Monday, November 19, 2012

You're Not FREE if you Can't Secede from an Oppressive Government

Ron Paul

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Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about Paul's role as controlled opposition and about his billionaire supporters. The secessionist petitions are the opening salvos of a tragic plunge into further irrelevance by the Right. I've always seen gun rights the same way and for the same reasons. Let me explain, because I am not hostile to your cause.

What is the cause? Our government is unjust, unConstitutional, it has become a systematic way to loot the wealth of this nation into the hands of a corrupt oligarchy. That's the gist of it, anyway. So, what is our main, shared strategic goal? To return control of our government to the people.

Will secession be a good tactic to achieve that? Hardly. Picture decades of pointless bickering pitting neighbor against neighbor. While Paul and all acknowledge it is only symbolic for now, its bitter possibilities will feature lots of unwinnable fights that keep us from tactical victories that could help achieve our goal of returning government to the people.

I've always marveled at rightwing attachment to gun rights when it was held dear as the ultimate way of protecting a people from its government. Whatever you think of gun-owners' rights, it is irrelevant to preventing the tyrannies of federal government. For crying out loud, they've got drones and satellites. You've got muskets. It's the equivalent of being told to go boil water.

Beware of smart people who know how to use your frustration like judo. Beware of not using tactics strategically. It is way too late to indulge in fits of frustration that accomplish nothing. This states' rights issue has been a drum beaten by the GOP and the South and will have similar results controlled by similar leaders and issues. It is not revolutionary.

Some random suggestions would be supporting state banks. Support state fights against the feds - like Montana's rejection of the Supremely Ridiculous Court's ruling against their right to limit election spending. Ah, there's a litmus question as billionaires support their right to buy and control your elections. Wonder which side of this Paul is on.

Money has corrupted all of our political power and thus our liberty. We need to focus on attainable steps to restore our power instead of being led on quixotic battles that decide nothing.

Anonymous said...

If people cannot see at this point that Ron Paul is one of the gang then they never will.

This is just the first phase of breaking up the US and setting up the ten regions TPTB have planned for the US for some time now.
As usual they cannot be out in the open about it so naturally they need to get the stupid confused sheep to bring it about for them.
and wala all of a sudden the secede movement pops up and spreads like wildfire and here's ole Ron Paul cheering em on.
I guess it's true you just can't fix stupid.

BTW did Mr Paul inform all of you who are depending on Medicare, Social Security, Gov Housing and such that once you're State secedes
those programs will not be available to you any longer as they are Federal programs...
might want to give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

These illiterate homo sapiens in the US have No Idea of what is happening outside their backyards.
They may suspect something when their families are shot by the Police or Military just for being ugly.
When the Marxist Fascist gang makes you work 16 hours per day for $1.
This is Reality, Ron Paul is Reality, people who have never been on this planet when Hitler, Mussolini, and others took control of Germany and Europe have No Clue of what is happening, and if your family is shot down before your eyes Will You Then Believe What is being Discussed Today? BUT!! That Will Be Too Late!

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