Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Are the Solution You've Been Looking For

Chris Duane, Contributor
Activist Post

Instead of joining one more group, walking on more march, giving to one more money bomb, sending one more breathless email about how important this issue is, do me a favor, go to the mirror and say to yourself…

"I (state your name) will take personal responsibility for my thoughts, relationships, assets and path in my life. I will stop pushing my ideas on what other people should do with theirs. I will be the change that I want to see in the world by walking away from the debt and death paradigm I actively or passively empower.
  • I will stop funding bankers with my dollars in their banks and paper schemes.
  • I will stop watching all media propaganda.
  • I will never vote for the lesser of two evils.
  • I will stop being a consumer and buying stuff that I do not need.
  • I will stop eating the Standard American Diet S.A.D.
  • I will stop wasting time with collectivist groups that sell a dream to me, only to get me to sacrifice my energy support a few at the top.
I realize that all of my problems start and stop with me. No one is coming to save me. I must realize the power that I have inside of me to take positive productive action to empower myself with all of the energies I once gave away. I will stop emotionally worrying that are outside of my control and start logically focusing on the only thing that is truly in my control… me.

  • I will measure wealth in the real things that I can touch and that provide real tangible value to me.
  • I will use the logic of the Trivium to free me from all future manipulation of my thoughts and actions.
  • I will vote only for me in my thoughts and actions before I can be a blessing on to others.
  • I will embrace an abundance mentality and never entertain toxic thoughts of scarcity or fear again.
  • I will take control of my diet and eat things my ancestors would recognize as food.
  • I cannot change the outside world to make myself happy or free.
  • I must change myself to make the world happy and free.
The only happiness I will find in this life is the day that I rid myself of the scarcity mentality. Where I can give to those around me without reservation and to truly be a blessing on to others. The only other happiness I will find in my life is helping to bring others in my life to this same level of abundance. This is the only thing that truly matters in life and worth my attention and energy. No one can stop me from this and I alone can make this happen.”

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Anonymous said...

love this...thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Another sickening "do nothing to stop the NWO" article. Is this Activist Post or Anti-Activist Post?

A few great points but in the end a NWO supported solution: Do nothing, only worry about yourself, screw everyone els and you can't beat the NWO. Total crap.

Anonymous said...

"Another sickening "do nothing to stop the NWO" article. Is this Activist Post or Anti-Activist Post?"
So happy you feel qualified to explain to us the wonderfully successful strategies you have employed to stop the NWO.
Please do go on i cannot wait to hear what you propose. As you seem to have a mouth for it and are not afraid to shoot it off please tell us what are we ever to do oh great one!

The only way to change the current bondage is to stop supporting it sure you will lose a lot of material bobbles and other crap you really don't need...but you will keep you're life.
and as Smokey the Bear says only YOU can prevent a forest fire...
YOU can only change YOU no one else.
YOU are only responsible for what YOU do and the solution to defeating evil is personal not done by committee
We have a history of what happens when we harbor with the idea we can change others... do you not think it's time we cleaned up our own yards and take care of our own business.
It is truly the only way out of this morass.

Great Article this is how we win. not by violence. Just say NO!!!

Anonymous said...

"..the first duty of every man is to return to his own 'right mind' in order that society itself may be sane." - Gandhi

Anonymous said...

Awesome, you have nailed it. Very few do.

Anonymous said...

Stop following all unconstitutional laws and learn to defend yourself and I will assure you you will make a diffrence

Jim Amidon said...

I bought this concept hook-line-sinker coming up on 7 years ago now, more than once kicking myself in arse for the trouble it brings, more than once grumbling a little bit because if you're the only one you know attempting it, one can feel like a fool sometimes, hunger does that, being homeless can have the effect also - voice inside kept taunting, "You're just one person, what the hell good are you doing?"

In hindsight, here's my take on it now:
Instead of taxes stolen from me on $90K income per year for running the prison camp and war machine, they only get tax on about $10K and pay me back most of it after playing the game with forms.
Instead of $200-$300 per month X 72 months to own a car, I can now walk or ride a bicycle 3-4 miles in any kind of weather.
Instead of being married to a bitch of a corporation using every drop of energy I have to rape our country, I am on call to 4-5 small business owners, earning enough for food and shelter, having free time to 'live'
Instead of laughing at me or calling me a loser for not owning lotsa toys or a shiny car, many people now suggest, "Wow, you're ahead of the game, when things fall, you're ready now."

Am just one person and from one angle this all can seem like a drop in the bucket in the big fight, but anyone who's ever come home from vacation to find that a small leak under the sink has flooded their kitchen, knows that little drips can add up.

Quit playing any part of the game you have the stones to and it helps us all. It one less drip into their pool of blood money. You have more time for yourself and less stress trying to please one of their minions. When the SHTF, you'll be ahead of the game and perhaps better able to help others around you who are caught by surprise.


Benjamin said...

Super Excellent Article. Very good advice.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiment. Pipe dreams in the end though as everyone else is still buying up cheap chinese products for xmas this year. Everybody going there own way won't stop Fukushima. How are you going to make a living, even seeds cost some money, fertilizer isn't free either. You still have all those security guards they call LEOs running around in contempt of you making sure you don't shoot some food, bullets aren't free either, guns got to be cleaned, have any idea of the prep your going to need? Living in the middle of nowhere requires a reliable vehicle and gas. You gonna dig a well too? Solar requires new batteries every year or 2, plus when the lights go out you'll find you don't need them anyway. Living like a savage in a mud hut is no life for a white man I'm afraid, we are too busy planning, to busy thinking about the future, too...busy. Cutting wood and milking goats gets old real fast. I did your list 5 years ago. Scarcity still exists. Wind blows down corn, dogs eat goats. It's a fancy notion, but time is better spent organizing a plan to do more than hide when all these nuke plants go up.

Anonymous said...

Resist the extreme opposite ends of this question.

Doing nothing but daydreaming happy thoughts is not the solution.
Quitting every entanglement you have with the real world and living in the forest surviving on squirrel pie is not the solution either.

We all have different responsibilities, family friends, property, homes, cars and 'money'.
I may know that my money is a scam and a ponzi scheme, but for now I can still buy food blankets and shelter with it. The system will crash at some point, but until then it has some value if I convert it to good things or charity.
The more we disengage from the system the better off we are. The ability to grow and store food, stay safe and warm with people we trust is ultimately the goal. Our own local situations have a lot to say in how we can achieve this. There is no one size fits all approach.
Surely this Trivium stuff would all be meaningless to any Palestinian holed up in some small apartment block in a caged city while fighter jets scream overhead launching missiles. To a corporate slave in America looking to make a change there is much to consider and learn from this article.

Anonymous said...

@11:40 AM, this is a forum for activists and people who wish to voice their opinions. I have the right to speak my mind as you just did. It seems you think I am required to agree with the article.

You state “It is truly the only way out of this morass” so apparently YOU are qualified to state a solution. Should someone get on here and tell you they are “so happy you feel qualified to explain to us the wonderfully successful strategies you have employed to stop the NWO?”

For the record, since you bring it up, I have practiced law for many years and am an expert on legal rights and remedies and am well qualified to express my opinions.

So we are going to defeat the NWO buy buying less DVD’s and shoes and being good human beings? That is going to stop the chemtrail spraying? That’s going to take the deadly GMO’s out of our food. Ridiculous.

And I don’t need to change myself you arrogant hypocrite. I’m doing fine. I thought you said we are supposed to focus on ourselves? When why are you so worried about what I do and what I buy?

I have been arrested 3 times for picketing/protesting in the streets. And I won those cases against me when everyone told me I’d lose. I actually pled 9/11 truth in my court pleadings. I not aware of anyone ever doing that. What have you done again?

Just say no, huh? I stopped paying my income taxes years ago. Have you? Bet you haven’t.

I talk the talk and walk the walk. You are a giant hypocrite. Let’s hear what you have done oh great one. $10 says you ain’t done crap but play on the internet.

The solution is simple:

We must organize a sufficient number of people in every town in every state to do the following under our right of self-defense:

Citizen’s grand juries in each state indicting the NWO agents located within the state

Demand letter to each and every federal & state prosecutor in each state demanding they arrest/indict the perps or citizens arrests will commence

Initiate a coordinated national strike, non-violent mass protest & mass civil disobedience.

Then we arrest them.

We must arm ourselves and be ready to engage in self defense if they come for our guns or to take us to camps.

We must restore our Constitutional government right now.

All you people quit being cowards.

Paddington Frisk said...

@6:52 (and earlier). I am a Brit, just wanted to check what the upshot of you not paying your taxes is: how do you stop it and what punishment, if any, do you, or have you, faced?

I ask as we have had situations here in which people have been imprisoned for not paying their council tax.

Jim Amidon said...

some of the advice that lands on discussions like this, if followed alone, will leave a person in worse shape and less able to do anything to help anyone ... it's been my opine after many years that some 'advice' is planted on purpose simply to help take out a person who may otherwise have been building strength and getting some foundation built ....

while a trained law professional may be able to get out of jail and beat their cases or stop paying taxes without being raped ... the average person is left holding their head in a cell, wondering 'Now What?'

friends, family 'n co-workers simply shake their head with pity, landlord takes all your stuff, tax man takes any wages you may be able to earn in future if you can find anyone to hire you with the new criminal record you've earned

I've seen this as a game of whack-a-mole for many years - one stands up alone and gets slapped silly - history is written by the one who slapped them down as they try to figure out what to do next ...

I applaud anyone with the courage to take the step inside their own heart/mind to question and then reject the BS on a personal level.

If you're going to be goaded into overdosing on red pills, I suggest finding back-up, people to work with or at very least, someone to bail you out of jail and loan you a couch when something goes wrong with your plan. Sitting in an cold, dark alley with your stomach growling isn't fun and for many people, it becomes game over.

Anonymous said...

Jim Amidon, we are going to hang together and maybe win or we hang seperately. Some of us must hit the fence first, but we all must run towards the fence.

If we do nothing, we will all soon be dead from GMO crops, fluoride, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, DU, Rx, bio-weapons, Codex Alimentarius, vaccines, cell/wi-fi radiation, smart meters, BPA, Fukushima radiation, false flag terrorism, war, economic collapse and starvation.

The solution is not easy but we must fight the NWO head-on.

Anonymous said...

@Paddington, in U.S., if you refuse to pay IRS, you risk penalties & jail. Judges are corrupt and juries are misled/forced into convicting people. Jury instructions are the key issue. So far they have not filed charges against me. I just ignore the criminals. But I know what I am doing and can defend myself. I have chosen to hit the fence and I am not afraid. If Rosa Parks can do it, we all can.

All of you...there are many fronts you can choose to fight. Pick your best battles, but pick something. The poisoning of our food, air and water are the most important issues.

Anonymous said...

There are those who are the watch dogs, and those who are the soldiers, and those who are the educators for building the new future. Every role is just as important as long as you know what your role is, and don't try to tell everyone else what their role should be, or think yours is better. What would happen if in an orchestra, the trombone will start behaving like that ? :) Know your role, honor it and honor the roles of others as well. And know that roles may change as the energy shifts.

Paddington Frisk said...

But if you're not self-employed surely the taxes are automatically deducted?

Anonymous said...

@Paddington, yep.

Anonymous said...

This article is SPOT ON. If you don't make yourself strong and self reliant, you will always require someone to provide for you.

Besides, you ONLY have power over yourself. "You don't comb the mirror to change the reflection, you comb your own hair and the reflection in the mirror changes."

Use ALL of your energy to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see.

Great article!

ZTM said...

"I must change myself to make the world happy and free."

Is the collectivist ideology of de-individuation.

Jonny Vincent said...

Studies have shown most people cannot comprehend the definition of "redundant".

I think this might be due to mothers raising their children with love in lieu of...something more sane.

Anything would be more sane.

Love in lieu of everything that is sane.

"Love is whatever you can still betray."
- le Carre

The problem is not with you. There is very little you can do to reverse the horrible trauma that was your early childhood 'development'. The formative years are labelled quite accurately. The issue is not the NWO. It's a monumental logical fail to presume that one should take the war to Power on power's terms. Let me know how that pans out for you.

Power is built on the Rock that can only exist when minds are bound like the feet of 19th century Chinese girls. You want to find the Truth, you gotta ask the right questions. Why are minds bound. What is used to bind them. Why do people imagine they're selfish when all they do is shoot themselves in the foot. Why don't humans value Humanity. Did Humanity fail them during their time of Need. Why is everyone in denial about their Needy.

Why did my mother Need to have a child of Her Own in the first place? Why were the children of Humanity deemed unsuitable or unacceptable for her ostensible purpose/s.

Why did my mother raise me with love.

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