Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to get out of the military at any time

Adam Kokesh

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Anonymous said...

I respect what Adam is telling everyone, but these are illegal wars. If you partake in an illegal war you are then a war criminal. Any military on our streets, checkpoints etc., then you are a criminal. Remember, folks are joining the military voluntarily, thus your motives must be that of a war criminal. If you are drafted, then the choice is made for you by the war criminals. If you volunteer - your motives are clear, you want to murder innocent people. Any soldier that steps foot in any country to fight an illegal war, should be brought up on war crimes/crimes against humanity, along with their commanding officers. Read the code of military conduct - you guys are violating the code you swore to uphold. The next question, will these volunteer war criminals fire on US citizens? I think we know the answer based on the fact they volunteered to fight in illegal wars. Wake up, refuse to deploy to fight illegal wars. Be the proud military that we expect and protect our constitution here on our home turf from the enemies from within.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. Just because you dont agree with the war does not make every soldier that joins to serve their country is a war criminal.

Anonymous said...

Are you as concerned about obama not holding up the "code" he "swore to uphold"?; the Constitution

Anonymous said...

Remember, only congress can declare war. If a uniformed soldier deploys to a country that congress hasn't approved, not the president, then those soldiers are there illegally under international law - period. If foreign soldiers invaded the US without proper authority to do so, would these foreign troops be not guilty of war crimes? They would. Same with our troops. Show me where I am wrong legally. Any law, oath, declaration, international treaty, military code, anywhere where it is legal to occupy another country militarily. Then show me the penalties for such action. By the way, calling me an idiot - great rebuttal.

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