Monday, December 10, 2012

Scupper The Smart World Order

Julie Beal
Activist Post

Do you ever get the feeling you’re just going round in circles with all this? I for one have been on an endless merry-go-round, finding out about the under-reported world, and I’ve learned a lot. From chemtrails to smartdust, and Bilderbergs to Big Pharma, endlessly following links, always something new. In fact, the news itself is enough to keep anyone busy, day in, day out – the same tidbits as the mainstreamers, but from an ‘alternative’ view. Chosen for release.

So when I came across the NSTIC document, and could find little mention of it ‘in the news’, I figured I had to research it for myself.

I’d already started honing in on all things ‘smart’, and a bigger picture was taking place, weaving together with all I’ve learned over the last twenty years. ‘Identity management’ sounds oh-so-lame, but the implications for all global systems are huge. It is set to facilitate control of a global digital economy, based on the values of Agenda 21.

Since writing about these topics, and continuing several other lines of research, I’ve uncovered another big fat whammy: network science.[1] All living things are networks: nodes which are interconnected. At first, big data allowed scientists to identify complexity, and the patterns that emerged from interactions between nodes. As George Soros[2] has been insisting for years, economic agents are not rational actors; they respond to events and relationships and adapt their behaviour accordingly. People and things thus form complex adaptive systems, dubbed reflexivity by Soros (following Karl Popper). A 2008 report by the OECD[3] gives a good overview of complexity:
The combined system-level behaviour arises from the interactions of parts that are, in turn, influenced by the overall state of the system. Global patterns emerge from the autonomous but interdependent mutual adjustments of the components . . . Complexity science has been applied with success to the study of physical phenomena such as turbulent fluids or huge gravitating astronomical systems as well as to the intricate interactions of the components of living cells. Insights gained from the study of complex physical systems can be, and have been, applied to human ones.
In his recent article, ‘The Network Takeover’[4], leading network scientist, Albert László Barabasi, argued,
Reductionism, as a paradigm, is expired, and complexity, as a field, is tired. Data-based mathematical models of complex systems are offering a fresh perspective, rapidly developing into a new discipline: network science . . .  
… Although physics has owned complexity research for many decades, it is not without competition any longer. Computer science, fuelled by its poster progenies, such as Google or Facebook, is mounting a successful attack on complexity, fuelled by the conviction that a sufficiently fast algorithm can tackle any problem, no matter how complex.
Data, and analysis, have reached unspeakable proportions; network analysts, such as computational social scientists, are running simulations, and using new mathematical models, to uncover universal laws pertaining to all networks. These are now being studied as ‘global systems science’ – and plans are afoot to completely change the way the global economic system functions. The biggest movers and shakers in finance see the wisdom of network science, and plan to use it to ‘fix things’ as part of the New Economy now being fashioned; it all comes down to risk, and the laws which govern networks allow predictions to be made, which helps facilitate control[5].

Unsurprisingly, network science is being actively researched by military[6] and defence departments in America; understanding trust forms part of this research, useful for the new economy which is shaping up to be a commodification of identity (reputation ratings and identity management provide the metrics) and of nature, p2p-styley.

The United Nations Global Pulse[7] initiative stresses the need for regular data collection, to feed network simulations which will then help drive policy changes. The Global Climate Forum[8] is also on the bandwagon; they have partnered with an EU group[9] focusing on the science of global systems, which are said to include:
  • the energy, water and food supply systems 
  • the Internet 
  • the global financial system 
  • the agents, resources and mechanisms involved in climate policy 
  • the web of military forces and relations 
  • globally spreading diseases 
  • the scientific community 
Identity management for banks has already been put in place; the FSB and the G20 have created a way to uniquely identify all parties to a financial transaction; the system of global Legal Entity Identifiers[10] (LEIs) will be in place by March 2013; a key objective for the system is to improve risk aggregation by integrating information on corporate relationships (ownership and hierarchies). Andrew Haldane supports Soros in the New Economics movement, saying the LEI system will be a global financial language.

Complexity economics[11] is being endorsed[12] by all global financial bodies, and leading individuals, such as Soros, Stiglitz, Haldane, et al. All systems are to have their virtual selves; computer simulations are fed real-time information, allowing driver nodes to be identified, and ‘degrees of influence’, ‘edges’, etc., are mapped out to predict future interplay between nodes, and the overall projected effect.

So might I tentatively suggest that others join me in writing about these things? – spread the word about ‘control of the nodes’, and the way identity management, the economy, the smart grid[13], and Agenda 21, all mesh together as part of the total global system-of-systems, which Big Brother’s Big Brain could one day control . . . Sod that! - let’s turn network knowledge to our advantage: for instance, it assures us of our power to influence (studies have shown that as little as 0.8%[14] of the population of an online social network can change the opinion of the majority.)[15]

If we are indeed the last generation with the power to influence, now is the time. Spread the knowledge that’s not in ‘the news’.

In the meantime, I would say:
  • Don’t pay for anything with a phone, because that would kill cash. 
  • Seriously consider getting rid of your smart phone; the vast array of sensors help feed Big Brain. 
  • Never sign up with an identity provider; the elites actually need us to cooperate here, because each item in the Internet of Things and People needs a unique global identifier. 
*** Never be fooled by well-being surveys or happiness rallies ***

Say ‘nay!’ and scupper the smart world order!

Be determined, be thankful. And happy in the knowledge that the light outshines the dark. Our light shines all around. Truth. White light: purple light: blue light – love buzzing, the Blessing.
















[15] Research by network scientist, Dirk Helbing, warns that the current degree of connectivity is,

“… creating highways for disaster spreading. We see many extreme events, we see problems such as the flash crash, or also the financial crisis. That is related to the fact that we have interconnected everything. In some sense, we have created unstable systems. We can show that many of the global trends that we are seeing at the moment, like increasing connectivity, increase in the speed, increase in complexity, are very good in the beginning, but (and this is kind of surprising) there is a turning point and that turning point can turn into a tipping point that makes the systems shift in an unknown way.

… We really need to understand those systems, not just their components. It's not good enough to have wonderful gadgets like smartphones and computers; each of them working fine in separation. Their interaction is creating a completely new world, and it is very important to recognize that it's not just a gradual change of our world; there is a sudden transition in the behavior of those systems, as the coupling strength exceeds a certain threshold.”

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Anonymous said...

Scuppers the sailor dog!

Anonymous said...

I feel that this is showing a "restrictive" and wholly understated analysis.
Ignoring the "Buzz Light-year - Affect and Effect" occurring simultaneously.
Seemingly only, there are controlling "nodes" and the rest reflects an ad-hock atmosphere due to - simply (very simply) put, supply and demand - take P2P networking.
Where then do the bits "stop".
There is no stopping as everything bit wise is a reflection of itself, self replicating into infinity until the power source behind its capability fails. So, in the end it is inevitable that the synapses so to speak will become self aware. That, is your final node.

Anonymous said...

All of this equals the Morphogenetic Fields written by by Rupert Sheldrake, years ago.

This is Quantum Physics aka The Unified Field aka Entanglement.

Otter walks said...

Yes, but, "Complexity" exists in the shadows of the "Real Science" Theorems which have eclipsed "It"... Good read and you are a fine teacher. Obviously Awakening to New Levels of "That Which IS"... Survive-All... Oh, and Good luck! Otter Walks on Two Feet... 10/12/12 P.S. Remember, a theory is only a perspective that has come to be by means of incomplete data. Threads that are Too much work to follow and incorporate, are cut out of the eventual Theory. Horary Science is deeply flawed, thus the continual Changes... ( Man YOU Make It Hard to Comment!- Activist-Post...)

Anonymous said...

The article is a good introduction. The video is an outline that needs to be fleshed out.

Soros, Popper & Cybernetics

The problem I see with the condensation of potential realities into cybernetic systems of systems is that the dominant processes catalyzing the crystalization of consciousness are being initiated by the same people who set-up the screwy hierarchy in the first place. It is a top down construct with very limited variety, rather than a bottom up creation through a greater consciousness. They've done this through fraud, secrecy, and ignorance of most people who have a stake in the end state rather than openness and fairness.

The capital owners (the people behind the banks and governments) are looking for ways to put up walls and lock down the different domains so they can more easily bottle and control what they claim as 'their' intellectual property contained within these domains. I see this vision as being nothing less than a totalitarian feudal state defined largely through deception, fraud, and coercion (hook or crook).

It isn't clear it will succeed because the process is so dynamic but those catalyzing the state change are just a small handful of very rich people who appear to be largely culpable for the crisis in the first place.

Anyway, I think nothing is sure, but the more knowledge and understanding people have of the centrally planned cybernetic models, the better informed, adaptive, and robust the network(s) as a whole will be. Otherwise, we may be fed, drugged, worked, and 'expired' according to some centrally planned totalitarian dictating state rather than living rich, conscientious, and fulfilling lives... of course, who, spending so much time on-line navigating the tangled mess, has much of a life anyway. lol.

Anonymous said...

The New World Order is about global depopulation. The reason the rulers want this is because they are reptilian and want Planet Earth for themselves. Reptilians can survive a wider temperature range, lower light levels, higher radiation levels and can exist with low levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would be fatal to humans. Plants especially crops need CO2 and the higher the level the better the yield and this is why they also want to eliminate family farms (see

Those with an open mind could look at the following links:
YouTube channels:
Frequency Fence
Johnellizz (Hollywood Reptoidz)

Underground Bases:

Explanation of why the reptilians have run out of time and lost:

Anonymous said...

Another attempt at a centrally planned economic reality. This one is computerized and has the appearance of responsiveness to the grass roots "nodes", however there will not be any true ability to have a free flow of information. That is due to the top-down creation by those with bias, who will have the system designed to benefit their goals. Just a fancy out-come based system to fool the sheep and use fraud.

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