Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Libertarians Care About Social Justice


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Anonymous said...

This proves that the people with the most wealth tend to want to hang on to as much of it as they can. Higher wages for their workers mean less profit for them; hence, they would rather reduce their workforce than face their addiction for ever more wealth.

The problem I have with Libertarians is they tend to believe in 'free' markets. It is my view that markets only survive because of government regulation because they have a natural tendency towards cartels and monopolies. As long as things are made scarce in order to support the profit motive, this will always be the case.

What we need to be focusing on, as a society, are ways to produce the best quality products in order to create universal abundance. Once that is done, there will no longer be any need for 'markets'. We can then learn about anything we want to, instead of only doing what is considered 'marketable'.

Anonymous said...

No need for "markets"? This is a hopelessly flawed and impossible notion. Markets and property exist and always have. The question properly becomes what is the legal framework (theory of property rights) by which markets and property are defined? Property, and a theory of property rights, exist in every society.

Marxists claimed that property should be abolished. Ridiculous! Their theory of property rights was that government (thugs with access to political power) should own and control "property" and hence "markets". "Property" and "markets" did not cease to exist in the former soviet union and they never will in any society!

I for one vote for capitalism (not what currently exists in the usa by the way). Let property belong to those that produce.

Anonymous said...

Rigged markets are promoted to us as open markets.

That is the problem, the fix is in and we the people are not in on it. But the criminals keep on lying to us about how the rigged markets are free and necessary.

Comment 1 addresses the problem, and #2 trots out the Marxist fear card (do you go around hassling 911 truthers too?) restates tired old right wing talking points about property and tells us to keep on bending over.

I don't believe the core values of Libertarianism (in the modern USA) have anything to do with social justice. They are about isolationism, hating or fearing new people and being ready to defend your stuff with your guns. Generosity, kindness and the charity Jesus spoke of is not a common Libertarian trait, IMO.

whisker child said...

To: Anonymous at 10:12 AM:

as long as generosity, kindness and charity do not include my tax dollars going to illegals, and ne'er-do-wells, that's fine.

You are a liberal. Liberals like this: A & B get together to force C to give D all C's money.

Am I right?

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