Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What No One Dares Say About Connecticut Shootings



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PeaceAndLove said...

It's up to us - please sign if you want a better world for all:

Kate said...

Thank you for this message. It's time, people!! http://tgconnection.org

Anonymous said...


<<<< yes must be like a "song" depicting the same hypocrisy was censored off zionazi youpuke

therefore will advise make copies of this video before

the zionazi censorship slime delete this aswell.... as when the TRUTH is stated it get "deleted"

how convenient !!!!!!!!!!!!!! therefore if anyone had the forsight to down load that song including "activist post" members , i will sugguest you repost it

the "song" called "drones war 2" was either put up saturday or sunday ... the next day it was gone Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I hear all sorts of people saying these very things.
Unfortunately these good people who do dare to say these things are being drowned out and shouted down by gun nuts wailing and whining about losing their guns.

Most US people are right now, much more concerned about protecting their precious guns than they are about dead children, American or foreign. Pretty ugly stuff.

Anonymous said...

Inane deflective drivel.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of them, who wants to protect my guns, our government killed those kids. Once your guns are gone, we will all be as defenseless as those young children who were murdered by Obama's fake crying ass. I don't trust that non American at ALL, he's as phony as the money he is printing after spending us into more debt than all presidents combined together!! Our people have become weak under this jester fool. He keep juggling and everyone is in awe like they have never seen a juggler.

Anonymous said...

An armed Citizen is a "FREE MAN!
An un-armed man is a Subject!

google it!

Anonymous said...

Of course he did it Notice how real terrorists are protestors against bad policy and target sights with few people even in the middle of the night. False flags occur in the daytime to kill as many as possible even and especially children for shock value. So when these things happen points directly to who!
This would also bring to light the many attacks that have occurred shock being the purpose.

Anonymous said...

The zionist lobby, AIPAC and the ADL CONTROL THE US GOVT.Along with their govt insiders zionist zealots like Shumer, Leiberman, Feinstein, Emanual, Bloomberg and others all calling for gun control. If we give up our guns we will be the next Palestine. All the proxy wars, the dead, maimed American soldiers is all for Israel. The zionist control three major psycological warfare platforms, Hollywood, Global media and education through the control of govt.Americans are the dumbest. That's why we go to war in country we know thing about. We say nothing. Who stole our voice?

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