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10 Predictions for 2013

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This past year, 2012, was an eventful year. We had another Olympics, a U.S. presidential election, the warmest year on record, and lived through the Mayan apocalypse. However, many things did not occur that many of the trend seers predicted, especially dramatic events that made the boldest predictions.

As we enter 2013, time itself seems to be speeding up or condensing to make the potential for dramatic events more likely. Tipping points appear to have been breached on many fronts, and what waits on the other side is difficult to know.

But let’s break out the crystal ball here and make some bold predictions for 2013.

These predictions weren’t acquired by some esoteric powers to see the future; rather they’re derived from riding the current wave of information and guessing where that flow may lead. They may seem bold to some, while the most aware readers may recognize them as foregone conclusions.

So without further ado, here are our top 10 predictions for 2013:

1. Stock market decline: Many economic forecasters have been predicting a stock market crash every year since the financial crisis of 2008. Yet, it has remained strong and even hit a 3-year high in September, 2012. There are many false reasons for this strength that don’t have to do with real economic growth; devalued dollars, cheap money for Wall Street banks, corporations hoarding cash and investments, etc. It’s a false bull market. That is why we feel comfortable predicting a significant decline in the stock market during 2013.

The real economy has been papered over for decades, but the numbers in the false economy can no longer dam the wave of reality. Endless quantitative easing, a quadrillion in world derivatives, over-extended personal debt, lowest ever percentage of the population working, and increased social burden of record food stamps and other programs will finally burst the dam in 2013.

The Baltic Dry index, which is believed to be the best indicator of our consumer economy, suffered a dramatic loss in December. Some say a new recession is already here and the stock market will soon reflect that with a crash in 2013.  Look for the Dow Jones to dip below the 10K mark (around 30% or more) next year.

2. Precious metals rise over 50%: Using the same data points as the previous prediction, we predict gold and silver to rise at least 50%. 

As the mass exodus from the stock market and other paper investments takes place, individual and institutional investors will start a new gold rush. Indeed, this is already happening.

Central banks around the world are snatching up new gold and moving to secure their foreign gold, while investment titans like George Soros have been increasing their positions where they previously denounced gold as a viable investment.

3. Schools start to install body scanners: Since these recent shootings actually resulted in horrific deaths of innocent people including children, the public is scared enough to accept just about anything. So we predict naked body scanners will begin to appear in schools and other public venues in 2013.  There are several reasons for this prediction. The public is clamoring for protection and many inner-city schools already have metal detectors, so the upgrade will be acceptable if not preferred in suburban areas.

Next, the body scanner companies who lobby the government need more customers, and they usually get what they want. And, finally, the authorities love to remove our rights in the name of security, making this move a no-brainer.

4. European Union announces central Treasury: The Eurozone debt crisis will once again flare up particularly within the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), as well as in new countries. Instead of resorting to constantly increasing their “rescue fund” to bail out ailing European nations, the European Central Bank announced unlimited bond purchasing of any member state in need this September. This action of issuing new debt-based money for the sole purpose of buying debt has become known as quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. The EU has repeatedly stated the need to form a central Treasury that has the power to collect direct taxes from member states, essentially turning the Eurozone into the United States of Europe. Look for this to come into reality in 2013 with possibly the first EU president elected as well.

5. Marijuana legalization sweeps America and the world: After Colorado and Washington voters proved it can be done, marijuana legalization is an idea whose time has finally come. No amount of fear mongering or lies will stop its liberation now. Although 15 states have decriminalized marijuana possession, along with 18 states with legal medical cannabis, this past election will be viewed as the tipping point in the full-scale legalization of weed. The ripple effects are already traveling quickly as at least 7 more states are considering legalization. Meanwhile, Mexico is reconsidering its war on weed and Uruguay is already designing its regulatory rules for legalization, which will make it the first country with full legalization.  Expect 2013 and beyond for marijuana legalization to be a foregone conclusion with anyone standing in the way looking extremely foolish.

6. Major cyber attack hits America: All governments and many large corporations want to put more controls on the Internet. However, the general population does not want to see their beloved Internet change, so there must be an event that sways the public to believe that Internet “security” is a priority. This can’t just be some minor attack that hits a small business sector. It would have to be something that inflicts pain on the public; perhaps an extended Internet outage or electric grid crash that’s blamed on cyber terrorists would do the trick.

Many officials have been predicting a cyber 9/11 or “Pearl Harbor” event for some time, claiming it’s not a matter of if but when. That “when” will be 2013. Major antivirus companies such as McAfee are also warning of just such an event in 2013, labeled Project Blitzkrieg. And just like prior to 9/11, there is freedom-crushing legislation sitting on the shelf just waiting to be enacted if a cyber version of 9/11 were to take place.

The level playing field of information on the Internet poses a huge threat to all regimes and their puppet media corporations around the world. They can’t wait much longer before putting a stop to the free flow of information; therefore, this attack will be a classic false flag operation. Mark it down, this will happen in 2013.

7. Syria’s Assad is toppled: Many pundits predicted this would have happened already, but without a NATO no-fly zone (aka massive air strikes on Assad in a Libya-style destruction) the ragtag rebels have proven to be no match for the Syrian government thus far.

However, we have seen that when there is full-scale commitment by NATO, as with Libya, it's virtually guaranteed. Since the West has increased their support of the Jihadist rebels with training, arms, money, and Patriot missiles in Turkey, their commitment is clear.

Furthermore, the UN has warned of sectarian genocide, and U.S. officials have clearly stated the ultimate line in the sand: Assad's use of chemical weapons. As if on cue, PressTV and Fars News are reporting that militants have indeed used chemical weapons. Whether or not this particular event is confirmed, expect it to happen at some point in 2013 to be spun as justification to take out the Assad regime -- it's been in the cards for years.

8. West attacks Iran, starts WW3: The toppling of Syria will leave Iran as the only nation in the Middle East not controlled by the West. Besides having vast oil reserves, Iran also has the last strategic public central bank not run by the international banking cartel -- and they want it. It is the endgame written about by many think tanks.

The war with Iran has been years in the making and has already technically begun with crippling economic sanctions and strategic military bases surrounding it. Indeed, World War 3 already began as well when America invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, but this decade-plus-long war is about to get much more intense. Additionally, the establishment will need a distraction from the economic crisis of 2013, and only a large new war will effectively serve that purpose.

The West has been goading Iran into an attack for years to justify further aggression. Iran, to their credit, has failed to take the bait. But once Syria falls, the full force of pressure will become too much for Iran to bear and they’ll be forced to defend themselves. The West will portray it as aggression against them and launch their attack. The question will be how other super powers like China and Russia react to this aggression against their ally?

9. Food and oil prices break records, again: This might have the highest guarantee of coming true, since it is mathematically impossible for it not to in an era of unlimited money creation, expanding conflicts in oil regions, and record demand but unstable climates for food production. Some food and commodity prices set new record highs in 2012, while oil is still chasing its 2008 high of $147/bbl.

First, let’s look at oil since it is also a major contributor to the price of food. Oil will have conflicting price pressures in 2013. There will be reduced demand due to a sharp economic downturn, but that will be more than offset by the devalued petrodollar and the fallout of regional conflicts. We predict oil will soar past its previous high to over $150/bbl.

This high price of oil will cause food prices to rise significantly since industrial agriculture is utterly dependent on oil from plowing, fertilizing, pesticides, harvesting, processing, to transport. Couple this very real cost to the rush away from stocks into more tangible assets like commodities that are also traded in rapidly devaluing dollars. This speculation will lead to much higher food prices. Throw in more extreme weather, and we have a recipe for a major food crisis. Food will hit new all-time highs in 2013.

Average citizens will spend a much higher percentage of their salaries on food in 2013 which will put further pressure on the rest of economic output. Most extremely, a large portion of the population may realize starvation for the first time in their lives. Certainly, we can expect food stamp usage to explode even faster than it has in the last five years.

On the upside, bulk food will be one of the best investments for 2013.

10. More extreme weather and earth changes: Extreme weather appears to be the new norm. In 2012 we saw the warmest year on record, record droughts in America’s bread basket, and an odd super storm Hurricane Sandy which still has thousands without power more than two months later. However, the jury is still out on what’s causing our extreme weather. Since the climates appear to be changing on all of the celestial bodies in our solar system, it seems unlikely that increased CO2 is the primary cause of climate change.

Many experts point to the rapidly shifting North Pole and the sun’s awakening to a new solar maximum as major contributors to our changing climate. And speaking of celestial weather, two great comets will appear in 2013 close to Earth whose impact on our weather, if any, is impossible to predict. Additionally, it appears that the Ring of Fire is awakening with increased earthquake and volcanic activity.

For 2013, we predict more super storms starting with winter storms that will now be named for the first time, and an even bigger increase in earthquake activity, and more devastating crop damage.

Many of these predictions seem negative and scary, but with awareness of their possible outcomes, one can prepare and position themselves to survive and even thrive under conditions which might seem horrific. It is also never to late to reach out to your local community by sharing information in a positive way, and encourage discussion of strategies for enhancing local resistance to larger global events.

Tell us your own predictions for 2013 in the comments section below.

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Anonymous said...

That's a well balanced and thoughtful look ahead.

I believe we might add to it the likelyhood that more despotic bankers, lechorous media operators and corporate/political manipulators will be exposed and forced to stand trial for their often flagrant misdeeds.

Political parties representing 'the people' will gain in popularity and Chemtrails and GMO will become major targets for activist actions that will link these activities to deliberate acts of genocide.. finally forcing governments to react.

But heh ... as we develop further determination to take control of our destinies and confront reality - the change will be increasingly "up to us".


Anonymous said...

I agree...and it WILL be up to us. The fuse will lite when they try to disarm the American public. They will never relinquish their 2nd amendment which is being tested right now by the same forces the 2nd amendment was designed to thwart. This one act will plunge the US into all out civil war in which the people won't give up but will instead expose the government for who they really are. And they can't stop.

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with these predictions is that they are logical and pretty easy to see based on what's happening.

It's kind of like we are all being led in one obvious direction and not looking for the ol' switcheroo at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

You might add gun control to the list and whatever potential fallout will come from the Feds declaring scary black rifles to be illegal. This could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

#5, I wish.

#7 Tragic and true.

#8 Maybe.

#9 For sure, the food cartels are run by bankers.

#10 Yeah, HAARP is the elephant in the room, but it is hard to see with all the chemtrail haze.

#'s 1,2, 4 and 6. Along with a few other factors, this stuff is all leading us to one world currency. If not this year, soon after.

There will be no civil war.
The American people have meekly accepted total big brother surveillance including video cameras everywhere.
Invasive computer, cell phone, TV, and power utility spying technology isused against all of us, to track all of our activities.
Pat downs and check points MORE frequent and common than in Nazi Germany.
Military and police abuse of citizens and record high incarceration levels.
If the American people had any gumption or desire to revolt against this tyranny it would have happened by now. Frightened confused people go to Walmart to buy guns thinking there will be some sort of day of reckoning like in countless Hollywood movies.........never going to happen. Take this time of remaining freedom to live and be with those you love. Anything else is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

get this and watch

Paul Rowlandson said...


Anonymous said...

About the only concrete fact we have going for us (We the People, the 99%, the average Joe, etc.) is the level of arrogance that the international elites possess. It's the same kind of arrogance that the Nazis evolved to soon after they seized power. High levels of arrogance insure great and all encompassing errors. It'll take a while as the elites have created a successful shell game of debt and money printing which really doesn't have anything to do with us. Now all they do is simply create the money and avoid the middleman by placing it directly into their offshore accounts. They create money to instantly rip it off. The comeuppance of such action is definitely coming as they seem to be engorging themselves upon their own death (and certainly ours) as infrastructure everywhere begins to fall apart and become useless. Now, that's what I call arrogance. It hasn't been a left/right struggle for sometime now. It's simply a war of the wealthy on all the rest of us. They want it all and will do ANYTHING to get it. The Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis, etc. all understand this simple truth now as they stand over the graves of their loved ones who managed, for one reason or another, to get in the way of the elites' programs. I see 2013 as a BIG year of change and partial enlightenment: More and more human beings are beginning to understand that this isn't just a war for possession of what remains of our wealth; but one of eventual extermination.

Anonymous said...

One More: here's the prediction.

1. Prisons are being privatized.
2. Companies that own these prisons lobby congress to put more people in jail and keep them there. They do this with tough immigration laws, mandatory sentencing and three strikes, your out laws.
3. The 13th Amendment has an exception. Prisoners can be forced into involuntary servitude.
4. Private prison companies are building factories in jails. Prisoners are paid minimum wage of about $6/hr.
5. There is now greater economic reasons for putting people in jail for any reason. It is to make them work.
6. We haven't seen much of this yet, because even at $6/hr, prison labor does not compete with foreign labor that is paid $.50/hr.
7. If the dollar collapses, prison labor will be able to complete against foreign labor. That's when things will change. Slave labor will be in demand. And it could be you.

Anonymous said...

You can't talk about weather "changes" without discussing HAARP

Anonymous said...

This is what is going to happen: things are going to get progressively worse and nothing is going to change it. No "collapse" (the collapse is already here), more surveillance and more desperate people killing each other. More blatant repression and more uprisings and scuffles around the world including the US. But, in the end, things will be pretty much the same but with an even worse economy and more desperate people. The weather seems to be going bonkers too.

Anonymous said...

"There will be no civil war".

On the contrary, the Illuminati planned for exactly this a LONG time ago. The stage is set, all the actors are in place, all it takes is the final curtain call...

Anonymous said...

I have never seen anything that convinced me man actually has the power to control the weather on the level you Speak of. Haarp isn't real and there is no evedince no matter how many "scalar squares you point to on a digital radar. Nibiru in our solar system is the only thing that can explained the slow uptick in earthchanges and weather extremes. I suppose haarp can turn Venus and Uranus on their sides as well.

Anonymous said...

Actually if Libertarians had their way there'd be a one world currency: gold.

Anonymous said...

With all the predictions offered throughout the centuries (many I suspect driven by the elite with ulterior motives) most have not happened....or we had to have a sledge hammer to make them fit our belief in them.
You see it suits the elite to have us bowed under the weight of fear and insecurity because these ingredients undermines our ability to overcome the odds. Only clear minded concentration & determination injects the vital emotional ingredients of confidence etc.required to beat the odds.

Bringing up 5 children in the 60s, I made many predictions on their lives.
Many happened exactly as I said but many didnt as the children grew to realize their fate depended on them deciding to rethink the course of their actions.
It was up to them, their fate was in their own hands.
There were times I would see them weighing up their chances & deciding whether changing what they would dearly love to do was worth the consequences.
There were times when the clown or rebel would push his luck but this was usually because the intelligent mind weighed up conditions in the home which might keep me distracted or from finding out.

I am a great believer that we are surrounded by and immersed in a sea of vibrations that influence our whole body & mind positive and negative in nature.
The free will we often talk about, really only involves a responsibility to choose to nourish one of two vibrations Positive or Negative.
We have lots of names for each of these vibrations but these are only indicators of how we can utilize & direct them.
A few names we give to same vibrations are, Love, Peace, Harmony or Hate, violence, Disharmony but these are really only effects of either taking control of the elements or allowing elements in life control us.
Too often I hear people blaming others for how they think & feel & while I can sympathise at times, this is entirely untrue...NOONE can control how you accept WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART.

I once read from Catherine Ponders Books to bless where the trouble is coming from & ask for protection. She further said Bless a thing it will bless you, Curse a thing & it will curse you. When you place your condemnation upon anything in life it will bounce back & hurt YOU.
Back in the 60s this was garbage talk, until it occured to me to start practising the theory. Now nearly 50yrs later I am convinced that it not only changes your life for the better...It is the only way to break the power the elite have had over us for centuries.
The dirtier they behave the more vunerable they are, the more people wake up to their game.
We all know some people are harder to convince to change our habitual thinking & the longer we hang onto our ignorance the more we play into the plans of the elite and we hand over the very real power we have no idea we have, to them.

However everything takes practice to become to become expert at it. This is no different.
You can disable technology, cripple guns and things designed to harm humans or earth. Get creative, but always be mindful of the emotion you inject into what you do or it will bounce back on you. (even when your you think you are doing it to help)
You will reap of the thought seeds you sow.(or emotion you indulge in)
Make a project of what you can do within your mind to change things in the world.
We can succeed. If something you want doesnt appear to work, just say, back to the drawing board & say, THIS TOO WILL PASS.
Sometimes you may not see the effects of your great works that someone else is benfitting from, but they will.

ALL THE BEST FOR A GREAT NEW YEAR & refuse to accept the propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Awesome wisdom from Judynz.... thank you for sharing. Wow.... I love it what a blessing .. :)

Anonymous said...

My guess is that regardless of what happens in 2013, the Federal Government has only a few years to go before it collapses. The Federal Government looks very powerful now, but in reality it is committing suicide. Regardless of whatever political and legal tricks it uses to keep itself afloat, economics will catch up to it. Washington will run out of money and default before the decade is out.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain, since many places it happened the same way. Once the State can no longer finance its obligations then events like bank holidays and the resulting desperation follow. All of former Socialist Europe went through that since the early 1990s and just a few found a way to revitalize their economies. The point is, the quality of life, and the civilizational advances are lost. It takes decades for a society recover and then only in those places where the criminal clans do not reign in an absolute manner. Happened other places and will happen in the US as well. No way to prevent this economic collapse. It is the way things are. The only thing almost everyone is doing is try not to think about it and postpone it. Out of life experience, there is no absolute safe plan for the majority of people, because it would require substantial liquidity, which is in principle, impossible. 2013 will definitively be a year when many economies can no longer sustain the illusion.

Anonymous said...

The switcheroo could just be the coming of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Judynz for your clear minded concentration! I would add being totally optimistic about the evolution of numerous way to produce free energy now emerging, will be a salvation of mankind. Your summations are stunning and your hope is contagious!
Al S

ss said...

Gloomy, gloomy, gloomy - and gold.

No brainer.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Judynz.

Anonymous said...

Obama gets fired should be on the list, what a loser he is.

magistre said...

Has it occurred to anyone else that "Conneticut" and all the rest sole purpose is to get the "Public" to demand "police" in every classroom, every school?

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing/reading about cyber attacks for years. I agree with 8:01 am and want to add: all the patriots work for the last fifty some years has been in vain, wasted time and effort. Churches have failed to stand up as they are merely social clubs. America is trashed and few patriots are left now to matter.

Anonymous said...

Bet against each one of these and you will likely come out way ahead.

Anonymous said...

They want it all-all our money-us as slaves,etc. Old George Bush is sick. If his kids are as important as he thinks, why can't one of them take care of him? They do not have the brains to get through med school(or anything else requiring a deep thought!) Can't they see that eventually, this will lead to their demise? Be careful who you want to kill-they may have the intelligence to save your life. Kill them and that chance for you is gone! And this applies in physics, mathetics,etc. The 'ELITE' are not elite in any way except for inheriting a mound of money!

Patriot9878\ said...

the government might allow the city and suburb people to fight it out for a while, but they can stop it real quick with their weapons and tanks.
Many of you that can leave the USA might consider this. If you have family that live in the cities and suburbs you all might want to gather on the family farm or in the ocuntry. You will not want to rely on grocery stores. Food, clothing, head and shelter will be your main concern. You will want to be ready and be able to clear out in a moments notice. If there is another attack you will have martial law and not having to deal with the law will be good.
People will learn real quick their buddies are not going to be around. You will not want the cops to be searching your vehicles where the will find guns. With everything going on you will not get them back. If you don't have one you will want to invest in a four wheel drive van. A good used one will work nice. You can hide things back there. You hide out. Cars are useless. You'll want to trim wherever you can. If you got two homes sell one or maybe Jewish lightning will hit it.

Paula NZ said...

Unfortunately we are not gods.
Job who was righteous,probably had 'right emotive thoughts running through his mind' and yet all hell broke lose.
One of the many things I predicted inh 2005 which was the recession, happened even though so called well know prophetesses stood and declared 'this will NOT happen'.
That along with all the other things I predicted DID happen.
I am sorry to tell you that this will happen regardless of how positive you are.
It is for a reason, just as it was with Job.
Houses of cars DO fall, you cannot positvely think them to stand, no matter how much you would like to control it yourself.

Anonymous said...

I would like to also add a few more predictions per my own personal views if I could:
1) There will be more increasing weirdness like UFOs, unexplained noises, strange earth movements, weather phenomenon never before experienced and weird creatures.
2) There will be more people doing more insane things for no explainable reason.
3) The PTB (powers that be) will continue to try to lock down and control movements of people as well as implement newer more invasive methods of spying on the common man.
4) One easy prediction, shucks, and obvious: The rich will continue to get richer and the poorer will continue to get poorer.
5) Last but not least, there is a good likelihood of another serious nuclear accident because we didn't learn from the current serious disaster (Fukushima) that is slowly destroying our world little by little.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judynz for your wise words. Our power is in treating others the way we want to be treated. We are constantly creating our future of heaven or hell on earth by the emotions we direct toward others. Forgiveness and reconciliation is the only way to escape the wheel of karma for ourselves and our planet.

I am looking forward to 2013 as the beginning of a new age. I believe that we will soon see the defeat of financial tyranny by the money masters, the release of free energy technology, anti-gravity, teleportation, time travel, energetic healing and the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth -- everything we need to start a true Golden Age of peace and prosperity. I am so glad to be alive at this time and witness/experience all that has transpired. The best is yet to come with massive leaps of positive spiritual growth in humanity and a “KINdom” of abundance and peace in which we treat everyone as beloved kin folks.

Anonymous said...

I do believe the "commercialism" of prisons looms large. Soon the meaning of life may be avoiding incarceration and therefore being enslaved. However I think what is paid for US prison labor is much closer to 50 cents an hour than 6 dollars an hour, therefore much more advantageous to the corporate state.

I feel, more and more, that when I leave my home I am running the risk of being harassed/kidnapped/etc. Of course we are not safe in our homes either (although still a lot more safer than being out on the street). I also do not like being in places where there are a lot of other people for fear .gov will stage some sort of false flag killing spree in order to further their aims.

It is a little better to be Caucasian in the USA since that is the race of the ruling class, and racism is always used as a type of control - this can be seen by the fact that brown or black people are imprisoned at a much, much higher rate, percentage wise, than white people. In this respect slavery really never was abolished, only repackaged. Of course white people are much more likely to be killed in a false flag op in order to drum up more hysteria within the majority.

Michael Kinsey said...

Good job! Somethings got to give, the nutjobs planning all these wars are not infalliable. A miscalculation is bound to happen in the fog of war, as close to an absolute certainity as you can be, without being an absolute certainity. The solar kill shot ought to be considered also. That been predicted for 20 years, now.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the 5 Haarp stations and the world will go back to natural ways of healing itself.Also get rid of Chemtral they are polluting our oxygen.Nothing like clean fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Wow aren't you Mr positive. Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, "Do my thoughts impact on reality?"

Anonymous said...

Yeap, I think Anonymous, December 26, 2012 11:03 AM, has it right: the increased militarization of police departments and increased privatization of the prison system. And, given the increase in gun control laws, as well as laws of all types which will occur to some extent (currently one in 4 Americans can be found to breaking some kind of law), the USA will continue to enter its fascist phase.

Anonymous said...

We are all going to be Screwed if you don't or didn't prepare in some way or fashion! Think positive, help others in any small way, and do things to be more self-reliant epecially growing your own food. If you want to change the world you have to start with your self first! Hope for the Best and Prepare for the worst. Peace, Love, and Harmony with each other are the only way we ALL can thrive. Until people realize that WE ARE ONE things will never change.

Anonymous said...

You think that prisions pay 6.00 an hr HAHA not when I was in prision, it was more like cents an hour if they had enough jobs to go around but that was 1999...

Anonymous said...

"Extreme" weather is an Alarmist meme.
'Latest peer-reviewed studies, data & analyses undermine claims that current weather is 'unprecedented' or a 'new normal'

I have no doubt that HAARP and Chemtrails are being used to modify weather, but the fact remains, it hasn't warmed in 16 years.

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