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WA farmers block federal drones and Agenda 21

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Mikael Thalen, Contributor
Activist Post

The Washington State Farm Bureau just convened its 93rd annual convention.

Started in 1920, The WSFB is a voluntary, grassroots advocacy organization representing the social and economic interests of local farm and ranch families.

Every year the WSFB's volunteer leaders from across the state get together to discuss issues and adopt new policy. The WSFB is unique in that its members, delegates from each of the 25 county Farm Bureaus, adopt the policies, ranging from land use to fiscal issues.

This year’s convention was especially exciting due to the passage of new policy, set to put a barrier against the overreach of the federal government and even foreign ones.

"This year we indeed adopted a policy opposing all aspects of UN Agenda 21 as well as a policy opposing the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) to spy on farms without express permission from the landowner," said John Stuhlmiller, Director of Government Relations.

"As an Okanogan County Farm Bureau member, I am personally very excited about the new policies that were passed. The issues facing Okanogan County today can all be tied back to Agenda 21 at some level - whether it be land acquisitions, wolves, or salmon recovery," said Pamela Leslie.

She also noted that, "Drones are of great concern as well. Drones are being used around the country to spy on farmers and ranchers, as well as average citizens. By adopting these new policies, the Washington State Farm Bureau has sent a strong message that will aid Okanogan County in our grassroots movement to fight this kind of tyranny."

An Environmental Protection Agency project entitled Landscape Characterization and Change Detection Methods Development Research, says the EPA will use Department of Defense and NASA designed “UAV and satellite based remote sensor data to provide a continuous environmental monitoring capability.” Many don't buy the government’s claim of using drones to protect the environment, especially after the recently discovered Air Force intelligence brief that states, if drones "accidentally" capture surveillance footage of Americans, the data can be stored and analyzed by the Pentagon for up to 90 days.

Farmers nationwide were upset when it was learned that the EPA was spying on Cattle Ranchers in Iowa and Nebraska. Seattle residents were also up in arms after the Seattle Police Department received a drone.

Alabama made news when they adopted a law protecting due process and private property by prohibiting any government involvement with or participation in Agenda 21. Washington farmers now join the ranks of citizens nationwide moving to protect their constitutional rights.

The text of the policy changes are as follows:
New Policy – Agenda 21 (add to Section VIII – Forestry and Public Lands)

We oppose the United Nations Agenda 21 and the ratification or implementation of any or all of its components.
The UAV policy is:
180 – Right of Entry for Government Agents 
The Constitution requires government agents to obtain a search warrant before entering private property. The Constitution further requires that the search warrant contain a specific description of the property to be searched. The Constitution applies to any government agent who enters farms or ranches in order to conduct an inspection.
We believe government agents must ask permission of the owner or the owner’s authorized representative prior to entering a farm or ranch for purposes of conducting an inspection. If permission is denied, the agent should obtain a search warrant that specifies the reason for the inspection. The agent should inform the owner/agent that they have the legal right to ask that a search warrant be obtained prior to an inspection. Agents should not retaliate against citizens who exercise this Constitutional right. 
We believe government agents may enter property without the owner’s permission only if an emergency exists that constitutes an immediate threat to human life. 
We oppose the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to conduct aerial inspections of farms and ranches unless explicit permission has been granted by the landowner. (2002, amended 2012)
Mikael Thalen is a political activist and a self proclaimed history buff and current events junkie. He prides himself on being non partisan and standing up for fiscal responsibility and personal liberty in government. You may contact Mikael with your comments and questions.

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Unknown said...

Awesome article!

Anonymous said...

How far can the long arm reach? Let'em know Josie Wales style!!!!

Anonymous said...

What would be great if there was a way to suport these causes at the end of these postings!! Other wise, I just read this stuff and feel dispair. Who agrees with the things that are taking place around us, there are either laws to prevent it, or scoundrels tring to do it. The real problem is corporations and no personal liability of anything. I have a small business and am NOT incorporated for that very reason!!! I am personally liable for the work I DO!! America used to be great!!! Because great people backed their products!!! you can out source that and have someone who has no clue endorse it.
PS; Phuc u Obama.

Anonymous said...

To anon above. This new UAV menace would have started when it did no matter who was president. The timeline is based on the technology, and not based on any president. Ever noticed that the trajectory never changes no matter who is elected? That is by design. If elections mattered, they'd be outlawed. Elections are used to give people the illusion that they are in control, and to help get their buy-in. It created a feeling of connectedness with the government..think about that...feeling connected to government...through a vote? Ridiculous when you think about it. Obama didn't invent UAVs. Here's what happened. Some guys in top-rated technical universities did the work. Their designs got built by various MIC companies. A general showed up one day and told the president about these new great toys. President said "you mean we can kill people remotely and not risk the life of a single American solider?" General says "Hella yes, Mr President". President says "Gimme some that, yo. We gonna kill some biaches". And that's it. The president is just a temporary employee, who is offered various courses of action, from which he picks one..that's all he does. He doesn't know shit himself..that's what the advisors and cabinet members are for.

Anonymous said...

Beware the Farm Bureau, I am in Vermont and here they are really in the business of selling insurance, support GMO's and Monsanto.

Anonymous said...

I am curious when one owns land how far up and how far down does one own the space?
God bless America.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain... many now realize how pernicious Agenda 21 really is & just how intrusive our own government is getting. This watching over us (literally in this case), is pathetically obscene. Then again, much of what government does is so. Its ironic. I can support many government actions, but not when te agenda is one that leads to UN governance or to snooping on citizens. I say, you wanna surveil us, then get a search warrant just as you would need for any other intrusion into the life orproperty of a citizen. Otherwise, you are in violation of our privacy laws.

Anonymous said...

This is something that we are badly need to see more of. Grass roots activism is the only thing we have left to fight against the totalitarian take over by the elitists One Worlders. If we do not start standing up for our rights we soon will have no rights left to fight for.

Noneofyourbusiness said...

The headline of this article is misleading. The WSFB does not have the power to block such activities. All they can do is make recommendations to their legislature and federal representative. What is needed is for the county sheriff to exercise his/her legal authority within the county and tell federal types that they must inform him before entering the county for any investigative purpose or to serve warrants and/or to fly drones. He/she can do it and it has been to court already. The sheriff is our last defense against federal encroachments.

Anonymous said...

Washington State should follow the lead of the state of Alabama. They have written laws keeping UN Agenda 21 OUT OF THE STATE. This is very scary 'agenda'that will destroy America bit by bit. I just found out that it has been adopted here just north of Philadelphia, Pa in my township. I'm sure that the supeervisors have no idea what they have done to us. Now the fight begins here to have this reversed.I find it very sad that there are millions in America that have no idea what is happening - they believe it's a consp iracy theory! But it is FACT! All one has to do is google UN Agenda 21 and it's all there! The take over the world - George Soros is some of the BIG money behind this. Sad so sad for this world.

Anonymous said...

I am Anonymous above this post. Each of you reading this have a job to do. GET INVOLVED to do something about this. Read a book by Rosa Koire - UN Agenda 21: Behind the Green Mask. She wrote this book because UN Agenda 21 directly effected her in California. She has been fighting the Agenda for years. You can google ICLEI, TO SEE IF YOUR LOCAL AREA HAS ADOPTED THE AGENDA. You Tube also has a long video about the destruction the Agenda is/will do to America.
Now you all have a place to at least start. This is not a hoax - many people out there will tell you that you are a conspiracy theorist - that you are nuts - call you all kinds of names THEY ARE TRAINED TO PUT US DOWN. Americans must stand firm and fight back.
Many Americans cannot understand the past and presidents stand on certain issues - I can assure you that these issues are a direct result of their signing on to the Agenda. LEARN PEOPLE what is going on around this country you will be shocked!
No conspiracy going on here - it is real. If it was a conspiracy theory there would be no information out there but you can just google UN Agenda 21 and there it is. I hope this will help those of you tht have expressed your "what can I do about this" questions.
God Bless America an America I want my granddaughter to grow up in.

Hide Behind said...

Property rights: only if you own all the mineral rights under your property as defined under old Homestead Act do you also own the airspace above it.
Very few actually own the land their houses sit upon and it ain't that complicated a legal issueYears ago FAA granted that right of airspace to a height called non nuisance and everyonelet it ride, What the hell we gotta watch out for commies and hippys that our government and military protect us from.
DO NOT get idea that WA state is a concervative state or that those farmers are your live free or die typesas they cannot make a move without government adsistance from irrigation and power to grain quotas and gov buy ups or tax subsidized crops such as trade agreement to sell apples.
Moses lake has lots of military and ex that run half western states and is the site of Homeland Securitys Northwest Command Center and some unerground facilitys no one can talk of. But lots of bucks (and outside labor force) flooding area.
IT IS a drone area and a damned huge facility with one of longest runways in world and is in fact republican or demo a liberal voters paradice.
Thete are some 8 or9 very serious pieces of gun legislation on table ready to go. In WA and we have no real pro gun legislators in DC.
All we have here in WA are small but very active pro gun and privacy advocate groups.
A Wa state republican is a massachusets democrat in drag.

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