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New Mobile Pre-Crime Technology Marketed to U.S. - Developed by Ex-Israeli Intelligence

Nicholas West
Activist Post

We have seen the continued roll-out of "suspect detection" systems that can only be labeled as pre-crime technology in our post-9/11, guilty-until-proven-innocent world. There has been massive investment in discovering what people intend to do vs. what they have actually done.

Suspect Detention Systems, Ltd. has gone as far as to claim that its mobile system of threat assessment is a "proven terror and crime prevention technology," according to Government Security News. Furthermore, they reveal a new partnership which indicates implementation of their system across a wide range of citizen travel:
The Cogito system utilizes two sophisticated layers to detect a potential terror or criminal suspect at a point of entry, such as an airport, transportation terminal or border crossing. First, potential suspects are rapidly identified among a crowd using a remote 'intention scanning' technology. Suspects flagged by remote identification are then questioned by an automated interrogation system that can accurately identify whether the suspect intends to commit an act of crime or terror, or has ties to a criminal organization. (Source)
The Cogito system is a mobile unit that has applications far beyond the War on Terror and might herald the physical implementation of what Eric Schmidt suggested to the Internet world: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

Like, thinking, for example?

After 9/11, the epicenter of the false flag attack, New York City, has gone all-out to implement what it calls the "Ring of Steel." This is a full-spectrum virtual and military presence that utilizes CCTV cameras, biometrics, a real-time Domain Awareness System, and reporting to authorities over any behavior that comes under suspicion as indicated by computers and algorithms.

Built upon the false premise of international terrorism, an entire industry has sprung up as the solution to the problem and reaction foisted upon the public at large. From the Suspect Detection System company homepage we learn:
The 9/11 Commission Recommendations: "Counterterrorism Analysis and Collection Require Imagination and Creativity" 
Suspect Detection Systems LTD (SDS) specializes in developing and marketing innovative technologies for the Homeland Security market based on lessons learned from the 9/11 terror attack.  
SDS presents its product line, the 'COGITO'. Relying on unique and proprietary technology and designed to identify malicious intent at border control and other checkpoints, the 'Cogito1002' is an indispensable tool that helps Law Enforcement agencies in their war against international terrorism.
Government Security News
Putting aside the fact that the 9/11 Commission recommendations would literally involve imagination and creativity due to the myriad inconsistencies and outright falsehoods and stonewalling in that investigation, it is cited as the justification for this new mobile technology.

Disturbingly, this system aims to go beyond supposed terrorist threat detection, and claims to be able to aid in establishing connections to crimes after they are committed - not only on the wider international stage, but also within the halls of private business:
The system can also be utilized by law enforcement after a crime has taken place to determine a suspect's association to a particular criminal action or organization. Private sector security companies similarly utilize Cogito to detect intent to harm an employer's interests, among employees, management or job applicants (emphasis added).
Additional bold claims made by the system have all the earmarks of a sales pitch, but we have seen with technologies such as FAST (originally called 'Project Hostile Intent') that companies are actively working on perfecting biometric pre-screening, pre-crime technologies that aim to filter out common nervousness or benign shiftiness that might trip up traditional lie detectors:
All of the COGITO products are an all in one unit which includes BIOMETRIC and Documentation Verification features in addition to the interrogation capabilities. The COGITO technology enables conducting hundred of interrogations without help of professional interrogator interviewers. In 5 minutes test the system can identify terrorists, employees who has (sic) hostile intents, criminals, smugglers or collaborators and direct further interrogation. The operation of the system is simple and requires only 2 hours training of any soldier with basic computer knowledge.
The SDS team strikes quite a roster. Here are some of those involved:
Mr. Shabtai Shoval: Founder and CEO. Mr. Shoval has more then fifteen years of senior management experience in the High-Tech and telecom industries. Shoval’s professional background includes the position of CEO of Comverse TVGate Division (NASDAQ: CMVT), Vice President of Telrad Holding - the investment arm of KOOR INDUSTRIES, president of the Israeli Cable TV Association, founder of ISDNet, serving on the boards of numerous companies including Exalink, Algorithmic Research Ltd, MED 1, CATV companies and others. Shoval has unique background in counter terrorism strategies and held a position of special advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

Mr. Ishayau (Sigi) Horowitz: Founder and methodology counselor. Mr. Horowitz has over thirty years of academic and field experience in polygraph theory and practice. Mr. Horowitz is the former head of the polygraph division of the Israeli Police, a member of the American Polygraph Association and a senior investigator for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Mr. Horowitz holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Bar-Ilan University (Israel) and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Tel-Aviv University (Israel).

Mr. Amiram Levin: figurehead supporting the SDS methodology and concept. Mr. Levine (sic) brings with him extensive support from his many years of experience in interrogation and counter-terrorism. Mr. Levin served as the Deputy Head of the Mossad and commander of the renowned "Sayeret Matkal", Israel’s elite intelligence and counter-terrorism commando unit. (emphasis added)
Should it give every American a secure feeling knowing that a company with a foundation comprised of Israeli intelligence assets is offering a product to profile the U.S. traveling public?

Here is the page describing the technology and mission of COGITO ... threat assessment and interrogation: To summarize:
The SDS concept is supported and enhanced by knowledge acquired and assimilated from the analysis of thousands of case studies related to suicide bombers in Israel and worldwide, gathered by Israeli authorities and the academic community.
Here is further justification for these Israeli-developed mobile units: SDS advisor Kevin Schatzle comments toward the end of this first video:

Here is CNN reporting some of the background of SDS technology in Israel, featuring former Mossad specialist, Amiram Levin:

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Anonymous said...

Just like dual citizen Michael Chertoff -- thanks for the body scanners:

Now they're back with the latest. Follow the money...

Anonymous said...

Israel and security? Very bad mix.

Just ask the passengers of American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, United Airlines Flight 93, and American Airlines Flight 77. Oh, and you'll need a Ouija board.

Paul Panza said...

Thanks for naming the names. We need identification of these think-tank terrorists of the soveriegn citizens of all nations. Once we compile a list of the Neo-Niggers and their Reptilian Overlords; we will be able to take proper action against them for their pre-crime tech with some post civil war retribution. These bogus security people and their political zombies will get that special implant at the Impaling Station at the other end of the tunnel. All is fair in love and war!

Anonymous said...

Is it not enough that the world has to deal with the paranoia of zionists without them inventing paranoid zionist electronics?

Lowenstein said...

@Paul "we wil be able to take proper action againt them".

I think not, but dream on. There is no we because you goy are not united and have no power. You don't control your own country, your state, not even your county or city.

You are powerless and left to dreams. If you had any power you would not be in the sorry state you are in.

Anonymous said...

Minority report

Herbert Scornwaffles said...

At least two conclusions can be reached when proceeding past the title of this fine piece of research.
1)9-11 was an inside job carried out by the Bush41 cabal and the Rothschild cabal utilizing their army of Mossad and U.S.-Israeli citizens.
2)The Goddamned Pharisees are still into crucifying the innocent. They didn't learn a thing.

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