Saturday, January 5, 2013

6-year-old Suspended for Pointing Finger Like a Gun


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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a culture completely collapses. Read your history, the insanity has just begun.

Anonymous said...

Each successive generation of educators is less rational and accountable than the preceding one.
They are conditioned to pledge fealty and obey the official union claptrap.

Individuality, self-awareness, and ambition are not considered admirable qualities, but multiculturalism, compliance, and submission are what is encouraged ... and expected!

Anonymous said...

If the US government is so serious about this problem then when are they going to stop Hollywood producing violent films?

When are they going to stop munitions and gun dealers from selling their wares?

When are they going to stop killing innocent children overseas?

If government officials are so worried about children why are they not dealing with the pedophilia that is rife in their organisations (Franklin cover-up (US), Holly Greig story (Scotland), Jimmy Savil (Best friends with British Royals and British government).

Anonymous said...

When I was in grade school (country school) we played shoot-um up Cowboys & Indians or Bank Robbers and Sheriffs almost every day. We all had several toy guns.

fmacleide said...

In the first comment above, the term "educators" is used. Our problem is not with educators but with teachers (there is a great difference). We, as a nation, must abolish our public "education" system as it is. Our children are being taught not HOW to think but WHAT to think. They are being programmed to be good "sheeple."

Anonymous said...

sorry to say, but ur country is fu##ed if u guys don,t wake up / u listening, canada //

Anonymous said...

To anyone thinking of visiting the USA:

It isn't possble to do ANYTHNG in the USA without breakng a "law". Peaceful intent, common sense or acting normal can place your future or life at risk.

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