Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doctor Tells Food Industry to Stop Lying to Customers

Not sure about the solutions of hardcore regulations, but his rant on the food industry is spot on.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent and informative! It's been many years since I drank Welch's grape "juice". Now I'm thankful I haven't because it's really just a sugar drink.

Thank you, Doctor Freedhoff.

Anonymous said...

I think doctors need to look at their own brand of BS before they tell anyone else what to do. For instance starting with their Big Pharma handlers and refusing to be the pimps they are in their offices for pharmaceuticals only meant to prolong and not cure suffering. At this point docs have lost soo much credibility. Anything they have to say should, for a good reason, be ignored.

Anonymous said...

"We need regulations for food"

Yes and no.

Yes, we need to force food companies to stop lying.
No, we do not need nutritional regulations beyond proper labeling and safety measures BECAUSE of Codex Alimentarius creeping up on us fast and furiously.

When the government can outlaw vitamins and minerals then you know you've got too much regulation going on.

They've already started it. Calcium. Magnesium. Iron. Etc. It's coming. Let's fight it.

When we stopped shopping the isles of our grocery store our weight dropped and we got healthier. Stay in the perimeter.

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