Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Is Higher Education So Expensive?


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Anonymous said...

The host of this crap-o-gram is obviously a socially conditioned specimen.

Unfortunately, the first two years in most colleges are spent learning what should have been acquired in a public high school! Most of the attendees of these institutions of higher learning are mediocre people investing in a mediocre education. They are deluded!

The downside is that corporations usually compensate based on the illusion from a certification attested to by persons who have been similarly certified! Autodidacts with superior skills are usually shunned and compensated on a lower scale.

College and university costs are rising exponentially to augment the compensations, perquisites, and egos of a staff.

"America! What a wonderful country!" Yakov Smirnoff

Anonymous said...

Pure free market fundamentalist rubbish. In European countries higher ed is 100% subsidized, just like health care, and there has been no explosion of costs like there has in this country where both are treated like commodities instead of necessities, and are subject to these kind of market forces. And those market forces are shaped by the explosion of credit that the financialized economy engendered.

It is the business of banks to create debt, so that everything that one might have to take a loan out for, like housing, goes up in price because that's determined by how much a bank is willing to lend. None of these realities are offered by this video which posits a world in which financial sector does not exist.

It also ignores the history of the biggest explosion in college attendance which occurred right after WWII with the govt sponsored GI Bill of Rights, yet there was no exploding college costs, even with the boomer generation and its even higher rates of enrollment, until the beginning of Neoliberal economics of the late '70's and '80's.

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