Wednesday, December 5, 2012

UPDATE: Iran Releases Video of Captured US Drone

Almost a year to the day when Iran shocked the world by downing an advanced U.S. drone over its airspace, Iran announced the capture of another U.S. drone.

This drone, a Boeing ScanEagle, was captured "in the last few days" over Iranian territory by the naval unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, according to the state news agency Fars.

Boeing ScanEagle - Wiki Image
This drone is just the latest violation of Iranian airspace by U.S. surveillance crafts over the last few months.

According to Reuters:
In November, the United States said Iranian warplanes shot at a U.S. surveillance drone flying in international airspace. Iran said the aircraft had entered its airspace, and said it would respond "decisively" to any foreign encroachments into its airspace. 
Also last month, Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Khazaee, wrote to Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to complain about repeated U.S. violations of Iranian airspace, describing them as 'illegal and provocative acts'.
Khazaee claimed that U.S. craft had entered southern Iran seven times in October around Bushehr where Iran's only nuclear power station is situated.
The Boeing ScanEagle is not nearly as sophisticated as the top secret bat-winged RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone captured last year. It is basically a 10-foot advanced model airplane which is described as a small, low-cost, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle.

Here's a video of how the ScanEagle works:

According to Wikipedia "ScanEagle carries a stabilized electro-optical and/or infrared camera on a light-weight inertial stabilized turret system integrated with communications range over 100 km, and flight endurance of 20+ hours. ScanEagle has a 10-foot (3 m) wingspan and can fly up to 75 knots (139 km/h), with an average cruising speed of 60 knots (111 km/h). Block D aircraft featured a higher resolution camera, a custom-designed Mode C transponder and a new video system."

UPDATE: The Navy denied that a U.S. drone was captured by Iran, so Iran released a video to prove it.  Navy says they must of "plucked it from the sea" but still says all their drones are accounted for.

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Anonymous said...

lol.. dumasses think they are the exceptional American warriors... Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Just wait... someones gonna get a big ass surprise when the war starts.

Anonymous said...

Your right about that, We'll be suprised. All us poor fuckers who will be exterminated to protect the pride of the elite fuckers in our society/government.

Ron said...

I think this is worthless to think about global worming and other L nino problem... These hot headed generals are going blow everything up no matter how hard you try to save it...

Anonymous said...

This is going to cause WWIII didn't Russia and china pledge to back Iran? We're poking a big bear with a small stick and it's not gonna end well for us the US

Anonymous said...

US corporate media covering this are running headlines denying the Iranian claim.
Read the fine print and you have one unnamed source speaking ONLY for the Navy who denies it is American. Deny deny deny.
The US has sold these drones to several of its fascist allies, now Iran has one to study wherever it came from.

Anonymous said...

well done Iran. Teach the warmongers a lesson they won't forget.

Anonymous said...

The conducting of espionage activities among nations is not an aberration.On the contrary, foreign intelligence services have always collected information about friends and enenies alike. Today, not unlike in ancient times, espionage is routinely employed by governments as a mechinism to attain national policy and military objectives. Intelligence/counterintelligence operations between competing nations such as the United States and Iran are thus viewed by security forces as standard and expected activities.
Kevin Gilday

Anonymous said...

Iran is legal in what they are doing. They signed the NPT. Israhell refuses to! Iran has IAEA inspectors on site every day. Israhell refuses them.

Anonymous said...

Radio Shack has already been reduced to selling cancer causing telephones and little plastic toys. How low will they go?

Anonymous said...

This is just a backwards way to arm the Iranians with Drone technology before the war starts - a classic US imperialism tactic... Look at all US 'enemies', and they all have the common thread of being armed by the US.

Kevin Patrick Wright said...

"This is just a backwards way to arm the Iranians with Drone technology before the war starts - a classic US imperialism tactic... Look at all US 'enemies', and they all have the common thread of being armed by the US."

Damn, you beat me to it! ;-)

I see three potential scenarios:

1. Pure sheer LUCK that Iran now has TWO sophisticated DRONES, courtesy of American taxpayers.
2. This is a another 'gift', a classic and historical Trojan Horse with another "Stuxnet" type of virus - or worse.
3. "My fellow Americans, it has come to our attention that Iran now has unprecedented military technology and firepower, indeed they have "incredible weapons." EXTREMELY reliable sources tell us these weapons are fully capable of carrying and releasing WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. We simply will not stand idly by and allow our allies in the Mideast to be terrorized by this threat any longer. That is why today, I have just signed Executive Order 12-23-12, declaring that Iran must be wiped from the face of the Earth. God speed, and good luck. I'm off to my bunker."


Bill Hicks tells it all before he died of "natural causes":

Kevin Patrick Wright said...

Okay, maybe six:

4. China or Russia made a quick knockoff to embarrass the U.S. and hopefully deter any further meddling in Iran and Syria.
5. A U.S. Military internal coup. Hmmm, me like! 8-)
6. Israel "lost" one of their own drones (supplied by US) and now have justification for a preemptive strike. "By way of deception..."

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