Monday, December 17, 2012

Lonely Farewell for Warmonger Joe Lieberman


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Anonymous said...

You mean, war criminal---his trail date not set.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Zionist trash that applauds mass murder. Americans of good will are torn apart by the senseless massacre of small children in Newtown CT but don't even know about children murdered with napalm and white phosphorus in Gaza thanks to Zionist cretins of the kind that Joe Lieberman represents. He can retire to Tel Aviv for all I care. Has there been a war that this ogre has not been excited for the US to get involved in? In a just world he would be forced to serve in a frontline unit until his nightmares forced him to desire peace forever, like a good number of real US troops who are returning from the rotten wars abroad.

Anonymous said...

good god....and they call these people our leaders? John McCain...a bumbling fumbling psychopath just like Lieberman. They are so full of themselves. Its sickening to even view them as they try their best to act our their parts on the world stage.

Psychopaths!! And they should be committed to a good ole fashioned insane asylum. A horror show that is our reality best describes what I see.

Anonymous said...

When people in Connecticut elect and reelect representatives like Lieberman should we be surprised about what happened in Newtown? Adam Lanza was no worse than Joe Lieberman, who has far more innocent blood on his hands.

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