Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of 2012 and the Unleashing of Evil

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

It’s almost 2013 and the globalist monkeys of terror are moving as fast as they can to oppress humanity, individual freedom, the Constitution and human rights. Politicians everywhere are moving their feet as fast as they can to undermine the Constitution. Those committed to a lifetime of slavery to the federal system are consumed with their false paradigms, leading them to believe that those who are doing everything they can to destroy humanity’s dignity are doing something benevolent like providing “safety”; such is the result of mass brainwashing and media propaganda.

If you are a pessimist you can see nothing positive heading our way, but to all pessimists I say please take a minute and consider this.

I refer to those cooperating (either deliberately or indirectly) with this mass global government agenda as Monkeys of Evil. Try to see how police that go along with this evil global agenda to enslave humanity are nothing more than TV-watching slaves stuck in an outdated paradigm. And with every TV show they watch they are convincing themselves that they are doing the right thing. These people are nothing more than armed zombies.

For truth and reason to prevail, those of us who understand what is happening will have to be prepared for hard times; we will have to be patient with the zombies, have the grace to stay positive and see the bigger picture. The bigger picture assures us that the failing paradigm has a timer on it which will soon run out and blow up.

Like the many paradigms that have come before our time, this old paradigm based on greed, fractional reserve banking, endless war, mass brainwashing propaganda and deadly military industrial complex death games with no rules will soon be fully exposed.

Facebook decided to delete the accounts of those that have committed themselves to activism, freedom and truth, and yet others for unknown reasons (gun owners?), but we know that this will only backfire on the empire. Yes, they restored some of the accounts, but only after personally speaking with some of the activists on the phone who apparently needed to answer specific "security" questions.

Evidence and odd circumstances and behavior suggests that the empire chose to sacrifice children in Newtown, CT to further their agenda to destroy the Second Amendment, which only proves that they will stop at nothing to stage more shootings and continue to attack America and the freedom it represented. Let's continue to expect more false flags and realize that everything they try will be exposed and met with resistance. Those of us who understand what is happening must count every step they make as one step closer to the freedom of humanity.

So let’s keep the pressure on the system of evil that has enslaved our human friends including many police and government workers. Let’s give those that are buried in the matrix and live in deep mental bondage something to look up to.

Like a diver about to jump into deep waters let’s jump in and get ready to swim. Let’s remember evil need not be met with more evil and violence; it only needs to be exposed - humanity will do the rest.

Remember, this is a relay race not a one-on-one race; we need only to pass the baton of truth to the next person. This is a simplicity that is built into who we are. Realizing this simple truth and realizing that you need not change the world all by yourself might save you from losing your mind, your cool, your life or all the above.

Good luck and cheers!

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Dann reptilians! When will they go back to Alpha Draconis and leave us humans here in peace?

Anonymous said...


boomerscaboose said...

Good article Bernie but... I try daily to wake people up. They are stone dead mostly. There are people in such a trance I think they are addicted to specific talking heads (Fox, CNN whatever) and when a different source is offered (alternative media) they get all woozey because they don't recognize the non billion dollar stage set as possibly being reality.

So the awake are awake and more can wake up naturally but the already awake are likely at a critical mass to what numbers? Maybe 3% of the population with some division amongst them as to solutions.

I think this moment of this peak of "information age" if people are still asleep they will not wake up in time, soak up the learning curve and have a clue why there are tanks rolling down their streets and the EBT or Debit cards are out of service.

But it is out nature to shake the body a few more times before pulling the sheet up over the face and making phone calls to the next of kin now isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I, personally, have given up on "awakening the masses of sheeple." No. 1 - they ain't worth it, and No. 2 - so deeply do they sleep, its like trying to teach a pig to dance, i.e., I only waste my time, and it annoys the pig. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

...exceptional take on the, how do we start an international discussion on the non-violent, non-compliant steps we can take to bring this corrupt leadership to it's knees. We need to be developing strategies that become common place when the Fascists come to your community to inflict direct Alex S. said in Gulag A., if they had just beaten the KGB officers sent out to retrieve citizens, pretty soon they would have stopped coming ....that may be a need in the future, but for now, we need a list of non-compliant strategies ...for example, if you are hauled off to a FEMA Camp....either through armed force or economic circumstance...this calls for complete complete non-compliance....sit when they say stand, stand when they say sit not walk anywhere ..force them to drag each prisoner to any not eat, do not answer questions ....take no violent action ...just do not comply It doesn't matter..whether in jail, prison, fema camp or wherever...force the fascists to spend billions of worthless money to control their subjects....

That is when you'll see the exterminations begin....but by then, their system will be collapsing around their necks ..and perhaps we can charge, try and convict GWB for treason, and I can see him hung in my lifetime?


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

rog said...

"and perhaps we can charge, try and convict GWB for treason, and I can see him hung in my lifetime?" Don't forget the current criminal in office.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually read The Gulag? Noncompliance to any directive meant having your head smashed. Men were thrown out naked in the arctic snow. Why were they imprisoned, rather than murdered? Obviously so they would be living examples of what resistance could lead to. Do you think "Pepper Cop" would tolerate uncooperative prisoners? He would probably have an erection at the opportunity to beat or shoot them. We are talking about a brutal conspiracy that murdered over a 100 million in the last century. When you see the exterminations begin, those in the FEMA camps will be at the head of the line.

Anonymous said...

Nice article i agree with you on alot of points but i have talked to many of friends and family about the PTB actions and what i have learned in my journey.But like one of the commenters said some of these sheeple's are comfortable in there slumber SMH !! I to have lost friends because i refuse to be around such misguided sheeple's

Anonymous said...

"Facebook decided to delete the accounts of those that have committed themselves to activism, freedom and truth, and yet others for unknown reasons (gun owners?),..."

That's because the CIA owns Facebook. Check Youtube videos for Congressional hearings of CIA officials stating they only use Facebook to spy on people.

Anonymous said...

All the gun buying of late tells me there's still a lot of fight left in the American people.

Choward Newsis said...

Spoiled brat MoFos never learn how to live outside the walls. "Tear this wall down!!" Obama is not spoiled. Lobotomized maybe, but not spoiled.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to ruin anyones day,BUT this ain't going to be a TV movie,they plan on killing everyone in the USA,they want your stuff NOT you....and YES it will be a blood sacifrace of you and your children if thats what you want,most of the people realize IF AMERICA don't fight they'll DIE period......THERES NO PEACEFUL WAY OUT OF THIS,so wake up and open your eyes and realize you either going to help fight or you and your family are going to a fema camp to be put to death your choice,NOW paint in a lightbulb can be thrown or a slingshot can be used to stop them and when they come out your snipers can take care of them,YOU MUST REMEMBER they want you to fire first, but they will get tired of waiting cause they have a delivery date for turning america over to china(they sold america to china last summer)THATS why china is demanding OBAMA disarm america,and offering to help him take the weapons,CAN ANYONE IMAGIN A FOREIGN COUNTRY DEMANDING OUR GOVERNMENT TAKE OUR WEAPONS????BETTER GET READY they will be be coming.............

Axiom said...

Seers De-programming Sheep with Reality Analysis

Anonymous said...

I get tired of hearing this
awake" excuse.
I think most people are awake- they just don't know what to do.
A handful of people can't take on the government!
Instead of complaining how folks are asleep- make suggestions on what to do and how to get started- or stop complaining!

Axiom said...


bob klinck said...

Of course an essential component of the planned global slave system is the policy of full employment. Anyone who is promoting this policy must be classified among the brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

The Optimist
The world would wake up & fulfill it manifestations
The Realist
The masses don't want to wake from the illusion
The Pessimist
It's too late for them anyway

Anonymous said...

"I get tired of hearing this
awake" excuse."

Yeah me too all of these people who say they are awake are still snoozin when it comes to making the connection that them holding bank accounts, Insurance policies, Investments, sighing W-9's,
paying income taxes, borrowing money, using credit cards etc... are actually helping TPTB work their spell fueling the corruption they say they want to end. Cognitive Dissonance rules Amerika.

Wake up to that why don't you. It kills me how folks want to end the corruption but want to keep all the services it provides.
Sorry to yell but if you have or use any of these services shut the Fuck up with your bellyaching YOU are working for their benefit YOU are a BIG part of the problem!

People say they trust in God but then run out and open a bank account with Satan so they can save money for that rainy day and to buy the things Satan's corporations tell them they need to have to live the good life.
They run out and purchase one of Satan's Life Ins policies because they want their families taken care of if something happens to them.
They purchase one of Satan's Health Ins policies in case they get sick they can go to Satan's hospitals and have Satan's sorcerers prescribe Satan's pharmaceuticals to make them better...
and don't forget Satan's wonderful world of credit where the world is at your interest.

So much for trusting in God for their needs or i suppose they trust God to provide their needs (and more so their wants)via Satan and his worldly kingdom though that seems at odds with their rhetoric...but i guess that's what blind faith will do for you. Cognitive Dissonance once again rules Amerika.

If you want to get rid of ant's in you're cupboard you don't keep feeding them and allow them to overtake your home.

More than waking up you have to stop being so stupid cos there counting on you staying stupid and it seems they are counting right.

Anonymous said...

It may be tough at times but remember...cooler heads prevail. Stay positive!!

Anonymous said...

#1 If a person is not "awake" by now they never will be, thus a potential "agent". THEY WILL TURN YOU IN, so watch who you talk to.

#2 People are being divided right now. Do you really want someone with you that is so lost that can't see the boot on their neck? This is a good thing! It took me a while to see it. Let them show their true colors. Just as in 1776 most people considered themselves subjects of the King. It will be sometime before people see the evil right in front of them, and there are many who will side with whoever is in power. These are the most dangerous. Traitors of traitors.

#3 Yes, will we eventually have to be ready for their attacks. They are predictable. They follow the playbook. KNow the playbook and know the future. They will come just as they did in Germany, in numbers to terrorrize and intimidate, just as they do now. Be ready to defend yourself against these attacks with more numbers than them.

#4 Be careful of the internet. The only reason it is not down is because they have successfully compromised it and monitor it.
Establish communications face to face with people you can trust. Build REAL relationships.

I am Spartacus. I am V. I am YOU.

Paul Rowlandson said...

he elite/PTB/Satanists are blinded by their arrogance and greed. They view us as "The Herd". Humility forgotten or turning one's back on the lessons of humility, results is remedial instruction. When these monsters die, they will not be reincarnating back to Earth. They will find themselves, reincarnating on some primitive planet, by our standards, where they will have a severe struggle, to hold body and soul together. Pride comes before a fall and these creeps, can continue just as they always have but the rub is, they cannot die or the humility lessons will come to bear. As of Dec. 21, 2012, the tenure of these Satanists, ended. The meaning of this will become ever increasingly painful to them,until they are dead. Universe has the hammer now, in the past and forever. He who thinks he is greater than his Creator, has some rather unpleasant lessons awaiting.

Paul Rowlandson said...

I am posting notice that in 2013, Murphy's Laws will not apply and we will be using O'Reilly's Laws, in their place. For those of you that are not familiar with O'Reilly, he is the guy who thought Murphy was an optimist. You will only wish that TSHTF,because it will turn out to be poisoned shrapnel. Tough times ahead and they start in the first half of 2013. For those that feel, our world is a tragedy; for those that think, our world is a comedy. Your call.

Anonymous said...

The problem in not the puppet in charge, it is the sheeple that think American Idiot is more important than bringing our troops home. Want to cut debt, then bring the troops home, do we need our kids in Germany, Japan, Korea? HELL no, those countries can fend for themselves. Force the US back on a hard mony system and it kills the serpent. Close the illegal FED and put Ben and Allen in jail for economic treason.
Just some thoughts from the old guy in Arizona, where we have over 460,000 illegals. What happen with illegals coming into this country when Mexico runs out of oil in the next couple of years???? Happy New Year to all US Americans!!!

keyman101 said...

Hey, Spartacus, are we getting a little paranoid here? I have nothing to fear from my neighbors here in Idaho. Perhaps you need to move and get a better perspective. As FDR said in his inauguration speech in '33, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Yes, we continued into a deep depression, and are likely to do so in 2013. But, his words rang true, and the American people were strong enough to get through it and eventually prosper.

I am only one man, and my death will mean nothing. I hold no secrets. I am utterly insignificant. That is what we much each learn.

Anonymous said...

"But, his words rang true, and the American people were strong enough to get through it and eventually prosper."

This is a popular myth, the American people have not truly prospered since the mid to late 1800's. The nation of America prospered during the 50's and 60's but the average people only prospered a small amount, and only as a byproduct of the prospering of the wealthy "elites".

The engineered crisis of the 'Great Depression' was designed to allow FDR to bring in governmental regulations that reduced competition and increased the corporate elites ability to monopolize various markets.

The same people that called for government intervention in the 30's were opposed to such intervention in the mid and late 20's when they pursued policies that increased corporate profits while decreasing employment and wages and benefits and such.

That behavior made the Great Depression so bad, and their solution was government intervention - not only for public tax dollars to pay to clean up their messes but also to increase their powers through regulation.

Today almost every industry has been subject to monopolization(80%+ of the market controlled/cornered by a single corporation or consortium of corporations working together).

The government regulations are what allow it, by ensuring that small companies don't have the resources to handle the paper-work, taxes, fines and all else that comes with government regulations and thus are at a distinct disadvantage to the major corporations with deep pocket books.

When combined with all the billions of dollars of lobbying, corporate funded NGO's, think tanks, policy boards, business associations and so on that are created and controlled by the big corporations any and all real competition has be removed from the picture.

These monopoles of market power have slowly but steadily eroded our entire society with the erosion of the "free market" economic systems.

Only those who are loyal to those corporate masters and work for them get to "prosper" these days, and even then there is a steep, rapid decline in prosperity as you descend the corporate ladder.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, and people who put corporate profits ahead of the value of human life.

Pretending there is nothing wrong won't change the fact there is a lot of stuff wrong with the system today.

That's not to say the entire system is bad but corruption has riddled the whole thing like a cancer, and at this point that cancer is 'terminal' if it doesn't get properly treated soon.


Sharon Ann Zaki said...

Brilliant article. All we have to do is stay informed via the Alternative Media and try to get others to ditch Mainstream propaganda crap and pay attention to the AM. Sure it does seem hopeless cos most people are indeed blissfully unawares and lambs to the slaughter. I'm continually being ridiculed, told that I'm wrong and that I should be in a nuthouse.... We can but try to awaken others. Persistence is the key. I do believe God works in mysterious ways; my son who has witnessed corruption first hand and is a victim of it refuses to believe how bad things actually are and that there is such a thing as a NWO slavery agenda being played out. He tells me that he just wants to forget what happened and start 'living'. Try as I might I am unable to convince him that he'll be doing no such thing if he and his generation don't wake the fuck up fast to what is really happening. Now he has started dating a young lady whose mother and brother are very clued up about Freemasonry and, guess what, she and I are getting along like a house on fire and he is beginning to wake up! Also, my younger son and daughter [aged 15 and 14] have spent around 5 hours over the Christmas hols with me watching some of the Richplanet series and programmes on Sky 200 presented by Ian R Crane, Brian Gerrish, Richard D Hall, Patrick Henningson... and they now actively look for Illuminati symbolism in their PS/Xbox games and celeb music vids. They are now starting to ask the right questions and are shocked. This was achieved when they asked me last month what I wanted for my birthday and I replied that the greatest gift they could ever give me would be if they'd give me 4 or 5 hours of their time and watch the stuff I watch re NWO. I never thought I'd get through to any of my kids! Google Sharon Kilby for our story. Here's to 2013 bringing more of the great Spiritual awakening and with that more love and compassion and truth and justice worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keyman 101. Are you satan ? because thats the crap that he wants us to believe.You might be insignificant, but don't speek for all.It's people like you that turn people like me in.

Hide Behind said...

There is no time left for preperation; if you have not gotten yourself ready, I haven't, then its gonna be rough times a coming.
My state Washington is biilding the largest DSHS base in states and the people there, Moses Lake, are jumping for joy.
State gov already uses drones,the ones that fly as there are an over abundance of the walking type.
All you have is family to fall back upon and judging what passes for family today better watch your back.
Sad to say it is the majority of middle class and poor rednecks who are most dangerous people in US.

Hide Behind said...

The strongest unit a person can have when hard times come is ones immediate family, and if by now they are not already thinking as you do and are over 15 or16 years of age watch your back.
Take stock of what you know and who you know and be honest with your thinking.
How many true friends do you have who are of your mindset, and forget the religious afiliations they are least trustworthy of all organizations.
Will you exist as a begger or do you have some personal resources, besides preaching and hot air, to make yourself into a viable and worthy friend in times of need.
No one knows or much cares about hermits who live for and by themselves, so reach out for closeby of yourmindset but carefull ad you go.
Not all of us are great leaders but at the least we can be great followers, but it is their fruit that one should watch not just their words.

sjsrana said...

'india' - RAPE capital of WORLD.

In india cops/police/army/politicians openly sexually assault/exploit WOMEN, per recent stats these clout of WOLVES sexually assault/exploit women 5 times more than general citizens per RATIO....

DECLARE 'india' RAPE destination of WORLD!
apart from 'india' being fastest growing 'CORRUPT' nations of the WORLD!

Anonymous said...

Keyman:Hey, Spartacus, are we getting a little paranoid here?

Hey keyman - what are you doing on a site like this? Are you paranoia?

Patriot9878\ said...

Try to teach your relatives exactly what is going on. But more than likely if they don't know already it might be hopeless. I mean people should know this stuff already. But how many people still eat processed junk food and drink sodas and get their vaccines and will eat anything like GM food and not research a damn thing? They stare at the tv for a life.
If you got a beach near you you need to take advantage of it. If you got a place to catch seafood you need to be doing just that. You got a whole world of free food and you need to get away from the grocery store.
But you will piss off the NWO bunch if you don't take your vaccines and eat their poisons. But why is the answer to their problems is killing us, but ours is always peaceful and turn the other cheek. Why do I feel 100,000 dead jack booted thugs will solve our problems? Did the Russian people think just do nothing let the Commies kill us and we'll just keep breeding so many people they can only kill so many for so long. This is so important if they take our guns and the Commies take this country the world is done. Jack booted thugs are humans like the rest of us. Remember this and clear the porch.

Anonymous said...

Actually, those bloody reptiles live UNDER us in DUMBs or deep underground military bases, and per David Wilcox, is being portalled out of this dimension down to the walls, so that these critters will have NO place to hide when they try to start a civil war topside. The rats may be jumping ship, but their lifeboats were nowhere to be found!

Anonymous said...

NEVER give up; recall the Chinese adage: A jouney of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Anonymous said...

Actually, those bloody reptiles live UNDER us in DUMBs or deep underground military bases, and per David Wilcox, is being portalled out of this dimension down to the walls, so that these critters will have NO place to hide when they try to start a civil war topside. The rats may be jumping ship, but their lifeboats were nowhere to be found!

Anonymous said...

Forget ascension promoted by the New World Order reptilians who have spent mountain sized amounts of money at building city sized deep underground military base complexes the entrances to which are in every major city in the world.

We all know anyway but those curious about the New World Order can look at the link below.

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