Sunday, December 16, 2012

HSBC Couldn't Track $60 Trillion in Suspicious Activity?


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Anonymous said...

Dont be stupid. Banks get a huge cut, upwards
of 40% of all laundered money. Thats why they
launder. HUGE profits for doing nothing.

Take the illicit opium/heroine drug trade in
Afghanistan n Burma/Myanmar. Its estimated
billions/yr are laundered thru the big banks.
"Banks in Rangoon offered money laundering for
a 40% commission.[6]" wiki "Golden Triangle
(Southeast Asia)" Honestly, why the fk do u
think we grew n protect the opium fields in
Afghanistan? Wake up sheeple. Thats why we'll
never leave Afghanistan, we're there to protect
the heroine for big bank profits. If we leave,
the Taliban will burn the fields again.

So 40% of 6 Trillion is 2.4 trillion dollars.
Thats what HSBC gained from doing nothing but
washing the money. Not a bad days work.
They wont investigate cuz it will expose
everything, including where the drug money
came from. Golden Triangle?

Anonymous said...

HSBC was founded upon the opium trade between China and the British Empire. That means dealing in drugs. Oh come on, history repeats itself!

Anonymous said...

a citizen equivalent would be to make millions from drug dealing, then cut a deal with the Government to pay a six-figure fine, not one day in jail, and no criminal convictions. Real cute, when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Estimated Afghan opium trade $500,000,000,000.00 per year. In 2001 Afghanistan represented 10% of opium production, now 93%. Watch Rivera Fox interview with Marine officer "protecting" the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Can we say CORRUPT!?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper had Mike Emery from Vancouver extradited to face charges of selling Pot seeds through the mail.There was know law proken in Canada because there is know Cannabis in the seed so it is not considered a drug.But the US asked Harper to extradite him to face charges which would have given him life so a deal was struct to do 10 years for saelling seeds through the mail and all the time the CIA is flying heroin out of Afghnanistan using drones to do so and Harper knows this.So what do we tell our kids.That the goverrnment of the USA is the biggest drug dealer on the block.People better wake up to the corruption of both Canada and the US and the penal slaves that are in prison for drug offences.The profits from making prisoners work for companies has made Harper wanting to do the same here in Canada by building new super prisons when they claim at the same time crime is at a all time low.

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