Friday, November 16, 2012

Uruguay Marijuana Legalization Bill Allows Home Grows and Sales

Phillip Smith
Stop The Drug War

A Uruguayan bill that would create a system of state-licensed marijuana sales and commercial cultivation was presented to Congress Wednesday, and, according to Reuters, includes a provision that will allow Uruguayans to grow their own at home or in clubs.

The use and possession of small amounts of marijuana is already legal in Uruguay, but President Jose Mujica, a former leftist guerrilla leader, has said he wants to see the measure passed in a bid to undermine drug-smuggling gangs and other criminality in a region buffeted by prohibition-related violence.

Unlike earlier news reports, which spoke of a state monopoly on marijuana cultivation and sales, the bill introduced Wednesday says only that the government will manage and regulate commercial cultivation and sales. Whether it will actually open state-run pot farms or marijuana retail outlets is yet to be decided, but in either case, a National Cannabis Institute will be in charge.

"The idea is to grant licenses for production, distribution, storage and for retail. We haven't said whether that will be done by the private or public sector, the government will decide that," Sebastian Sabini, a ruling party lawmaker who heads a congressional committee on drugs and addiction, told Reuters.

Under the pending legislation, each household could grow up to six plants or possess up to 480 grams, or slightly more than a pound. People could also join "smoking clubs" with up to 15 members and grow six plants per member, up to an annual production of 15.8 pounds. Marijuana users who wanted to buy through state-operated or -- regulated facilities would be limited to purchasing 40 grams (just under 1 ½ ounces) per month.

Because Uruguay is a parliamentary democracy and because Mujica and his political allies control both houses of Congress, the bill is expected to be approved sometime next year.

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Anonymous said...

That maybe one of the reasons why the Empire deviced the ousting of the progressive Uruguayan president at the beginning of this year.

Anonymous said...

Ousting of the president?? When? Who? Here in Uruguay nobody noticed! Please clarify!

Anonymous said...

The dominoes are starting to fall. Many countries that the US had been buying off with bribes to continue drug interdiction were going against many of the indigenous growers wishes. Now with the passage of legal pot in two US states these countries can once and for all do the right thing and legalize for their benefit of it's citizens. We still don't know how the Feds in US will handle their business but it seems the time is ripe for the fiasco of the Drug War to finally be turned around. The process is far from over but The Feds are running scared IMO. Finally we can approach this social issue in a non criminalized fashion to the benefit of all involved

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