Monday, November 5, 2012

When the Hard Times Come – You Are On Your Own!

Earl Griffin, Contributor
Activist Post

There has been a lot of attention paid recently to the activities of those individuals and families who believe in taking responsibility for themselves. Often they are called “Preppers.” Sometimes they are called “hoarders”, or “crazies.”

Funny; when things go south it's not often you see those people on television crying, screaming, and pulling their hair because the government isn’t there to help them. That is because they helped themselves before it hit the fan.

I remember when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. I recall the anger that I personally felt because of the seemingly unmitigated suffering of the people in the aftermath of that storm. Each day the smoldering rage I felt because of the government’s apparent inaction burned hotter and brighter.

Its been several years since Katrina – things still haven’t gotten back to normal in New Orleans. “Those dang Republicans,” I thought, “callous, indifferent to the plight of those with whom they have lost touch.” Now we’ve had another storm: Sandy.

The weather forecasters were united for a week. “It’s going to be a huge, terrible storm,” they said.

I remember the innumerable jackasses calling the radio station and complaining about the “hype.”

Before long reporters, weather forecasters, and government officials were making public service announcements to assure the public that this storm was not being “hyped.”

Everyone had a week's warning!

The “crazies,” aka people who believe that it is their responsibility to take care of themselves and their own family no matter what, started getting ready as you can see: here, here, and here.

When I asked people, “What are you doing to get ready for Sandy?” A few people listed their preparations. However the majority of people just laughed and me and joked about, “Milk, bread, and toilet paper.”

Maryland was spared much of the terrible wind damage. However New Jersey and New York were not. Funny – at first there wasn’t a lot of coverage about the looting and panic people were experiencing. However, Barking Window did cover these things and more in Sandy’s aftermath.

We learned some startling truths. For instance FEMA simply isn’t ready for large disasters and it is Europe and not the U.S. that leads in weather forecasting.

The Republicans are not in charge this time around – instead it is a Democrat who sits in the White House. What difference did it make? It made no difference at all. People in those areas hardest hit by Sandy are all crying and begging for help – when they aren’t dumpster diving for food!

So the Republicans failed after Katrina and the Democrats have failed after Sandy.

There is an important lesson to learn from this: Reliance upon government is not a good idea during an emergency. People – all people – should prepare for hard times and emergencies within their means to do so! Even the poor can do something to prepare.

Prepare for the storm but also be mindful of your preparations for after the storm. You will have to look after yourself, your family, and even your neighbors. You will also have to be prepared for those who are up to no good.

There are a lot of people who will go on after this storm without having learned anything – don’t be one of them.

If you have not already done so, begin to develop a philosophy of self reliance. Be careful though; don’t fall into the “me against the world,” snare that many others get caught in. Prepare for yourself and your family but don’t forget your neighbors. I don’t mean to suggest you should do their work for them, but I think it is important that we remember that we are not islands. We are members of a community. Reach out to those in need and be a leader in your community.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing that out about helping neighbors!! I have been troubled by that "me against the world" attitude I was seeing out there!

Anonymous said...

I really think you're getting played into a joel skoussen counterintelligence operation here. Of course, like people have done for thousands of years, we should all save for a "rainy day." But this "lone pilgrim on the frontier" idea is a joke. You know what Joel Skoussen does when a riot breaks out or a storm hits? He gets taken by a black helicopter to an underground palace with the rest of the man-god super elect Mormons.

I don't mind helping people either. You seem to suggest people don't want to help others. I think we could come to some common ground in observing that elements of the government are making it very hard for people to help other people. It's not that you're on your own; it's that you've been made to think you are.

Nowadays permission must be granted to help others. You have to join some phony baloney soviet council, that is, you must join a thieving ngo like the united way or red cross. If you try to make a change independently you might not even get as far as keeping a few people fed without one of these ngo freaks showing up with a clipboard. Slap them aside and you'll get a blackwater savage on your tail.

Anonymous said...

Help yourself & God will help you!
Or wait for the gomment to help you?

GMA215 said...

If Hurricane Katrina was not an eye-opener to the fact that in a national disaster you are on your own, I don't know what it will take now. You MUST be prepared, physically and mentally, to take care of yourself and your family for at LEAST a few days, until help arrives and can get through the red tape, and debris of whatever disaster there was. And beyond that if help does NOT arrive. And if you CAN help others, do it. "Permission" be damned. Easier to beg forgiveness than to get permission anyway.

kenlowder said...

If your life saving plan is for the government to save you, your plan has a fatal flaw. I saw hundreds of locals with airboats ready to go into new Orleans to rescue folks. The government denied them entry as they didn't have proper certified safety training! These folks have been on the bayou all their life! Then I saw folks crying for help. I told them to walk to the causeway gathering place a mile away and they couldn't be bothered. My sympathy level died with that. Once the military arrived in force we left as we were not wanted. The difference between the government operation at the airport and the local operation at the LSU tiger stadium was night and day. I'd take folks all the way to baton rouge to LSU and be met at the back of my ambulance with folks waiting to help. I'd take HOURS to off load at the Nola airport. It should also be noted that Katrina had plenty of notice of arrival too!

Anonymous said...

If you are too stupid to leave after you have been warned for over a week why would anyone care what happens to you.
The world is over run with stupid people and to help them just makes no sense.
When you help someone the next time they have a problem they will expect you to come fix it for them. It's a bad habit to form helping the stupid.

Sandy and Katrina are natures way of balancing the stupid level on the planet and we intelligent beings should respect that and allow and encourage the purging of stupidity whenever possible for the survival of humanity.

JOe said...

Feed the neighbors? Once twice and by the third time they are knocking on your door telling you their 5 o'clock supper is ten minutes late, so hurry up.

Anonymous said...

One comment states random acts of kindness are equivalent to enabling lazy ne'er-do-wells continue to lay around doing nothing. You have had very little exposure to the poor, I conclude. There is nothing that will inspire motivation more than altruism. A dose of humility may help you resemble a member of the human race. Individuals do not just end up broken down, they get there with the help of the community around them. Leaders are selected for a reason - to lead - compelling leadership, a steadfast blueprint of a community which produces sound citizens and a system which gives equal opportunity to all is the answer to today's problems.

It's fixed. By design. A transfer of wealth is taking place behind the scenes and that is not the first time this has happened. It is how the rich stay the richest. The suffering has yet to begin. By now, there is little we can do about it as I believe offers too good to refuse have caused politicians everywhere to sell out.

It takes money to pick up and leave your home. Some of these people live day to day. How do you walk about with 50 cents in your pocket? Not to mention medical issues that range from one spectrum to the other. Senior citizens whole other issue. It takes planning and a smaller scale involvement to work in a disaster which results in mass movement of people.

Anonymous said...

have an emergency kit that includes; shotgun, handgun, chainsaw, axe, generator, gas, canned food, dried food, water, toilet paper. this is what you be needing when tshtf.

laverneisgold said...

Yes we should be more independent, not relying on the government. Even the poor should gradually, wean themselves of government subsidies whenever they can.

laverneisgold said...

Hopefully this nor'easter wont be as bad as sandy

Anonymous said...

these hurricanes are nothing compared to whats coming here real soon,If you don't think the government don't care, wait till you see how the russians and police treat you................

Anonymous said...

Not all that long ago 'prepping' was the way normal people lived. Everyone grew a large garden, saved seeds, raised a pig and cow and in the normal course of life stored enough food for at least the next year.

When and how this has become a crazy idea escapes me.

As for sharing, there is only so much to go around, I will decide who to share with - and it won't be my 'friends' who ridiculed my labor intensive lifestyle while they laid on the beach all summer.

Anonymous said...

Yes a Republican Admin was in charge of Katrina, and a Democrat Admin is in charge now. However, do you see the Obama admin catching ANY hell over the way FEMA is handling it? Hell no you don't.

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