Taking All Our Guns by that bitch Feinstein, and then the illegal Fascist posing as President decided to take away all the guns of the idiots thereby enabling them to further make Slaves of all residents, but that was resisited by 99%, therefore to make it appear that they were Only Trying To Save you from Terrorists, but that bird will not sing, Factually; if you really get to the inside Fascists you will find that it is the Osama Hussein Fascists that are MURDERING YOUR CHILDREN? Do they care? Hell No! They like all the 6 wars Osama Hussein Sotero and his Gang of Terrorists telling all the idiots they are Murdering Terrorists? BS! They Are The Terrorists!

Andy said...

Absolutely Correct. And here's the thing...they know that.

And with each and every passing day our freedoms are

disappearing. This will get terminal REALLLLLLLL Quick.

Anonymous said...

I have the same attitude as some pro aborts. Don't like guns? Don't own one.

Anonymous said...

For a list of who are the primary advocates to disarm the American citizens Google “List of Jewish American politicians“.

Now ask these same individuals if they support tying foreign aid to the disarmament of the recipient countries citizens including the Israelis. = no US taxpayer money until you disarm your law-abiding citizens

Their response would be a resounding Hell No. The Israeli citizens have a right and a responsibility to defend themselves and their country.

Why the double standard.

Jamie Dale said...

Guns are for cowards.

Anonymous said...

We all do not need guns.... I am 53 and live alone in a sleeping room in this apartment building here. I have never owned a gun or felt the need to own one.... I do not have any valuables besides this 5 year old desktop computer. I have no jewelry or money laying around. No TV or other electronics, and I do not own a vehicle..... Why do I need a gun?

Anonymous said...

Suzanna Gratia Hupp gave an excellent first-person account of why it is important to protect oneself and loved ones from the lunatics of the world.

Anonymous said...

I would think if we are safer without guns then our police, Sheriffs/Deputies and military should give theirs up. That would make us all Very very safe then.
If the US was attacked and we had no weapons, I guess we would be safe?

EDwin said...

@anon @ 8:35shhh

In one sense i can understand your point of view, but you should be wary of falling for the trap that the GLOBALIST has laid for you/us.
They want people to fear guns, they WANT people to react in pure fear of anyone carrying one.

Anonymous said...

The SOBS that are masquerading as lawful Govt are DEFACTO..PERIOD...more and more need to know the truth that are God given rights cannot be taken by a bankrupt foreign corporataton run by foreign banks

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the Nazi talk?

Feinstein is a Jew. The majority of people wanting to take our guns away are Jews. I don't see any Nazis anywhere.

And guns don't kill people, criminals and corrupt governments kill people. Two things liberals support with their "dependent" and "tolerate everyone" airheaded beliefs.

Cops don't prevent crimes they just fill out the paperwork after a crime has been committed.

BTW - Hitler wasn't a gun grabber, he was against the gun grabbers....there's something for the Hitlery Channel addicts to chew on.

Anonymous said...


Some idiots here are saying "We don't need the 2nd Amendment". Well, I say "They don't need their 1st Amendment". How about if I remove that right from you?

Ask your friends and associates these questions:

Senator GunGrabber is a Foreign National.

Can you guess what country she is a citizen of?

The Mayors of both New York and Chicago are also Foreign Nationals. Can you guess what country they are citizens of?

Most of the (s)elected officials who seek to disarm America are also either actual passport holding citizens of that foreign nation or are “eligible” for citizenship in that nation."

Can you guess which country?

What connection does any of this have to the banking system and its role as your shadow government?

If a Privately Controlled Central Bank is the same thing as a Privately Controlled Central Government - and the Central Bank if controlled by foreign nationals...then who controls America?

Yes, Virginia ... we do need guns. Guns are useful tools that can save lives. Criminals can always get illegal things like heroin, cocaine, and illegal guns. If you give up your guns...the criminals won't. That is for sure.

You might want to check history and see what kinds of things an oppressive communist government has done to a disarmed population. Guess what? Your privately controlled Central Government is controlled by communists.

Anonymous said...

The "sick greasy lies" commenter/troll I believe, is none other than that male prostitute Queers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

What is real scarey about the blatant in your face obvious staged school shooting is that what the bastards want is for you to go for your guns because the technologies they have ready to use can take out entire crowds of people with just a sonic pulse and they are ready for the carnage to start and are chomping at the bit to get a revolution happening. They are so fearfull of being arrested and tried for crimes against humanity that they are being stupid in their tactics and forcing the issue any way they can. There are numerous UN foriegn military already in the US and they are all willing to shoot Americans. They can wipe out the internet in a day and then how will true Patriots unite. A united front is the only way they can be defeated. No communications and the revolution becomes a killing field of millions of patriots. They have exotic weapons, dont kid yourselves. Remember how you won in 1776? They were dressed in red and marched around in straight lines into the fray and you yanks were camoed and fought guerila style. Then the machinegun was invented and the generals continued to waste lives charging into the choppers. They figure they have a similar situation here in that their exotic weapons defeat all popgun attempts at a takeover. Beware my freinds and patriots. Beware.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - "BTW - Hitler wasn't a gun grabber, he was against the gun grabbers....there's something for the Hitlery Channel addicts to chew on. "

Thank you! I was just going to post that, the Nazi's only took guns away from the Jews, after the whole "Judea Declares War on Germany" thing in 1933 it kind of made them at least potential enemies of the German state.

For non-Jewish and non-communist "good citizens" of the Reich gun rights were greatly expanded by the Nazi's, during the war partially due to the need for German civilians in the outer regions of the General Government to protect themselves from communist partisan fighters(civilian guerrilla/terrorist fighters).

The notion that the Nazi's were "gun grabbers" is one of the many myths that surrounds National Socialism thanks to the true causes of WWII being suppressed to avoid "infinite damage" to the U.S and Europe(Robert H. Jackson, U.S Chief Prosecutor @ Nuremberg Trials).

Fascism is not my kind of system but Nazi Germany was much different than most people today are led to believe, and sadly despite the truth being out there most of even the "aware" of today refuse to question the PR/propaganda in this area and find the truth.


Anonymous said...

As an added note the fact that Robert H. Jackson openly stated that the public knowing the truth about the causes of WWII would cause "infinite damage" to the PTB's in the U.S and Europe should be enough to get some of the "aware" to do the research.

If you want to take down the so called "ZOG" U.S then you should target the myths it is founded on, and the main foundational myths stem from WWII(the "Good War" myth).

They literally told you how to take them down, or at least do "infinite damage" to them... use it!


Kerry said...

I've never heard Suzanna Gratia Hupp speak before and found her testimony truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I was reading that armed assaults in Australia increased after people o turned in their guns. I also read that a poll of criminals suggests that 99% of them prefer unarmed victims.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Libertarian, and I don't care what anyone's take on gun control is. The way I see it, it's an inalienable right, which means GOD himself has given us the right to defend ourselves and no man, or tyrannical government, can take it away. Ever. Even if you don't believe in GOD, there is a universal truth, that every sentient being has the right to defend itself. If you don't believe that, then stop locking your doors at night.

I'm a big supporter of MORE freedom, MORE liberties, MORE choices, why people would want less is beyond me. Maybe those people do need a big brother to take care of them. But history and GOD have shown that people who help themselves are generally always better off. People who depend on government are always enslaved.

William Burke said...

"Even if you choose not to have a gun, as the bad guy who ignored all the laws is getting close to you and as he levels that firearm at one of your children, don't you hope the person next to you has chosen to carry a gun and knows how to use it?" ..."

They will say "NO"! And they will THINK they mean it. Their problem is that they cannot imagine themselves in such a situation; they seriously think that, because their beliefs are "the correct view", nothing bad will ever happen to them!

William Burke said...

Hitler confiscated guns FROM JEWS. This speaks directly to the treacherous, mendacious nature of your response.

He may not have confiscated guns FROM EVERY GERMAN, but he DID FROM EVERY JEW.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

@William Burke - the international non-Zionist Jewish community had declared war on Germany in 1933, while the Bolsheviks (with a predominantly Jewish leadership at the time) of Russia openly planned since 1917 for military conquest of all of Europe to establish the U.S.S.R.

Not all Jews were enemies of the German Reich as proven by the 1934 Transfer Agreement and the alliance between the Zionist Jews and Nazi's through most of the 1930's, which allowed thousands of German Jewish families to resettled legally in Palestine with money from the German government(paying back some of the $30+ billion loaned to the Nazi's by the Zionist FED in 1933/34).

Whether the German Jews approved or not the mouthpieces for the international Jewish community had declared all Jews to be enemies of Germany and called all Jews to work against Germany in any way possible.

The Germans would have had to have been retarded not to disarm the Jewish population within it's borders at that point, even the Zionist Jews they were working with.

The Zionists only turned against the Nazi's when Hitler caved to Arab world pressure and changed the planned deportation destination of all European Jews from Palestine to Madagascar, but even then a group of "African Zionists" continued working with them till the end.

The Israeli Zionists however turned against the Nazi's and began circulating atrocity propaganda and sabotaging military weapons and ammo being produced through the labor camps, preparing to still end up coming out on top at the expense of their former allies.

PS- If the non-Zionist "Allied" Jewish community had not stopped the 1934 Transfer Agreement after just a few thousand families emigrated all German Jews would have been paid to go to Palestine.

There would have been no concentration camps, no mass-murders of tens of millions of people, no world war II, no illegal occupation of Palestine(the lands would have likely all been purchased legally instead of just a small % of them).

To get back to U.S Chief Prosecutor for the IMT Robert H. Jackson - the true causes and dynamics of the war would cause "infinite damage" to the U.S and Europe. And Israel.


Anonymous said...

Oh and as a source for my prior comment I direct people to this article:

Zionism in Naziland by William Zukerman, from The Canadian Jewish Chronicle of August 9, 1935 -

The whole article is very important but this is most relevant to what I commented:

"The German government even relinquishes its ironical law against permitting currency to leave Germany, and has entered into a special transfer agreement with the Zionists enabling Jews emigrating to Palestine to take out some cash from Germany.

It is a matter of common knowledge, indeed, that Zionism is in a peculiarly privileged position in Germany now. The Nazi government does not at all hide the fact that it looks upon the Zionist movement as the chief agency through which it hopes to..."


Anonymous said...

Why are all the pro-control // anti-gun comments posted by anonymous posters? One person or cowardly trolls exercising their keyboard bravery?

Anonymous said...

WHY ARE THE CHINESE COMMUINISTS,DEMANDING AMERICA BE DISARMED,real simple they plan to invade america,NOW I REALIZE there are lots of commies in america,DO YOU POLICE REALIZE IT??????HOW ABOUT YOU MILITARY???? all the enemies of america want the USA disarmed,gee do they have something planned for us???THEY been watching all the millionairs on TV showing off all their shit,it doesn't really take a rocket sciencist to figure out america has a lot of cool stuff,and theres more then one country who would LOVE to have all the stuff for themselves,all they got to do is come and get it,OH, THATS RIGHT ,THEY GOT GUNS to protect it don't they,well lets take a few billion and buy all the WHORES at the whorehouse in washington DC,and they can pass treasous laws and take there guns and then we can JUST WALK IN AND TAKE ANYTHING WE WANT........................

Anonymous said...

well like im a liberal and i believe in like rights, and i see no reason why you need a gun. i mean like, no one is going try to kill you unless you like are mean or something. also, i mean like even if someone does try to kill you, you would be killed anyways.

-rednecks are stupid

more facts:
I don't care what you guys say, but he is. Obama is like awesome.

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