Thursday, December 6, 2012

Interview With Dane Wigington Covering the Dangers of Global Geoengineering Projects

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On this week's End the Lie Radio with Madison Ruppert, Dane Wigington returns with more bombshell information on stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (better known as chemtrials), the dangers of methane, the truly dire situation the globe is facing thanks to continued geoengineering projects and the quest to raise awareness of these little-known issues.

They cover the attempts to shift the attention away from the role geoengineering plays in climate change, attempts to cover up the true nature of the changes in Earth's climate and the true danger of the situation we face if these practices are not stopped. Also covered are some of the insane plans to reverse the detrimental effects of these projects, many of which actually involve doing the exact same thing that contributed to the problems in the first place. Dane Wigington features prominently in the phenomenal documentary Why the in the World are They Spraying? by Michael Murphy along with the previous film, What in the World are They Spraying?

Additional details can be found below about Dane, as well as how to keep up with the latest news covering geoengineering projects

Dane Wigington's background is in renewable energy, being formerly employed with Bechtel Power Corp. His personal off-grid residence was featured as the cover article on the world's largest renewable energy magazine. Dane is also a land investor and preservationist, having set aside almost 2000 acres of key habitat area adjacent to Lake Shasta as "wildlife preserve." Dane also maintains

To keep up with the latest news on the dangers of these global geoengineering projects, please check out and spread awareness by purchasing a DVD of Why in the World are They Spraying? for your friends or family to help support this extremely important message.

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Anonymous said...

I had made a post in regards to this previously and it too is relevant, it is those powers that be who also know its implications towards its application in addition to all that Dane had mentioned in this report regarding the science and its in-depth disclosure of these facts as reported. It is those dark forces who will implement that technology at the appropriate time while at the same time, all of these conditions as mentioned will be allowed to be continued and accelerated. It is not thus therefore the work of men who in their thinking, believe they are doing a great service but rather, it is unbeknown to them that sinister and deceptive forces of alterative power are at play within the structure of men, leading them unbeknown to the death of the mother and thus all men as a great designed plan, of old. Danes report is the most comprehensive up to date analysis of what is going on and Activist Post with all of its resources should do all within its power to make this information go viral on the net, and not rest until its does much, much more than it presently does for , we all are ever so thankful. The focus of this report and its message should be propagating endlessly by all people and by whatever mean so do!

Anonymous said...

Agreed MultiPucci1!!! This NEEDS to go viral. Activist Post should be promoting this like crazy! I don't know why more people aren't getting behidn this...

Anonymous said...

The Arctic is warming because it does that every 60-80 years. The only thing different is that we are noticing it. His climate science is pure alarmist. There isn't any greenhouse and extra methane won't do a thing.

I have no doubt that geoengineering is taking place and I am very worried about toxic fall out, but I fail to see how chemtrails in the sky can trigger methane release, especially since the ocean floor is covered with volcanoes belching away and heating the sea from underneath..

Ocean acidification is also nonsense.

Plus the IPCC is totally corrupt.

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