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Agenda Driven News

Anthony Freda Art
Paul Craig Roberts, Contributor
Activist Post

I have known for a long time that US news is agenda-driven. Tonight (December 18) I was made aware of the extent to which agenda-driven US news drives the news of the rest of the world.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Russia Today Moscow requested a live TV interview via Skype about the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings that killed 20 young children and several adults. I was interested to know what was Moscow’s interest in the shootings, and I agreed to the interview.

I was surprised to see that RT Moscow’s interest was to spread the official US story of the shootings and to ask me if I thought “assault weapons” would be banned as a consequence.

Many things can be an assault weapon. A baseball bat, a knife, a fist, a foot, a single shot .22 rifle, a double-barrel shotgun, a fireplace poker, a six-shot revolver, a brick, a sword, a bow and arrow, a lance. A person can add many items to this short list.

Gun-control advocates have defined “assault weapon” to be a semi-automatic civilian version of military weapons, such as AR-15, the civilian version of the military M-16, and AK-47. During the Clinton administration the civilian version of these weapons was not permitted to have various harmless features because the features made the rifles have a military appearance, and the weapons were restricted to magazines that held no more than ten rounds.

Today 20 and 30 round magazines are available. For a professional, the capacity of the magazines is immaterial. With experience a person can change clips in a second. A button is pushed, the clip drops out and a new one is inserted. For reasons hard to follow, gun control advocates think that a ten-round clip turns an “assault weapon” into something else.

I told RT Moscow that the United States was the most compete police state in human history. Thanks to modern technology, Washington is able to spy on its subjects far beyond the capabilities of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Even George Orwell’s imagination in his dystopian novel, 1984, has been surpassed by Washington’s current practice. The “war on terror” is the excuse for the American Police State.

A police state, I said, was inconsistent with an armed population, and as all other constitutional amendments have fallen, the sole remaining amendment, the Second Amendment, will not survive much longer.

But why RT Moscow’s focus on “assault weapons”? The accused, Adam Lanza, was immediately declared guilty. According to the Associated Press, the Newtown, Connecticut medical examiner, Dr H. Wayne Carver said that “all the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting were killed up close by multiple rifle shots.” (Source)

Yet Fox News reports that,
 A CNN reporter said police recovered three weapons at the scene: a Glock and a Sig-Sauer, which are handguns, as well as a .223 Bushmaster rifle. The rifle was in the back seat of the car the gunman drove to the school, the handguns were inside the school.
The same Fox News report says:
Security measures implemented this year at Sandy Hook [the school] kept doors locked during class hours, and people have to be buzzed in before entering. There is a camera to view whoever enters the building.
If this report is correct, how did an armed Lanza gain entry to the school?

I tried to point out to RT Moscow that these news reports indicate that the accused dead gunman, whom no one can interrogate, if he is indeed the culprit, killed the children with handguns, not with an “assault rifle” left in the car, but that the medical examiner said the children were killed with rifle shots.

The discrepancy is obvious. Either the news reports are incorrect, the medical examiner is wrong, or someone other than Adam Lanza shot the children.

This was too much for RT Moscow’s news anchor. She cut me off with her statement that the children were dead by whatever gun. Yet, the focus of the program was on “assault rifles.” This focus was reinforced when I was asked to stay online for a post-interview question.

The question from RT Moscow was whether I thought assault weapons would be banned. I answered that I thought all guns would be banned. I had already told the TV anchor that I thought that all guns would be taken away from US subjects, but that I doubted the efficacy of the ban. I told the news anchor that during the early part of the 20th century, the US, in all its wisdom, had a ban on alcohol, but alcohol was everywhere available. The alcohol ban was the origin of the crime syndicates’ fortunes.

Today we have the drug ban, going back decades. The result is that drugs are everywhere, and drug syndicates are making billions. It will not be much different with a gun ban. England has a gun ban, but criminals have guns, and today the formerly unarmed British police are heavily armed. When I lived in England, guns were not banned and the police carried nightsticks, not firearms.

The focus on “assault weapons” is puzzling for another reason. According to news reports Lanza had a personality or mental disorder, or perhaps he was just different.

Regardless, he was on medication. So does the blame lie with guns or with medication?

As the agenda is to ban guns, the blame is placed on guns.

In the previous mass shooting at the Colorado movie theater, eyewitness accounts differed from the official account, and according to news accounts the suspect was involved with the government in some sort of mind control experiments and was found after the shooting sitting in a car in the movie theater parking lot.

Similarly, the Connecticut school shooting has puzzling aspects. In the real-time report to the police, a teacher says that she saw “two shadows running past the gym.” The police radio recording also reports two men in a van at the school stopped and detained, and various news sources report that the police arrested a man in the nearby woods. The man says, “I didn’t do it,” but how would a man out in the woods know what had just happened? There are no TVs to watch in the woods; yet, the man denied doing the shooting. Very strange.

What often happens is that there are a number of initial false reports, such as in the Connecticut case the report that Lanza’s mother was a teacher at the school and was killed at the school, that Lanza had also killed his father, and that Lanza’s brother might have been involved. Any discrepancies in the official story then get thrown out with the false reports. As the media simply goes along with the official story and does not investigate, it is impossible to know what really happened. People just accept the official story.

It seems odd, however, that RT Moscow would uncritically follow the US media in reporting the official story after experiencing, for example, the US media’s intentional misreporting of the Georgian-Russian war, which was started by the former Soviet republic of Georgia but blamed on Russia. Does RT Moscow really believe the US media that the US missile bases surrounding Russia are directed at Iran?

Americans have been well armed for several centuries, but “gun violence” is new. Why?

Are there more disturbed people? More medicated people? Have Americans lost self-control, their moral conscience? Are Americans being molded by violent movies and video games and by eleven years of their government’s slaughter of other peoples? Have Americans lost empathy for others?

Tom McNamara, a lecturer at the French National Military Academy, asks: “Do Arabs Cry For Their Children Too?” (Source)

The Connecticut school shooting is a tragedy in more ways than one. Children lost their lives, families lost their children, and the tragedy is being used to disarm Americans faced with a police state growing in power and menace.

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.


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Anonymous said...

Looking at this all from a non-conspiracy point of view it does make sense that both the U.S government and the Russian government want to disarm American citizens.

The prospect of war between Russia and the U.S is very real in the not so distant future and with the possibility of a land invasion involved, so having as few heavily armed Americans as possible to deal with would be good for Russia.

And the U.S did attempt to disarm Americans before WWII as well in order to reduce the risk of foreign sponsored rebellions/resistance being mounted against the U.S government during the war.

So disarming the American citizenry is in the interests of both the U.S and Russian governments just facing the possibility of war, if not actually planning for it outright.


Anonymous said...

Put the blame where belongs, big phama & their lobbyist who buy off congress to push deadly drugs that have made people lose the ablity to reguard life as perious & holleywood & the gamers who think killing in a game or the use of drones to kill is right, guns dont kill corporations & governments do!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Russian support for official story is odd, but maybe it just fits their own agenda?

As PCR point outs, guns have been with us but the level and type of violence is new, perhaps only presaged by the mass shootings after Vietnam characterized as "going postal."

PCR asks, "What is different?" What is not different? Our culture is no longer optimistic after being worn down by economic oppression for decades. Entertainment debases. News is a propaganda show. We are constantly taught to hate each other, our history and our culture - in other words to hate ourselves - from left or right makes no real difference.

And then there are the wars. The destruction of our national pride in the Constitution and freedom via representative government debased by torture, surveillance, and endless war with endless rationales. The absurd election theatrics and fake candidate choices, a government incapable of doing anything to help ordinary people, having committed itself to purchased interests only.

This inability to work in the greater interest is clearly expressed in the approval of psychiatric drugs that may do more harm than good. (Drugs advertised on "news" shows that omit that aspect.) Drug profits are deemed more important than mental health, education, or jobs - just a few aspects of a healthy society that might produce more pursuit of happiness and less public suicide.

I don't know what to think of the alleged inconsistencies in the official story. I'm one conspiracy theory over caring anymore. All I do know is to keep an eye on whose agenda sprouts wings. I have no doubt that conservatives like PCR are going to fight over any perception that government is going to take their guns, as people have good reason to fear the government. I also have no doubt that liberals see a clear necessity to at least limit the guns that can do maximum damage. There could be a reasonable middle ground between the two sides. Is that what we will get, or will passions be inflamed and some other agenda gets to not let the crisis go to waste?

I hope to see the day when the people's interests are finally put back on Washington's table. We need real steps taken to improve the quality of people's lives via economic and foreign policy decisions, as well as a public marketplace of ideas that values decency, kindness and shared commitment to best outcomes in our common fate.

The now-revealed agenda of supra-nationalism has had at its foundation the aim of weakening and ultimately destroying nationalism. The flaw in that was that nationalism is synonymous with self interest. Any shrink can tell you that healthy self interest in vital. Supra-nationalists have destroyed the one without having had to accurately define the replacement. Somehow, I don't think Goldman Sachs supremacy is going to prove as inspiration to humankind as building pyramids or cathedrals was for prior generations of peons.

Anonymous said...

In the Washington Post photographs of the crime scene after the Colorado movie theater shootings, one of the items labeled in the photo is a gas mask, at the end of the theater building. The car where Holmes was picked up is many yards away. Did he run down to the end of the building, drop his gas mask, and come back to his car?

Some reports say Holmes was apprehended in his car, still wearing a gas mask.

I am looking forward to the explanation of the distant, or second, gas mask. Of course, if Holmes is declared insane, he will never be tried, and we will never know.

Anonymous said...

Russia, with ex KGB (once KGB, always KGB, just like our CIA) Putin at the helm is just like the USA.

Fully subservient to New World Order goals and efforts, both Russia and the USA have treasonous governments who work to defeat and enslave their own people. Any notion of real conflict between the two is laughable.....unless enough gullible fools believe it, then it is just one more fear card that can be used to advance the cause of fascism.

Back in the cold war era, it was the Wall street banking cartels who provided every dollar that built and maintained the USSR. Back then the terrifying news coverage of nuclear war drove dumb people to support our military industrial complex above our own needs.
Today, the same fake fights (think Democrats and Republicans) are used to terrify the citizens of both nations to accept fascism.

Guns, Hollywood swine, violent video games, and big pharma are ALL partially guilty over the epidemic of mass murders in the USA.
The vermin from each of these (connected) industries always blame the other ones and slither around the obvious issue of their own GUILT. Reprehensible behavior.

Anonymous said...

China also supports taking US citizen's guns.
Totalitarians think alike.

Anonymous said...

If rifle casings were found at the scene, and it appears as if they were, then the 'patsy' wasn't the culprit. And we can never rule out Israeli revenge. Afterall, Israel did 911.

Anonymous said...

"Back in the cold war era, it was the Wall street banking cartels who provided every dollar that built and maintained the USSR."

Agreed, I was on a tirade about that in another post here the other day.

My post was simply saying that even from a perspective ignoring their NWO collusion both the U.S.A and Russia have reason to want to disarm American citizens.

The conflict in Syria is escalating quickly now and the planned WW3 is soon to be unleashed, technically it already started a while ago by proxy.

Iran's Chief of Staff already stated back on December 15th that the Patriot missiles in Turkey(and Qatar, UAE, Bahrain...) aimed at both Syria and Iran(and by proxy Russia) were "setting the stage for world war".

And "stage" is the appropriate term, as it's all just a big show that has been scripted for a long time now.

I really do hope I am wrong about the actual war, but the increasing militarization lately clearly shows that most or all of the players in this game are not interested in peace to say the least.

Peace (hopefully),

Anonymous said...

This is the question we should be asking:

How are the Adam Lanzas any different than the drone jockeys we call heroes when they kill children in other countries?

Anonymous said...

"How are the Adam Lanzas any different than the drone jockeys we call heroes when they kill children in other countries?"

That's an easy question to answer - Propaganda.


STOCK said...


Anonymous said...

When The Dark Night Rises shooting happened that wasn't enough for them to make an excuse on gun bans, so they up to the ante and created a murder where young kinds are murdered.

This gains the sympathy they need to put there plan into action.

At the same time they murder children all over the world. This is a problem with Nationalism, the whole God Bless the America Crap!

you can view this as The Gov is evil congress the senate there all in the same pocket of a shadow group. Israel Politics are behind it yes. But that doesn't make Israel people evil.

There is a psychology involved which is divide and conquer, create paranoia and shadow enemies.

The whole war on terror as an excuse to take away peoples rights to increase security yet at the same time make security lax before an event like Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

They asked who's to blame. The answer: no one is to blame without a comprehensive investigation of what happened.

No friend of Roberts, Webster Tarpley, has stated George Soros agendas are now hosted on RT. No idea why they'd go down this road but it seems like anyone does.

Anonymous said...

i am most interested in the connections between all acts of terrorism including provocateurs because terror itself seems to be the agenda. when we speak of propaganda and mind control, let us not forget that trance formation has been an art and science for a long time, in that individuals can function like drones. suicidal missions are not always undertaken by conscious martyrs, and destabilizing a population, massacres, and human trafficking benefit ivestors. by the way, we all are guinea pigs when we pop a new pill. and i prefer broccoli.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Roberts, I think to an extent the interviewer intervened with what she felt was the salient point to keep the interview moving, as you were dragging things out by going into unnecessary detail such as the AP reporters' names, etc. Had you made your points more quickly, she may well have followed them up. As it was, she referred back to what she felt was the important point to keep driving the interview forward. I've seen it done many times. Yes, sometimes its in order to push the interviewer's agenda, but I'm not sure that was her prime concern here. In these brief interviews you need to make your points as quickly as possible. It's just the nature of the medium.

Anonymous said...

I should add that even if she did have a gun-control agenda, it would still help if you had made your points more quickly. I admire your writing, Sir. I'm just trying to be helpful.

Anglo Saxon said...

In reply to STOCK who commented earlier (see above) I would say he is correct.

I am English, and during the past 8 years I have fully awoken. England (or alternatively, the larger entity known as "Britain") has been under the control of non-indigenous persons since the English Civil War, culminating with the arrival of William of Orange and then the establishment of the Bank of England.

The depth of ignorance amongst the British populace is astonishing. Even today, many will insist Winston Churchill should be seen as one of that country's greatest ... yet he was a warmonger working for International Jewish financiers, a war criminal who authorized the insane fire-bombing of Europe's finest city (Dresden), an alcoholic who was swigging fine whisky in his underground bunker even while British troops were dying in North Africa and SE Asia, and the son of a Syphilitic Father and Whore-Jewish Mother.

You just have to closely study the faces of David (the closet homosexual) Cameron and Tony (the closet homosexual) Blair to see that we are being governed by "very different personages" to what most foolishly assume.

There is no question that the USA is currently under assault from organizations based in England because (for example) the UK Telegraph newspaper launched an anti-gun ownership campaign literally within hours of the Newtown shooting being announced. The speed of its launch reminded me of the 1,000 page (or whatever!) Patriot Act being produced out of thin air within weeks of 9-11. Such speed of reactions are impossible unless there has been malice aforethought.

Stand firm Americans!! All true Englishmen are your Brothers ... it is the "Jewish Veneer" that enjoys political & economic control over that homo-obsessed country who are your (and my) enemy.

Anonymous said...

I just left RT's YouTube channel, and they had posted a news piece about gun control. Reading through all the comments posted beneath the video, one will see many people questioning RTs committment to disarming America. It's very noticable.

Anglo Saxon said...

Following on from my (just posted) link to Piers Morgan's failed attempt, on CNN, to publicly and rudely berate a senior representative of the Pro-Gun Lobby (GOA's Mr. Larry Pratt) here is some background info on this creep from "Rothschild country".

His real & full name is: Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born 30 March 1965). He is known as a journalist and television show host.

Morgan is a former winner of The Celebrity Apprentice, which means he knows how to "brown nose" ... and with great aplomb.

In the United Kingdom he worked as a writer and editor for several newspapers, including The Sun, News of the World, and Daily Mirror. These three newspaper titles are collectively known in Britain as the "gutter press".

In 1994, aged 28, he was appointed editor of News of the World by Rupert Murdoch, becoming the youngest national newspaper editor in more than half a century. Rupert Murdoch? Here we go again!

In 1996, while editor of the Daily Mirror, Morgan was widely criticised and forced to apologise for the headline "Achtung! Surrender" ... published a day before England met Germany in a semi-final of the Euro '96 football championships. So, the Zionist origins of his mindset were made clear early on in his so-called "career".

PJ London said...

Now the real Obama will step forward. He does not need Laws, he will use executive orders to get what he wants.
In the UK, there are as many deaths by guns as before the ban, there are as many attacks with knives as before the ban, this is not about your safety, or they would be like Switzerland and insist on every able-bodied male be trained and have on hand, a "Assault Rifle" provided by the government.
Investigate Dunblane, investigate Port Arthur, your guns are gone!
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

There's A Monster In Marvin

Kristina Luce

"For The Children" said...


*Ruby Ridge (religion, "illegal" guns & dead children, new laws), apparently wasn't big enough.

*WACO (religion, "illegal" guns and MORE dead children, new laws). Allegedly led to:

*OK CITY (ex-military, BOMBS, guns and MORE dead children, new laws), Timothy McVeigh (home-grown patsy OR 'agent'?) allegedly "lone gunman".

*WTC BOMBING 1993 = FAILed attempt by FBI to create mass-casualties with "fake" bomb and blame it on patsy Arabs. Damn, no excuse for new laws, but will try anyway.

*New militias forming and massive gun sales by the public. Weapons manufacturers happy with increased profits. Profiling of "home-grown terrorists."

*Middle-East Wars ramped up. Guns/Weapons for oil.

*Increased recreational use of home-grown Cannabis... CIA/FBI/DEA/FDA bump up import/production of hardcore "illegal" and prescription drugs... more guns in the hands of street gangs. New laws obviously needed.

*Police State Rising.

*Education budgets cut and curriculum made "fair" (bell curve stupidity).

*Bottom of the barrel "Representatives" with major "skeletons" overtake Washington, sponsored by deep-pocket CORPORATIONS and FOREIGNERS.

*Pork-barrel spending, special interest groups, and nepotism on the rise.

*MSM propaganda now controlled by Washington and Corporations. FASCISM taking over.

*The Medical Industrial Complex becomes the #1 killer of all time, surpassing all other causes of death (combined).

*9/11/2001 OH, THE HUMANITY!!!
Al-Qaeda = database of Mujaheddin "freedom-fighters, radicalized by Carter/Reagan/Bush.
(Planes, BOMBS, WMD's, "Act of War").
RADICAL and DRACONIAN new laws passed but given an Orwellian name for easier digestion by gullible sheep (PATRIOT ACT). Perpetual War!!!


*Orwell's vision was wrong. The psychopaths are running the asylum and hell-bent on killing all of the "good ones" and enslaving the dumbed-down masses.

*16 or more US soldiers commit suicide EVERY day. Many more have lost limbs, brain damage, PTSD, "strange" diseases (radiation, D.U., white phosphorous) and more. And those are the "lucky" ones who lived. "Doctors" say to give them psychotropic "anti-depressants". Congress wants their GUNS once their home (can't have "crazy" soldiers running rampant).

*Teenagers who were allegedly "bullied", had "psychological issues", and were on FDA-approved "anti-depressants" manage to get heavy-calibre military firearms, bullet-proof vests and other tactical assault gear, and then kill numerous kids and teachers in a precise and methodical manner before committing "suicide."

*Principalities and Powers demand a FAST & FURIOUS response to this madness. The MSM "like, totally!" agrees and spews more rhetoric about how guns are sooo dangerous and bullying is just sooo mean. Hugs and kisses are demanded at the beginning of each school day (fondling is optional).

*Forget the collapse of the economy, illegal wars, nukes, treason, tyranny, global pollution, mass-extinction and the end of the world as we know it... we gotta save the children from SMALL ARMS!!!



I need a nap. Night, night America.

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