Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grandfather and Proud Marijuana Smoker Seeks Nullification of Possession Charges


Steve Marlowe, peaceful person and long-time marijuana advocate, was driving his peace signed car in Florida in October, 2012 when he was arrested for 19 grams of cannabis (marijuana) - a misdemeanor. Instead of pleading guilty and paying a fine, Steve says he has done nothing wrong and wants a jury to hear his case, believing at least one juror will have common sense, see the unfairness and vote not-guilty. 64 years old, Steve uses cannabis for his arthritis, preferring it over debilitating prescription medications. He faces up to a year in jail if found guilty.

Steve's first court appearance is Dec 12, 2012 at the Sumter County Courthouse, Courtroom B, in Bushnell, FL. Calling on all supporters of legal marijuana and jury nullification to be there to support him.

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Kevin Patrick Wright said...

If you have Steve's email, have him contact me through my blog, I will send him my letter to my local prosecutor. Earlier this year, I won a similar case for "possession" while trying to heal my cancer and relieve daily pain from 'accidents' caused by the Canadian government. In less than 24 hours after my letter, he dropped my case. They were scared to death after my first appearance in court where I clearly stood my ground, defended my rights as a Pro Se Litigant, and demanded a jury trial.

Remember this:
A 'PLEA' is NOT required!!! To 'plea' is to BEG and FORCE can not be used to require a person to give their CONSENT. To plea is to CONSENT, regardless if it is "not guilty" or "guilty." He can even fill out the "Plea" paperwork the day before court and write in bold letters... "NO PLEA" or "I do not consent to any plea"

If all else fails and the judge ignores his inalienable rights, a jury trial is the LAST thing the court wants. The judge in my case practically begged me to take a court-appointed attorney. NEVER do that. You unknowingly become a "ward of the court" aka, an "imbecile" (seriously). Look it up in Black's Law Dictionary (early versions).

Kevin Patrick Wright said...

P.S. This and the above post DO NOT constitute "legal advice." I am not an attorney and am only speaking from personal experience. Consult an attorney or educate yourself on Common Law. This is simply what I did in my case:

The FIRST court appearance is only an arraignment for you to "PLEA" for the courts mercy and graciousness upon your helpless soul. ;-) GAG! The clerk will likely ask him to sign a "standard form" stating that he understands his rights. I REFUSED to sign it and this shocked the court clerk. She was flabbergasted and ran to the prosecutor huffing and puffing. I followed her to the prosecutor and told him that I knew my rights and would go 'on record' to state such (there was audio and video in the court room and therefore no valid reason for signing that statement). He agreed with me.

If you sign ANYTHING, it is a binding contract between two parties, in spite of what the judge or prosecutor will tell you (lies). Your signature gives CONSENT and consent can not be FORCED upon you, so refusing to sign something is not unlawful... it is your inalienable right.

Personally, I would not even go to Florida and handle it via letters/email. Worse-case-scenario, a no-show would only issue a non-extraditable warrant for FTA (failure to appear), meaning he could no longer go to Florida without being arrested... perhaps not the best option?

What a serious waste of this man's time and resources! If he decides to go to Florida and foolishly pleas, he can still beat them by demanding a jury trial and nullifying the case. The prosecutor may likely throw it out later. They want you to think you are going to court, but often throw cases out at the last minute to save going to trial (expensive and time-consuming for all).

Hold your ground, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!, and smoke 'em if ya got 'em! 8)~


Anonymous said...

Good luck Steve. I hope your strategy works!

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