Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are calls for stricter gun laws really about guns?

Fox19 News, Weather

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rlarew1 said...

Very well said.

Rick,Missoula, Montana

David Staats said...

right on...but the gun-ban folks only want to ban gun's....they don't care if it is right or wrong. u think they will ban alcohol?......don't think so, what would all the greedy politicians drink after they pass another law that takes away more of our rights. Wonder how many of them have CCW's? I know the witch in California(who wrote the gun ban) has one. hmmmmm, wonder why that is, if she wants to ban them. Do as I say, not as I do. Enough is enough. We should have the same arms the military has to protect our self from government tyranny. I am a veteran and I am trained with these types of weapons, all though we do not have fully automatic, I like my semi-auto. I think I have a right to choose what weapon I want. I gave my life to the military and think I have earned it. Another question....why don't we get mad at the drug companies/doctors for drugging our kids, inaccurately I might add. We used to buy guns from catalogs, no FFL's needed. Why and how did that change? How come the president isn't getting impeached for the Gun-Running in Mexico. (Clinton did and he just had an affair. Geeeesh!) It was on his watch and you mean to tell me he didn't know? More than 1 person knew about it. I am sure it took many people to plan this and to execute it, but only 1 person's name came up and got in trouble. What about the others? I guess I am done ranting, but there are more questions to be asked before just jumping to ban things that are very useful in this country.

Co-opted Confederate said...

It never was about the guns its about the control. Just stop and think for a moment: What would Sara Brady and all the Anti gun creeps have been doing all these years had Hinkley used a Ford LTD or a baseball bat to try and assinate Regan and rendered her husband in the same condition. Or what would LBJ and Chief Justice Warren have done had Lee Harvy Oswald used a Mack truk or a butcher knife and to kill JFK with it. Or would there be a guncontrol act of 1968 if Sirhan Sirhan had assinated Bobby Kennedy with a dodge Polara or sharpened pencil.

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