Sunday, January 20, 2013

70-year-old Charity Told to Stop Feeding Homeless in Seattle

Feeding the homeless is being banned in many major cities in America. Seattle is just the latest city to enforce restrictions on charities that feed the homeless.

The Bread of Life Mission has been feeding the poor in Seattle for 70 years, and now they are being prevented from doing so in public parks without the city's approval.

"It was a service we were offering free of charge to be a blessing to the homeless," Executive Director Willie Parish, Jr told "All we were doing was just a continuation of what we do on a daily basis."

According to My Northwest:
In December, however, Parish said Seattle police told them they were no longer allowed to serve food at the park.
City officials say the restriction is nothing new, and that Bread of Life simply operated in the park for three years without being caught or reported.
David Takami with the Seattle Human Services Department said the city does not allow groups of people to feed the homeless outdoors without approval. 
"This has happened in the past where there are a lot of meals served in a short period of time on the same day," he said. "It's a little chaotic and it can also lead to wasted food."

The Bread of Life Mission vows to continue to bring food to the people that need it despite the restrictions.

In 2011 members of a charity in Orlando Florida, Food Not Bombs, were arrested for feeding the homeless in a public park. The incident drew national criticism and a hilarious mocking response from one activist observing the police brutalize kind-hearted charities.

Also in 2011, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter outlawed serving meals to the homeless in city parks. The ACLU won an injunction against the ban. See the full story in the video below:

In each case it seems the motivation for these bans is to give the cities the appearance of low homelessness instead of actually helping them. However, in every instance the authorities use the excuse that they are protecting the homeless against potentially unhealthy food, as if that's their responsibility.

Ultimately, the growing trend of banning or restricting private food charities is creating greater dependence on already taxed public assistance. But city governments seem to be doing more harm than good when it comes to helping the homeless.

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Anonymous said...

This flash just in--a man feeding the hungry was prevented from continuing this action because local authorities feared that the food might have been tainted in some way.

The man, known only by the name Jesus, had taken a fish and a loaf, and had begun to feed a large group of needy citizens. Authorities stated that the food had not been approved by the health department, and they felt that using one fish and one loaf to feed this large a number might have broken various local, state, and federal laws.

The man stated that he would contest the ruling, and that he would continue despite the restrictions.

Authorities stated that he might face "drastic penalties" should he continue.

The Change We Knead Now said...

Food Not Bombs is also being told to stop in Burlington Vermont and Santa Cruz California this Sunday, January 20th. The first efforts to stop Food Not Bombs were in 1988 when a campaign started in San Francisco ending after the police made over 1,000 arrests. As of now over 40 cities in the United States are seeking to drive our meals out of site to discourage public compassion for those who are hungry and silence the conversation about how our national and local policies are behind the increase in poverty.

Anonymous said...

Does the city give blanket permits that would allow me to help people in a variety of circumstances? If I get a permit to share food with hungry people, am I also covered to help a person drowning?

Would my blanket permit allow me to give helpful advice to people who ask me for help? Can I help a woman at the side of the road that has a flat tire without violating some ordinance?

Can anyone out there tell me how I'm supposed to figure out what kinds of common sense types of help I can offer someone without a permit?

Anonymous said...

Just more government regulations that show the stupidity of our elected politicians and their appointed bureaucrats. We have become a nation full of over-educated morons. People with education but NO common sense at all. If it is not learned from a book, then it is Il-logical.

Anonymous said...

Our government has gone mad, local, state or Federal. It doesn't matter.

When people have finally had enough, it's going to be ugly.

I honestly don't think we are that far away.

Anonymous said...

When people have finally had enough... I don't think it will be ugly at all. People can and will take their freedom and power back. This does not have to be violent. People need to remember that we are free, and we have whatever rights we choose to enforce for ourselves. The government needs to know what lines they cannot cross.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous, public parks belong to us, the PUBLIC! And yet I see this all across the country, charities not being allowed to feed people in a public park. What are they afraid of, I wonder? It seems as if compassion has become illegal. In 2003, when I lived in Sonoma County, CA, a fairly liberal county, they banned Food Not Bombs and everyone else from feeding homeless in the park, which they usually did every Sunday. I've always thought that if they arrested me for feeding the homeless in the park, I would do 2 things:
1) remind them that the park belongs TO THE PUBLIC, NOT THE POLICE!
2) The citizens make the laws, not the damn cops.
3) tell them that feeding the poor is what my religion tells me to do, which is what every Christian should be doing anyway.

Anonymous said...

if you dont give the homeless counseling, opportunities and hope then there is no point in giving them food outside of it being a holding pattern.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but abject tyranny. Don't sugar coat it, don't justify it, don't accept it. When we as a Nation allow our politicians to force us to stop caring for those less fortunate; we have lost the fight.

Daniel Stein said...

This is utterly pathetic! How low can we go??

ThomasT said...

Live in an asylum, get the rewards.

Anonymous said...

Feed them more then once and they think have it coming. They keep coming and bring more deadbeats with them.

Anonymous said...

if the people who are elected officials had to live one day like most American people do they would never survive i do not find it strange that they do not want people to be feed in the parks or under bridges what if their families saw how some people have to or choose to live

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the law support justice? With idiots like this you have to figure America doesn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Teach them to fish...

Anonymous said...

Seattle! Isn't this the most progressive city in the US?
Love the "caring & concerned" libtards!

Anonymous said...

THE LORD says,america has allowed their government to become so DEPRAVED,it is ROTTEN TO THE CORE from top to bottom,at every level,as punishment he has brought the anti-christ to rule over america and take it into captivity,americas harsh treatment of the innouncent,poor,old,and defenceless,homeless,will now be REPAIDED with the same treatment to ALL of america,you will reap what you have sown..........

Anonymous said...

the lord says,you who hide the truth from my children will receive your just reward...........

Hide Behind said...

You have to know Seattle and the bedroom vommunityd that have ftiven out all but the highest wage earners in the stat or those who inheirited mommy and daffys 401k or Keough Plan and real estate.
Where grumge began and tie-die is tilll yuppy chic. Where a dress fown costume means $250+ Nikes and $250 razor cut keans a maxed out lap top and phoned groupies meet for lates and sex rituals at not starbucks but more upscale than thst and a late can run 15$ a shotIts whrte you dress down to buy salmon at 15$ a pound and 5 tes more gor what tjey hope are natul vegetablees thsn the same cost at safeway

Where a condo near or van even see the park meand your worth in thr millions or else you killed the owner so you vpuld get a choice spot and thrir relstives have not gound put yet
Where an ex owner got a park and a trolley for hos newly aquired and built upscale vonfos above quaint botiques and sll it yook was for his lawyers to fraw up a petitoon amd pay prople to gond dogners.
This is a liberal talking military supporting war making vity because of all the militsty presence.eavh military grts 1200 a month tak free just gor libin in any of 5 nearbyy countys.
The soft and hardware salesware. Anf huge researvh grants of government and military resesrch grants and projrcts are huge buck jobs.
OVER 100 million to nearby medical research grants upon university grpund with both state DHS AND VIA college credits available

YES you have yo know how hypocritical and two faced seattle is the dsuccessful either nuy grand styles in the suburbs or urbsn and sll isles. And prtend yo be davoors of the lands.yes you have to know Seattle whrre State sen Murry hot vaught tryong to bribe militsry buyers goe to buy Boeing air craft but dtill is sitting back there. Whrre the other bitvh senator made s goryune progrsmming ways yo illegally tap and follow uour every worf or tap of keys now directs research fins to hrr campsin contribtor the pc crowfUou have to know Seatyle to understand that they have the highest % of population that are inwed mothers and revieve some 40 tp 60k assistance if they only stop earning over 39 k a year.

You havr to know why that grouping of women are the frumpiest dressed and if not ugly tje plainest bunch of heifers in the UDa. Then looking at the dovial scene you find males that sre lucky they have do msny to knock up and have others to dupport

Yes ypu have to know Seattle to know why tjey do not want the homeless to be seen in their parks because the cops might just accidently pick out one of seattles yuppys dressed like the homeless.

Anonymous said...



wishbone said...

AMERICA, this is the sort of thing that will start to happen now that you have a ZIONIST DOMESTIC ENEMY IN WASHINGTON, they are not interested in your right to freedom and justice, they are only interested in making you slaves to serve them, to keep you down, to turn you into sheeple. they (including their puppet o'bama) will disarm you so you can no longer resist them, they have the power and they want to keep it. god help you.

Anonymous said...

In The Great Depression in the 1930s, more than 5 million Americans starved to death.

We are in another Great Depression but your elected "leaders" don't want you to know it.

Won't it be funny when the people who took food away from the homeless, become homeless, themselves.

Hide Behind said...

Fun ro play soldier, dress up in cammys guns and gear, no time to pay attention for years as you got to protect our borders and our freedoms being taken by mexicans looking for jobs.
Fun to run around playing bang bang the wicked blue helmets are all dead. Nice weekend for guns and games but on Friday last other men were trying to stop a vote that gave way to much power over freedom of spech on the internet,
Other men and women spent their time and money to stop ccorporationd from destroyin the lands and the crooked politcos gettind bribes in hand.
You know those damn hippys trying to dstop 20 men from decent wage jods who work for a billonaire who pays less tax than any working man and whose workers tear state apart and move to next state and begin again.
And the soldier who kolls for Freedom he says while back home his kid fights for an education. In schools so poor and staffed with those who say that'd all right he can be just like his dad and learn to killfor corporation on that DC hill.
They cheer the cops on to end city blight as they tear down the homeless tarps making everthing they own unuseable for survival.
And under 3 tents three G
ex military men say I fought for freedom and they threw me awway when done with me and now they cannot stand the sight of me.
What are our soldiers fighting for! Oh yes to be a warrior,and duh duh ya sowhen They get back home they can buy a gun to fondle and pretend it is freedom.
To be warrior strong all safe from answering if the ones you kill are done in ways that are right or wrong just following orders. And back home you want everyone to be the same following orders of your commander in chief while the ones seekin freedom cannot find a President.
Those tousands of rounds. A few tricked almost military guns and bug out bags and camoflage all gathering the dust waiting for blue helmets zionist in drag to come attack you so you can fight for freedom.
They like you have become the New World order. That your nation now leads because you defended our leaders RIGHTS. TO DECIEVE.

FeedTheWorld said...

It's a pity the makers of the video felt a need to explain at the end that it was just satire. I spotted that it was a spoof right from the beginning. Are most people now really so dumb that they need to be TOLD when they are watching satire?? I suspect so. It would be better not to tell them then the rest of us could identify the dummies by their reactions.

BTW, many of the pages on this website still scroll like a snail with tourettes.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants the homeless. They have been exploited and no longer have value. They are the new "Untermensch".
What will become of these unfortunate souls when there are too many to mourn?

Anonymous said...

Our forefathers are seriously rolling over in their graves today!!! What has become of the country I used to be so proud to be a part of?! What happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Why are these towns turning a blind eye? I know why!! It's all part of their plan to get rid of useless eaters as they call many of us!!

Anonymous said...

Aussie can see from here that the homeless are only a reflection of the poor politics. The policitians are being exposed for the current state of the country. More and more people and children are joining those queues for food; people who never dreamed they would end up in that position. So the answer is not to address the problem but keep it hidden from their own countrymen and the world. It's very sad when homelessness is about winning elections and not about the compassion of our human race. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

I think eating out of a garbage can is far more unhealthy and dangerous. Assholes.

Anonymous said...

A government that will not care for its own people is not a government.

Anonymous said...

The idea of making money by becoming a charitable organization in the U.S. is a late-20th century cottage industry phenomenon. The large number of homeless and needy in large urban centers is a reflection of the available services. Areas where these services are lacking experience fewer numbers. Do the math and do some comparisons in U.S. population areas. Urban charity is a cottage, parasitic business helping to perpetuate the poverty cycle to stay in business. Its not charity; its exploitation of the huddled masses.

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