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ViaSat Military Communications and US Ignite Ensure Government-Controlled Internet

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

ViaSat provides communications services for the US Military and private sector. The technology they utilize is speedy, secure and efficient as to be utilized in any location both terrestrial and in space. They mostly offer different types of satellite networks for both mobile and fixed communication stations. Antenna and wireless systems are available for combat situation awareness. Encrypted data storage, IP mobile networks, microprocessor chipsets, RF system design and training systems are just some of the services provided by ViaSat.

In 2010, ViaSat acquired WildBlue which competed with HugesNet to become the most powerful satellite corporation. This marked the beginning of first-generation broadband satellites which was a burgeoning business at the time.

The Department of Defense (DoD) became entangled with Cisco and therefore involved in the first router sent into space for commercial use. This marked the inception of Cisco’s Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) program that promised to make connectivity faster using satellites instead of routing through the ground.

IRIS was a radiation-tolerant IP router which was used by the DoD in 2009 under the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) initiative.

ViaSat launched their satellite-based Internet to incite the provocation of WiFi to corporations like JetBlue.

With the development and implementation of the High Throughput Satellite, the KA-SAT, from Eutelsat Communications, the sharing of telecom services could now be concentrated throughout the world. Using spotbeams, communication networks servicing 10 ground networks would bring the promise of more powerful connections.

Eutelsat has provided broadband Internet to all of Europe through the KA-SAT. This endeavor was sanctioned by the European Union to bring broadband access to all citizens in the EuroZone by 2013.

Satellite broadband has become a growing business and the answer to connectivity issues with revenues expected to reach $9 billion by 2020. ViaSat is at the forefront of this industry by “remaking the general public perception of satellite being a ‘fast resort’ service and offering a product that compares favorably to ADSL services in many unserved or underserved markets.”

In 2011, ViaSat launched a $400 million satellite called ViaSat1, which was slated to bring broadband to rural America. This launching marked a $1 billion initiative to create an orbiting satellite that would supply Internet to previously unconnected areas, which was risky at the time. ViaSat was also commissioned with providing network ground equipment such as satellite modems, data links and other services associated with the Internet.

The development at ViaSat’s Exede broadband services , also officered through Dis Network offers better connectivity with broadband than DSL connections because of ViaSat1. This satellite works in conjunction with WildBlue satellites (also owned by ViaSat). Between the two, ViaSat provides satellite broadband for the entire continental US.

ViaSat, being a US government–controlled private sector corporation, is the perfect complement to US Ignite, the future of broadband internet.

In June of this year, President Obama signed the executive order entitled “Accelerating Broadband Infrastructure Deployment” which supposed to “facilitate broadband deployment on Federal lands, buildings, and rights of way, federally assisted highways and tribal and individual Indian trust lands (tribal lands), and particularly in underserved communities.”

However, with the EO came the creation of US Ignite, which is a 6-year plan to create private-public partnerships (PPP) with the areas a “national security”; as defined:
  • Education
  • Workforce development
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Public safety
  • Clean energy
Focusing collaborative effort with private sector corporations and federal agencies, the goal is to “link universities and a growing number of communities with networks that are 10-100 times faster than today’s residential broadband Internet services.”

Under the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, the UN’s Millennium Development Goals will be met as their universal portal will become the centralized broadband Internet provider to the world.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has been in talks this month, discussing how to insert major telecommunication and information corporations to devise a treaty that will regulate important aspects of the Internet, as well as create jurisdiction over telecoms and ICT industries. This international treaty will effectively control all communication as we know it.

This includes:
  • Internet
  • Cell phones
  • E-mails
  • Faxes
  • Satellites
  • Governmental intelligence networks
  • All other digital communications

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

It is possible to send data over CB radio frequencies?

Anonymous said...

I had wild blue internet for only a month- they LIED to me over and over-i NEVER could get their bandwidth usage meter to work-not even from other peoples computers. then they shut off my service but still charged me, i had to close my bank account so i could cancel them-they said they were going to charge my account-$666(no joke)for early cancellation-i said no you won't-i closed my account -sue me- i still was out $500 for the equipment I called them 14x trying to resolve this BEFORE I cancelled. these people are scum-I'm sure the new company is no better-hugesnet is just as bad, and have a class action lawsuit pending for doing what wild blue did to me-boycott ANY service provider that tries to limit bandwidth-they ALL spy on you-but they want to have their cake and eat it too-for me it is uncensored,unlimited bandwidth or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Yep,had difficulty also.

Anonymous said...

CB RADIO: I think that law enforcement does it all the time with encrypted RF Transmissions in their squad cars, you could just encrypt your data, and with some software program,(Like the old days, remember telephone modem's)and send it. I just think that no one has applied it...

Anonymous said...

*The supercomputers and satellites are dependent on mm microwave laser entry into left cerebellum lobe and trying to override your left cerebrum and left neocortex transmissions(right-side body controls). This left cerebellum laser sends the forwarding information to the nervous system and thought voice with various options for your control.The lasers which enter thru the top right of skull to right cerebrum and right neocortex are thus the main controller of higher thought processing. Therefore locking you in the creative and dreamy side of the mind. While the logical and reasoning side is limited and the computer sends the artificial cognitive model(thought voice and options). In short, the laser to left cerebellum must be blocked by silk, vcr tape, tin foil, buttons, magnets, copper,copper screen or all. Perps usually stiffen neck on entry to prevent side to side movement. If no blockers are available, the tilting of head to the right messes up all laser entries and controls of right neocortex. Tilting head to the left or right will disable laser in the crown of head for visual cortex entry and imaging and left cerebellum lobe entry. You can hear all I have described by a pop or a skish, usually in the left ear. The other primary key is the access to the hypothalamus which creates all likes and dislikes and therefore controlling effort and quitting points. This is how they control your use of tv remote, buying decisions, driving decisions and work efforts. The nose must be covered and top of skull with metal, tin foil, silk or vcr tape or something to block access to this vital organ. I have effectively restricted these areas before and the perps have gone to nano laser and acupuncture points. You must then cover eyebrows and ears with something or just grow hair over these areas. Hair restricts thermal infrared imaging and the areas appear cool relative to rest of body therefore making it hard to locate precise acupuncture points. For lung and stomach points I wear a leather jacket or vest or shield with an aluminum cooking sheet or copper platter.

The use of supercomputers, ions and lasers in supermarkets and outside areas creates the orchestrated gang stalking effect. This leaves me convinced that these evil perps use anyone including children for whatever effect desired. They pump in paranoia and anxiety via laser to lateral hypothalamus then use the crowd for blocking or sending some message. Remember, that no one knows you or cares what you are doing and don't fall for the traps being set. Just shield by hat and radio headset and tilt head to stop thought pattern. Also remember the supercomputers are trying to clone the real you. Your personality and thought voice are what choices it bases your decision options upon, so break the mold and do the unexpected. The feed forwarding laser to left cerebellum lobe creates the timing effect which if you made the direction decision makes the clock and numbers laughable. Don't be bothered but do the unexpected. Shop in different stores and stand in one place too long and move too much. Do it eight or nine times and you know your controlling it. (See my shielding tips on my blog).



And remember the Lord Jesus Christ is soon to return and this suffering will not last forever.

"...and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord" Phil. 3:8

Co-opted Confederate said...

With out Freedom of speech it is just another way to control the massesWith out the right to be secure in therir persons,houses, papers, and effects againsts unreasonable searches and sesures it is again just another wayto conrol what the people see & hear, and are alowed to know With out presentment or indictment of a Grand jury it is just another way to control the people.With out the right to confront ones accuser it is just another to control the people

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