Thursday, January 31, 2013

5-Year-Old Boy Threatened with Suspension For Making "Lego Gun" At School


A boy playing in a Massachusetts after school program found himself in hot water this week after creating an allegedly threatening object using LEGO blocks.

Joseph Cardosa, 5 years old, was participating in an after-school program at Hyannis West Elementary School on Cape Cod when school officials say he created a gun out of LEGOs, reports Fox25 Boston.

The boy's parents told the station that the school issued Joseph an official warning, and said a second warning would lead to suspension.

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Anonymous said...

Don't send him.There are dozens of reasons to Home School.
Sexual predators
Irrational administrators
Out of control punishments
Constant exposure to WiFi emf and cell towers
Spraying of chemical pesticides & industrial cleaners in closed classrooms
Poor hygene
Fluoridated and chloramine tap water
Poor nutrition lunch programs with some schools policing lunch brought from home.
Poor curriculum that dumbs down & holds back
Taught to "conform" & not to think or question esp govt
Prison like atmosphere
Old toxic diesel buses usually driven by unscreened drivers with unrealistic schedules [speeding]
Unannounced homeland security TERROR drills sometimes taking children to undisclosed locations
"Screening programs" for mental illness w/o consent
Pressure to label & medicate young active kids
Vaccinations & dental crowns on baby teeth performed without parental consent or full disclosure.
Peer pressure to do drugs/sex
Keeping kids safe, healthy, and giving an eduction is #1 priority as parent. NOT Dishnet,smartphones,big SUV,big house, big screen TV, sportschannel, fancy vacations, clothes. Even primitive peoples looked at how to produce next generation better instead of thinking only of themselves.Our priorities are mixed up.

Form a co-op to babysit. Give up some stuff . Educate yourself on the options.

Anonymous said...

so funny... i teach in a middle school and students that shoot other students with squirt guns (happened 1/31/13) receive an after school detention

Anonymous said...

We need to end the practice of hiring severely mentally retarded people to run our public schools.

Anonymous said...

The fix is in on the school system. Not only are they quickly privatizing the public school system and turning it into a for-profit disaster but they're also militarizing it -- for profit too, of course. The dark forces know that the brainwashing has to start early so they can raise compliant sheep that will never question the system that oppresses. This is something the New World Order learned from the Communists.

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