Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Will Naked Body Scanners Come to Schools, Malls, and Movie Theaters?

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

With the recent school shooting in Connecticut coming shortly after the horrific Batman theater massacre and another recent incident at an Oregon Mall, a shocked and outraged public is demanding something be done to prevent random shootings.

If gun rights supporters in Congress are successful in fending off attempts to limit gun rights, what next? Even if stricter gun control laws are put in place, will that satisfy the American public or the tyrants in government?

Since the Oregon mall shooter and a recent theater shooter in San Antonio (TX) were stopped by people with concealed carry permits, promoting responsible citizens to learn to handle weapons may actually be the best defense against rogue shooters.

Some are proposing having soldiers or policemen at all public schools. As if public schools didn’t already resemble prisons enough, this would seem to push it over the top. So the more gun solution is unlikely.

My guess is that the conversation of “solutions”, whether through political compromise or conquest, will move toward outfitting schools, malls, and movie theaters with TSA-style naked body scanners.

The naked body scanners were put into airports with very little protest from the public. All the people needed as motivation in a post-9/11 world was failed attempts of blowing up planes by the shoe and underwear bombers – both of which were highly suspicious cases indicating they were inside jobs.

Since these recent shootings actually resulted in horrific deaths of innocent people including children, the public is scared enough to accept just about anything. So if naked body scanners were proposed for these venues, I bet most Americans would brush off any concerns about privacy rights and support it enthusiastically.

Sound crazy? Well, the TSA has already spread beyond airports. It’s been steadily making appearances at sporting events, political campaign stops, and bus and train stations with their TSA VIPR teams, or mobile security units.

The TSA has even set a precedent at schools by having been hired to handle security at high school proms. What’s more, many inner city public schools already have metal detectors. Therefore, the upgrade would seem quite normal to those students, and probably welcomed by scared but uninformed parents.

It leads one to believe that the TSA’s tactics at airports and elsewhere combined with warrantless checkpoints are to condition the public to accept having these invasive procedures everywhere in their communities.

Another motivation for this expansion is companies like those headed by former DHS chief Michael Chertoff make millions selling his company’s body scanners to the government. Now that all major airports are outfitted with these radiation machines, where are the next logical places to install them?

Bus and train stations are the obvious first choice since they are modes of transportation. But schools won’t be far behind after the latest mass shooting, and as they’re government-run institutions. And, finally, they’ll move on to privately-owned shopping centers maybe even at the behest of the proprietors.

It goes without saying that the privacy of Americans will be nonexistent when they leave their homes with the TSA and CCTV cameras lurking around every corner. It also means the federal Department of Homeland Security will have eyes everywhere through their minimum-wage Transportation Security Agency employees.

I’d be willing to bet that naked body scanners will be in schools and malls around the country within the next decade. I’m surprised it hasn’t been proposed yet.

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Nemetron 2000 said...

Indeed, the government's alternative to banning gun ownership to the American people will be to have these X-ray machines installed in all schools, so that American children can get an unhealthy daily dose of radiation. Perhaps this is the true agenda behind this outbreak of shootings in public places, if they are indeed government organized black-ops. To give Chertoff and Co. one more reason to jizz their shorts, and to ensure a steady supply of future patients for the cancer treatment sector of the medical industry.

One more reason for parents to really consider home schooling their children.

Great article.

Anonymous said...

According to Janet Napolitano, they WILL be in every aspect of our lives

Anonymous said...

This nation has lost its will to survive. It's more determined top be cowardly, dishonest, unjust,ethical,devious and debauched than save itself from the 'Moral Cliff' and put at least the top 5 Big Bank CEOs in PRISON FOR 3-5!

Dharma Sanctuary said...

Problem. Reaction. Solution

Please help us, oh government on high. Please put checkpoints everywhere so that you might keep us safe...

Anonymous said...

Schools, malls and theaters. Every American is now a suspect or threat??

It would be nice to think that the American people will not accept this Nazi crap.........but watching the NFL fans over the past 10 years, I have no doubt that the people will bow down and take it.

The NFL fans represent real men, represent the tough (often right wing) American stereotype who loves guns, 'freedom' and fighter jets flying by during the Star Spangle Banner.
They bent over and took this scanner abuse with more enthusiasm and subservience than the Germans did 70 years ago.

Maybe the metrosexual coffee drinkers in shopping malls will show more balls than the big men who go to NFL games.......but I'm not betting on it.

Anonymous said...

In a fascist regime either way you lose. You may either get cancer from radiation or hydrocele from rough-handled nuts. The worst
of it is that nothing of that is done in the actual interests of the US. Cui bono?

Anonymous said...

The good news is we've reached the end of the slippery slope and we're hard on the ice now, going 1000 mph toward police state. People were warned, yet they went back to the voting booth and begged for more.

Anonymous said...

Want to prevent random shootings - stop random dosing of kids with psychotropic drugs.

Anonymous said...

Scanners Schmanners. I can buy my clothing and such elsewhere, and I can wait for the movies to get to Red Box. I won't spend money where they want to get me killed, and none of you should either.

Anonymous said...

"I’d be willing to bet that naked body scanners will be in schools and malls around the country within the next decade. I’m surprised it hasn’t been proposed yet." It has been proposed in a mom's forum that I visit, and many of the responses supported the idea. It's sad how many people are willing to give up their freedom for the image of security.

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