Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Become a Second Amendment Activist

Earl Griffin, Contributor
Activist Post

The holidays are winding down. Soon the New Year will have come and gone.

You are a responsible, lawful, and law abiding gun owner.

As the year winds down and the President’s second term is about to begin you are perhaps feeling anxious. You know all too well that President Obama, and his henchmen – the Democrats in Congress and the Mainstream Media want to disarm you. For most of his first term they waited patiently, knowing he would lose his re-election if he made a move to early.

Now though things are different.

Now the Left want your guns.

They’ve always wanted your guns.

However now even people like Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, appear to have joined the gun grabbers.

Who can you trust if both the left and the right want to curtail your liberty?

2013 looms a few days away. You can bet that there will be a massive push to get your guns. What will you do? Will you cower in your bunker or fortress until they really do pry them from your cold dead hands?

Or will you start speaking out – now?

What are you doing to push back against those who, even as I write this, are actively organizing to disarm you?

Being a patriot is all well and good. Being a prepared patriot is even better. Being a patriot who plans for the worst but hopes and works for the best, is best of all!

Are you bragging to your friends about the terrible things you will do to anyone foolish enough to come after what’s yours, or are you actually doing something worthwhile?

Do your elected officials know where you stand on the right to bear arms? Have you made donations to put your money where your mouth is? Money talks – don’t doubt it. You can be angry about the corruption of money and politics all you want but it doesn’t change the facts – money talks. What are you doing with yours? Start making strategic political contributions and you may be startled by just how closely your elected officials will listen to you.

Are you giving financial support to lobbying organizations who represent your values to Congress? Giving money is a great way to support them. Volunteering is another great way to help out. Time and money are required to make things happen. If you have one but not the other then give what you have. If you have both time and money by all means give both!

Are you talking to your friends, family, and associates about the importance of the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution? Do they understand that the 2nd Amendment is the guarantor of the Bill of Rights?

Not everyone is necessarily eloquent. May I suggest that talk of “when they pry them from my cold dead fingers,” is wonderfully symbolic, but is not necessarily the best argument for convincing those who are willing to be convinced but not quite as committed as you are? Most people need less symbolic emotion when being convinced and more real persuasion.

How do you sound when you talk to others about the right to bear arms? Do you sound angry? How are you being perceived by those around you? When you get wound up and you are feeling particularly patriotic, what are people seeing and hearing? Do you have a gift? Are you able to inspire with your words? Or are you like most people; doing your best, but doing it clumsily?

Slow down, smile, laugh – with people not at them. Be gracious, even to those with whom you disagree.

Be patient in your efforts to educate.

Look at it this way – if you want to bring people over to your side of an argument it is usually more effective to smile, laugh and include, than it is to frown, bluster, and threaten. I’m not talking about the vitriolic gun grabbers. I am talking about those among us who are undecided on the issues we hold dear.

I have found that inviting to the range those who are curious can be a great tool in convincing the uninitiated. Treating shooting like any other wholesome outing for family and friends is a good way to win others over.

Look for those who demonstrate some interest in firearms or shooting and engage them in light conversation. You may be surprised where that conversation leads.

Do you like bumper stickers? Maybe you have some on your vehicle. Are they the “Keep honking I’m reloading,” kind or are they the “Proud parent of a sharpshooter,” kind?

Think about it.

Lawful, law abiding firearms enthusiasts are faced with opposition that is well funded, organized, and committed. They have the support of the media. They have the support of the White House. We have to work harder than ever before if we are to stand firm in the face of those who want to roll back liberty and impose tyranny.

What do we have?

We have guns for one. Never doubt the power of that. America was founded on the right of the individual to bear arms – not for hunting but to protect the individual from the tyranny of government.

May I suggest though that we have better weapons than guns for the purpose of protecting the 2nd Amendment?

1. Money – start buying influence with your elected officials. I am not interested in debating about the corruption of the political system – I know all too well that it is disgustingly corrupt. This is the system we have. Work it!

2. Influence – Buying influence is well and good, but the influence you have with those you know is even more valuable. Reach out to family, friends, and associates and help them develop an interest in shooting as a wholesome sport.

3. Lobbying – support your 2nd Amendment lobby of choice with both money and your time.

4. Can you write? If so start writing. Can you speak? Start speaking. Perhaps you can’t write or speak but you can support those who can and do.

5. Become a 2nd Amendment activist. Engage in peaceful protest. Write, call, and email your national, state, and local officials. May I suggest that your local sheriff is particularly important? Did you know that the sheriff is an elected official? Not everyone – especially those who live in cities may realize this. Your local sheriff can be a tyrant, or can be very important in helping to protect your rights. Having the right sheriff in place is critically important.

6. Tip O’Neil said, “All politics is local.” He was right! Are you engaged in your local politics? Who is your County Judge, who are the County Commissioners? Do your local leaders support your right to bear arms? Are you working to see that you have local officials in place who support your rights?

7. Do you participate with any local civic organizations? Do they know how important the 2nd Amendment is to you?

8. This is important – are you working with this generation of young people? My dad took me hunting. He taught me to shoot. He taught me to care for my firearms. He taught me to respect the power they hold. He taught me to value life. I didn’t learn these things from a video game console – I learned them from my dad, my mom, and my grandparents. They spent time with me. They played with me. They worked beside me. They taught me. Who are you teaching? What are you teaching them?

We live in troubling times.

You are a responsible, lawful, and law abiding gun owner. What are you doing to ensure that you remain so?

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Anonymous said...

The left, the evil left and the media want your guns. Even one notable right winger Murdoch joined the left and will help them steal your guns.

Most of the readership here fully understand that the Democrat vs. Republican left/right battles serve ONLY our rulers. Our fascist rulers who laugh at the poor little people on both sides as they fight each other instead of looking up at the oligarchs who are responsible for it all.
This article will be really really really helpful to our fascist rulers, as it does a great job of stoking the phony left right battles that have been used against us for decades.
Very sad to see such divisive misleading crap here. Too much of it lately, way too much.

Anonymous said...

may gun owners do not see how the new anti gun forces are a real threat not to be taken lightly, if we wish to keep our gun rights we need to work to solve this. This article speaks the truth about speaking softly to show others we are sensible people who enjoy sport shooting, out doors and hunting that we are not wackoo's. If we don't speak up all our representives will hear is the anti gun voice. We need to help join forces with anti gun forces to find solutions to help stop the violence that we have seen while preserving or right. We are brothers, fathers, uncles, sons and we want a safe world for our children to. Its up to us to help find things we can work with. Gun safes, secure room or lock boxes should be manditory and better background check is a good place to start, to many of our guns end up stolen and end up hurting people we all care about.

Gil said...

Actually, yes, the 2A wasn't about owning guns for self-defence, hunting and target shooting but for creating well-regulated militias. Thus who say they have the right to own a gun outside of a militia have only the second half of the 2A.

On the other hand, the militias are there to be another line of defence for the government where by they can be called up in times of insurrection and rebellion, i.e. shoot and kill U.S. citizens. Considering militias have been called up to suppress strikes where they have turned their arms against people (e.g. the Ludlow Strike) shows they're hardly the bastion of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Become a primitive cromagnon fundamentalist wanker, it would be more appropriate

canobs said...

In the 2A era, no army or police but militias armed with muzzle loader muskets taking more than a minute to load for a second shot__Nowadays, firearms can easily fire more than a hundred rounds a minute, there are restrictions for hunting firearms not to instinct animals, but none to serial kill humans even if we now have police and army

Anonymous said...

The Second Amendment is confusing in part because it is ungrammatical. Why would brilliant thinkers and wordsmiths such as Madision, Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton and so many others sign such an ungrammatical Amendment into fundamental law?

They didn't. This a Library of Congress image of the Amendments:

Given what a few of the signers said in other writings, the intent of the Second Amendment is to serve as a check on a potentially overreaching, overbearing Federal government, which at the time had the authority to order out the Militia (America's only army at the time) and suppress the citizen populace. The Founders wanted to assure the people that this would not happen unless they let it, that the rights ennumerated in the First Amendment could be protected by the right stipulated in the Second.

You think the Framers weren't covering their asses with a populace which had just kicked a military police force back across the Atlantic? The Third Amendment assures us that the government won't billet soldiers in private homes, like the British did. That's government-controlled Militia soldiers, they're talking about.

The very first shots of the Revolution were fired over the government's attempt to confiscate civilian firearms. The Founders would have to've been insane to think they could tell people the could only keep their guns if they joined the army.

In three separate cases--in 2008, 2010, and 2011--the Supreme Court upheld the interpretation of the Second Amendment as an INDIVIDUAL right, as opposed to a "collective" one.

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