Sunday, January 20, 2013

50 State Open Carry Demonstration Feb. 8th; Getting Out The Word

Bob Powell, Contributor
Activist Post

On February 8th 2013, in accordance with state law and the 2nd Amendment, there will be peaceful Open Carry demonstrations taking on the Capitol steps of all 50 states. In Michigan a team of volunteers is organizing the event, and this writer will be speaking in support of the Constitution, exercising my 1st Amendment right to free speech in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, I take you through the streets of Alpena Michigan as I go door-to-door to businesses in the downtown area; openly carrying a sidearm in accordance with Michigan law.

Rather than just surprise local law enforcement with my sudden appearance as some reporters have done, I decided to speak with the Michigan State Patrol, the Alpena County Sheriff's Office, and the City of Alpena Police Department, letting them know of my intentions beforehand.

As a result of my conversations with local LEOs, I was not only told that it was my right to walk around town openly carrying a firearm, but I was encouraged to do so. I was even offered tips on where I could place my flyers, and informed that I needed a permit to solicit from the city. The Alpena City Police Department especially went out of their way to make my little one man protest a success; in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws.

Please share this video everywhere you can. I can't do this by myself.

Michigan flyers can be found here: TTiV Forum

Generic 50 state flyers can be found on the 2nd Right Facebook page.

Bob Powell has been a journalist, news editor, radio personality and news anchor for several outlets including the weekly Scripps Howard newspaper in Palm City Florida. Most notably he has covered Desert Storm. Bob was responsible for reporting on NORAD, Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, and the U.S. Space Command for the CBS Radio Network. Now an independent journalist, Bob's blog and Internet show, The Truth Is Viral, has developed a reputation for hard hitting journalism focused on the truths that are being ignored, twisted, or just plain lied about my the Mainstream Media. The Truth Is Viral regularly features interviews with extremely credible sources, that blow the lid off the stories "they" don't want you to know. Donations are much appreciated via PayPal HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Californians, Anthony Portantino's AB144 passed both houses; as of Jan 1 2013, open-carry is outlawed.

Anonymous said...

It puts the lotion in its skin or it gets the hose again.

Man that guy is lucky some CHL carrier didn't see him. I would back off on the whole gun/Clava look if I was you. Just sayin'

Hide Behind said...

Don't know of any open carry femos I'm Washington or Oregon state and I am in contact with dome but admit not majority of them.
One may hear its legal for open varry but thrre are "Intimidation Ruled" in many city and towns and some legal confusion if one with conceal permit can carry openly.

Here is a weird law we gitless Washington hunters settled gor.
They passed a law making it illegal yo hang your hunting or amy firearm from a gunrack in your vehicles Passed by 60+%.
Another case of gun owners gondling their huns and in thrir extady nebrr knew the famn bill was on ballot.
Of course latet pn on a non beer eyed blurry mpment someone asked; Even in hunting season.around a few hundred thoussnd hunters then drank a few more and raised cain about it and the frunks made a compromize when they knew they could mot grt enough botes to overturn. WE LEFT THE LAW ON THE BOOKS AND THE NICE POLICEMEN SAID WELL WE WON' T ENFORCE IT FURING HUNTING SEASON BUT REST OF YEAR UP TO THEIR DIDCRETION..
Sonme timed I wonder if Alice and tjat vrowd in thr ranbit hole aren' t running things.

Penny Pincher said...

That's not a balaclava, it's a normal hat with a hoodie. And the gun is open carry, that is the whole point of the flyers he is passing out. Obviously you can't open carry with a winter coat unless you use a drop leg holster or a rifle. Quit bitchin' and do it yourself if you think you can do it better.

Anonymous said...

Open carry is not a smart thing to do. If a crazed gunman was going to shoot into a crowd, the first people he will take out are those who open carry.


Anonymous said...

Shoot. My iphone is too small and my eyes too astigmatised. I am tired of seeing less than stellar representatives of opinions I share. Just saying a poster child should be cute.


Bob Powell said...

Dear Anonymous. I was a cute kid; as an adult, I'm devastatingly handsome. LOL

And Penny Pincher is absolutely correct. The only way to Open Carry with a winter coat is to use a leg holster. Throughout the entire day I only received a couple of disapproving glances, everyone else either didn't notice or they were in support.

Anonymous said...

You all have to understand something. It's like God says: A bad tree cannot bear good fruit, neither can a good tree bear bad fruit. It amounts to: How do you expect a Godly answer from ungodly people? You will never get an ungodly system of jurisprudence (oxymoron) to rule in the favor of righteousness. Forget that rotten court system and all the corrupt politicians in office. Ignore it all! If everyone just ignored them all, started carrying like the Constitution says we can KEEP & BEAR FIREARMS, THEY COULD DO NOTHING. Who is going to posture themselves against an openly armed populace? No one! Don't listen to anything they say, and most of all, never expect the court system to support you. The good judges are too few and far between, and they crucify them immediately. Just do what you know is right, and answer only to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

"Open carry is not a smart thing to do. If a crazed gunman was going to shoot into a crowd, the first people he will take out are those who open carry."

Really? If the gunman is "crazed", is he thinking logically? So, when has this ever happened? Please cite one instance.

Anonymous said...

I cannot find any information for the Feb. 8th demonstration for the state of Massachusetts. Does anyone have any information that they could share?

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