Monday, December 10, 2012

High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11


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Anonymous said...

There is no gov. Just narcissistic banksters, their puppet minions n bad theatre. This is all happening cuz their losing control. Its their pathetic attempt to remain in power. God bless the internet n independent news for exposing the truth and the liars.

Lies n cowards living in the shadows will always lose, only truth n the light win. Expose these murdering bastards n their mafia families that have destroyed this great Republic. End the Fed and all central banks around the world. Cut the snake off at the head!

Anonymous said...

Stubblebine is surely making his rounds these days. I'm sure he's a most credible source, being a former major general of the largest military on earth, right? His wife is an interesting character too. He should stick to making animal hearts explode, if you ask me. 9-11 was an inside job, but i dont need a government employee to tell me that 11 years later. Propping this guy up as a saviour to 9-11 truth is to deny all of the hard work that has been done by civilian investigators.

Tim said...

"exploding animal hearts" phrase relates to directed energy weapon tech. Interesting that this man is being rolled out to direct our attention away from such matters. Dr Judy Wood has all the info. you need to know in such times as these.

tuwun0 said...

Having a retired Major General with his military intelligence credentials come forward condemming the official story, certainly helps immensley I think with ALL of the scientific, archictectural, engineering and all the witness testimony already built up - that effectively paints the US Government as very sinister indeed.It makes you wonder if the allied western governemnts around the world are tarred with the same brush - or more likeley just too scared to voice any moral objections.

stevor said...

He told of SR71s. "officially" (Wikipedia) those weren't created until the 60s. Hmmm. Either he's wrong or the military has had BIG SECRETS for decades (which is probably likely)

stevor said...

whoops, my comment here was meant to be on another site. Sorry. Please delete it

Anonymous said...

You found a dolt on 911. Good job showing how stupid Bert is and how stupid people are to believe him. VP was in DC, the air defense systems were not shut down. Mental illness is sad, and your inablity to expose Bert as a nut, makes you an idiot.

Len said...

1) There is no such thing as a "high ranking...Major General" all Major Generals are of the same rank.

2) The hole he is talking about was the exit hole created by a landing gear.

3) I have no idea what he babbling Pentagon 'sensors', he seems to mean cameras. No evidence has been presented the others were "turned off". The video from the two parking lot cameras has changed since release.

4) The man is now in his early 80s he was in his late 70s when he started making such claims. He was eased out of the Army while was in his 50s because he was trying to walk through wall and train others to explode animal heads by staring at them.

5) There is more nonsemse in this video than I have time to refute, LOL Cheney in Colorado on 9/11!!

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