Friday, December 7, 2012

The Biggest Lie is Killing Us (Find out how You can be the Solution)

Catherine Lamb and Elaine McLellan
Activist Post

Good ideas abound, presented by caring individuals with skills and knowledge to share; organic gardens, survival skills, the promise of new industry and medicine from hemp and cannabis, etc. It truly does offer hope.

Solutions swirl around us like a storm yet we remain paralyzed and puzzled in the middle of societal chaos. Economically, environmentally, politically; it’s all a mess.

We all know something essential is missing from the picture.

Let’s be realistic. It may not be possible for you to get off the grid, grow your own garden, amass emergency survival items, or find gainful employment any time soon.

But there is something that you CAN do immediately, to bring about the solution to what plagues our world.

The “powers that be” are determined to keep you and me sick, dumbed-down, and in a state of perpetual stress, chaos and in-fighting.

What if you and I stopped dancing to their music and began to see our interactions with others (friends, family and total strangers) in a new light?

Think what a difference it would make in our society if we really knew and understood how to treat each other; how to authentically love one another in every situation (we’re not talking religion or laws, “random acts of kindness” nor just being nice).

If you think it can’t be done, you’ve been fed the biggest lie. You’ve swallowed the blue pill…go back to sleep.

Taking a stance like this does require getting off the grid, so to speak. There really is a way to disconnect from the hate mongers who run most everything. You can build our own “power grid” and use your own innate senses to arrive at liberty, happiness and well-being for yourself, the people you love, and those you come in contact with.

Unplug From the Lie

You have, no doubt, learned that “love” is just romance or something for family and God. This is a convenient place to keep love stashed so we can’t really learn how to apply basic universal principles to our own actions and to the details of our lives.

(It would be dangerous if people everywhere caught on to the fact that love is not simply a subjective experience, but is profoundly, objectively real! )

It’s not just by chance that you find bullies in your neighborhood school, corruption in every corner of your community politics, and shoplifters at your local mall.

This is to be expected, right? Remember, government thrives on crime.

According to “their” way of thinking, we human beings are incapable of being anything other than mean-hearted morons who need government to tell us how to act and make laws telling us it is wrong to do these things…if you get caught.

The “powers that be” depend on you and me being at odds with one another. Keeping a state of division, mistrust and apprehension alive in the USA is as important as maintaining perpetual war around the globe. Divide and conquer!

The good news is that you are free to choose how to act when it comes to the way you treat others. There is a helpful, easy to learn blueprint that will enable you to begin the process of identifying and shedding the actions that violate love (and which cause misery in your own relationships and this world), thus becoming a significant and vitally important part of the solution.

If you think this is about touchy-feely stuff, hold on!

Over 30 years of scientific research dedicated to the philosophy and study of Love discloses the way to build Love into our society from the ground up, one person at a time.

Did you know that love is a system that works the same for everyone across all cultures? Have you ever been told that Love is mathematical, possesses symmetry and has an invariant allowing for no possible coercion?

Consider the scientific theory that the system of Love defines a unique logical foundation for all of the human and social sciences, psychology, sociology, economics, and politics, all of which, unless they can find a fundamental principle of symmetry and efficiency of their own, must eventually bow to the symmetry and inherent efficiency of love.

This crucial information blasts open the door to the solution you and I are longing for, “the logical foundation by which the construction of a new age may begin.”

Rudeness, taunting, teasing, lying, cheating, coercion of any kind, etc. all cause a measurable and visible, negative and destructive response in our human system. It works the same way for the person doing the violating or the one receiving it.

Violating Love is malignant and fatal. Over a period of time, it will kill and destroy any individual, system, group, relationship or business, in which, and to which, the violations occur. This is science, not myth. (The government mechanism of the welfare state does not derive from or deliver Love, which is why it has led to decay and destruction on a national scale.)

On the other hand, the action elements of Love deliver beneficial, life enhancing rewards to the giver and the receiver. Over a period of time they will cause you or any individual, system, group, relationship or business to flourish, grow and become all it can be.

In fact, “feel good” hormones are released in your brain when you act with the “Intent to Please.” (More about the “Intent to Please” in our video, below.)

Now it becomes clear why the Golden Rule works to the benefit of everyone. We are hard-wired to love one another and we are rewarded for doing so, even at the cellular level. To top that off, you and I have a built in (innate) sense that tells us when we have been the recipient of Love as well as when we have been on the receiving end of a violation of Love. Clever. Who could have thought of that?

The principles of liberty, non-aggression, and non-violent communication work to the benefit of you, the individual, and to society because they sit squarely upon the underlying foundation of Love!

Love is cause-able and do-able. You can learn how to cause and maintain it in your life. All of the possible expressions of Love can be placed in ten easy to remember categories. You can start implementing these in your life right away with the next person you encounter.

The solution starts with you.

Loving one another doesn’t cost a penny and is free to all. It makes everything work better and it works the same for all people across all cultures. It’s the one thing that will change everything.

The choice is simple. You and I, and countless millions, can Love and feel good, or hate and be miserable and, in the process, continue to destroy ourselves.

These are facts and facts are stubborn things!

Try Love on for size. Notice the difference. If not, why not?

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Ernesto said...

The purpose of life is a life that has purpose, I would rather die as a free man than live a life that is worthless. The job of the government is to keep you a slave, all it takes for complicity it to give you freedom away. You can take back you freedom easy enough, but you must stand as brothers and say enough. Enough of the hate, enough of the lies on this day their fear will be their demise. The world is full of people who all feel the same, who are sick and tired of playing the game. It is time we push love instead of hate, push back the tyrants who are committing the rape. The rape of the land, the rape of your mind, they teach hate in our schools until the bell chimes. It is time we pushed back, make them live off the grid. Take control of our world and teach truth to our kids. In order to do this we must all unite, the black, the latino, those who think they are white. The new world order treats us all the same, as pawns on their chessboard needed for their game. They only care about profits, not who lives or who dies. It time we flipped the script and become their demise. Peace..

Lanesue said...

Ernesto, are you agreeing that LOVE, in it's new context, (we wish there was a differnet word but there isn't) is crucial to reconstructing the future for us and our children? (Have you read the Mathematics of Love?) We can move in a new direction, we can spread the benign virus of Love in our own circles, it can catch on, it is the foundation of the future, no matter the business, political, industrial, educational endeavour, it must be built within the system of LOVE....
In order to move in ths direction one MUST let go of the traditional concept we have of LOVE. It is so much more than we have been led to believe!

Andrew said...

Good effort - my own message has been for years that Love certainly is the ultimate practicality, in that , as you touch upon, anything done in Love, cannot be improved upon by whoever did it.
But, Love is not all we need. Conscience is also required. King Conscience and Queen Love are the perfect ruling dyad.
I have designed a different way of working that incorporates these elements and the info can be found on my site
Anyone seriously interested in acting differently as a precurser to being different, do please get in touch.

Buzz Hacksaw said...

The word "love" can be replaced with "care".

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, ladies! I could not agree more.

Being a child during the Viet Nam era, I grew up hating war.

After 911, much to my own personal shock and horror, I was ready to strap on a pair of combat boots and grab an AK-47 and hunt down Bin Laden myself upon hearing that he had placed a large monetary reward for killing ANY American.

After the dust settled, I began to smell misinformation, whether born of ignorance or malice, I was not sure, but I suspected the latter.

I don't remember exactly what sparked this change in me, but it seemed all in one moment I realized that if I were to carry hate and blame toward any race, religion or nationality, then I would be a 'servant of manipulation'.

Over the past few years I have come to learn that one of the most widely used weapons against the population by those who wield the reins of power, is the 'divide and conquer' tactic. Sadly, it is popular because it works so well.

As the methods of manipulation have become glaringly clear to me, I have gained a sense of compassion for my fellows as I see them being tricked into miserable or deadly actions and positions.

Remembering this helps me to have more patience in my interactions with my fellows.

Lanesue said...

The word Love cannot be replaced by the word care any more than the word body can be replaced by the word lung. Care is the action element of Love and it is ONLY through action that Love becomes observable/manifest.

Remember we are looking at Love as a system through Group Theory in this instance.

Reading this free ebook can give you a look at Love through a different lens.

Anonymous said...

What if we begin referring to the PTB (Powers That Be) as the PTW (Powers That Were)? This one little shift would bring down the expectation that The proverbial "They" still have power over us. They do not, and never have, but for the idea that we felt helpless by the phony laws and dictates they have forced upon society and we have accepted it.

Love is the one thing we can never run out of, so share it with all you meet and even with those you have harbored negative feelings toward. Love was not meant to be held close and shared only with those "related" we are All related after all as in the Beatles song "Come Together"
Love to all

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