Monday, December 31, 2012

Celebrity Gun Control PSA Coupled With Their Own Hollywood Gun Violence

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Not all celebrities contradict their beliefs, but the 45+ celebrities featured in the video below are stark raving hypocrites.

Have you seen the recent "Demand a Plan" public service announcements with very familiar faces smugly demanding that we tell Congress come up with a "plan" in lieu of recent shooting tragedies like Sandy Hook?

Even more smug is that the burden is on us to figure out . . . something . . . and demand Congress to do . . . something. Although vague, we know that the main point of the PSA is for strict gun control.

Repeatedly, they say "Enough."

A YouTuber had enough of the 1% hypocrisy and has compiled all the PSA clips and matched them with each actor's gratuitously violent portrayal of guns. The contrast is astonishing and could be darkly humorous, were it not for the serious nature of the shootings, the victims' exploitation, and a demand for gun control by those who glorify graphic violence as entertainment while receiving a massive payday from that violence.

Not surprisingly, these PSAs were backed by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, co-chaired by none other than Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York.

Bloomberg is in high gear to revoke gun rights, playing up recent shootings and public fear. New York Times wrote, "Even so, the mayor is looking to move fast, aware that public outrage can fade quickly."

But will the public also find the following an outrage?

Warning: Violence & Language. A clean version appears here, but still contains violent images. The video includes a link to an extended version, also worth watching.

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Anonymous said...

funny how everyone was in love with them just a few weeks ago when they were on the bandwagon for GMO labeling in California. Hooray for celebrities when they want what we want, but when they disagree we should "demand they go fuck themselves". I guess guns are more important than food....

Anonymous said...

Yes guns are more important but you would not undersant now would you.

Paul Panza said...

Can't have peace without guns, can't have peace with guns. The great gun debate is another false flag issue, getting people to spend money on a product that will sit and collect dust. Are we really looking forward to civil war, the the war no one wins? Aren't we already involved in the Third World War? It sure seems global to me. I don't see anyone winning, the battlefield is already radioactive. Radioactive armament, radioactive soldiers, radioactive food, air, water, oil, and gold.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for celebrities when they want what we want, but when they disagree we should "demand they go fuck themselves".
Ya know what, no one who talks from both sides of their mouth is a winner as far as I'm concerned. Actor or not, you can't make your living going around shooting everyone in sight and then say we need a plan! WHAT???? Don't do as I do, do as I say? And GMO Labeling? Were they really serious anyway? I think they weren't. They just wanted to get alittle camera time and a slap on the back. With the money that they're making shooting up everyone and setting a good example for us, they can afford to buy non-GMO food anyway. Sheeples, get your heads out of your asses and look around you at the smoke screens and false flags. The globalist are creating all of these gun problems just so they can disarm the masses and then move in for the kill. Read up on the days right before the Nazi takeover of Germany. See any similarities? Go read.........stop watching the news and Dancing with the stars, and wake up.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone with the common sense to realise what is actually happening. Why can't people see through all the bullshit they are throwing at us. Guns give us freedom.

Anonymous said...

Mikey's obviously scared. I mean look at the little jewish leprechaun.

Goldberg, Feinstein, etc...

From what i hear Feinstein is more of a man than most men and not in a good way either.

Co-opted Confederate said...

Only 4 of the NWO Shills have any "acting ability" worth wasting time to mention their names, Cristine Applegate Demi Moore, Will Farrell, Reece Witherspoon. the rest are all wannabes or pretenders just like the curren resident of the white house all are Lackeys of the New World Order and Minions of Socialism

Co-opted Confederate said...

The only ones wirh any talent or acting ability at all are Reece Witherspoon, Chrintine Applegate, Will Farrell and Demi Moore the rest are pretenders just like the fraud in the white house. They all spew emotional bovine excrement justfrom que cards and teleprompters just like the High dollar puppets of the NWO they all are. Holly is nothing more than Satan's own little Fantasy Island sponsored by the devil's minions who run it. Michael Bloomberg (mayor of New Leningrade City, New York is trying to gain points so he can run for POTUS in 2016, because Hitlery Klintonchev as too much Benghazi poopy in her Knickers to be a clear winner for the Evil NWO Democrat mafia.

Anonymous said...

These silly Hollywood puppets have a lot in common with Senators and Congressional Reps.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds.
Imagine a deadly product, (unsafe in the hands of most people) that kills over 10,000 Americans every year.
Imagine a marketing campaign so slick, so effective and long running that Americans actually go out and spend thousands of dollars collecting such products. They collect them to stay safe(did I mention 10,000 tragic deaths each year?) and to keep their families safe. Imagine that people threaten to revolt if such products are regulated. Imagine the gun industry and its tragically misinformed patrons.
More than a bit ironic that it was essentially Hollywood movies that created the American gun fetish and the desire to go shopping for a pretty new gun every time the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

Whaaa? hypocritical hollywood personalities? what has the world come? remember, these people make more money pretending to be someone of relevance, than the people that really are someone of relevance.

Anonymous said...

what a shame you don't have to take an IQ test to be an actor.

it's coming whether we want it or not, so let's just do it,and finish it once and for all.

and please don't forget that the 1st amendment gives US the right to fire this government,and start a new one. what did you think the second amendment was for? why else would they want the guns? do you seriously think that all of a sudden they care about us?
the end of the story is the same,if we give them the guns or not.they want our lives and everything we have.

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Fashion News said...

This is a “public service announcement”, paid for with tax money? Talk about being forced to dig our own graves. We should start building gallows and guillotines.

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