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The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles' Connections to Pedophilia Networks

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Fresh on the heels of the fallout from revelations regarding former BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile and his unbelievably sickening and innumerable instances of child molestation as well as the “look the other way” approach taken by the BBC, more and more questions are now emerging in regards to the connection between Savile and British Royalty, most notably Prince Charles.

At least, more questions should be emerging.

Unfortunately, however, the British mainstream media is deeming Prince Charles and the rest of his ilk in positions of power and perceived genetic royalty as if they are beyond reproach. This approach is typical and to be expected, yet it is also highly ironic considering the fact that such is the same position the mainstream media took with the allegations against Jimmy Savile for so many years.

As a result of the Savile affair, mainstream outlets, particularly the BBC, now have a lot of egg on their faces in the areas of credibility and respect.In short, any connections placing Prince Charles in an uncompromising position regarding his connections with Savile or his potential for sharing a penchant for unnatural relationships with children is being completely ignored if not officially covered up.

Although Prince Charles’ friendship with Jimmy Savile, allegedly begun when the two met in the 1970s during the course of working with children’s wheelchair sports charities, is now well-known, the extent to which the Prince and the Pedophile were connected appears to go much deeper than the mainstream media reports let on.

Of course, the two having come in contact at a “charity” event for the disabled is not too far-fetched, even if it is being reported by corporate outlets. After all, using children’s “charities” as a hunting ground and a cover for his true motives was a notorious method used by Savile who actually lived in children’s homes and hospitals so as to be closer to his victims. This method is by no means specific to Savile, however, as many other sexual predators and pedophiles know exactly what areas of society to be involved in and what careers to pursue in order to gain access to their victims. Jerry Sandusky stands as a perfect example.

Clarence House, Prince Charles’ spokesman, declined comment on much of the relationship between Savile and Charles, only claiming that the relationship was mostly a result of their “shared interest in supporting disability charities.”

Supporting charities, indeed.

Of course, Savile was doing much more than “supporting disability charities.” That is, unless one places serial child rape in a much different category than the average person might. Indeed, one would not be judged out of place to question whether or not untold numbers of sexually assaulted children thoroughly cancels out any financial “support” that may have been given in the past. Apparently, in the view of British royalty, it does not.

In fact, child molester Savile has enjoyed an unbelievable level of access to the Royal Family for the past 40 years.

For instance, in the late 1980s, Savile was said to have acted as a type of marriage counselor between Charles and Diana, visiting their residence several times. At these visits, Dickie Arbiter, who took care of media relations for the Prince and Princess between 1988 and 2000 stated that, at these visits, Savile’s behavior was uncouth to say the very least.

Arbiter stated,
He would walk into the office and do the rounds of the young ladies taking their hands and rubbing his lips all the way up their arms if they were wearing short sleeves. If it was summer [and their arms were bare] his bottom lip would curl out and he would run it up their arms. This was at St James's Palace. The women were in their mid to late 20s doing typing and secretarial work.
Not only that, but Savile was brought in to the private marital affairs of the Royals once again in order to help the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, in matters which were not disclosed to the public. Savile later claimed he was brought in to help “Fergie” keep her profile down.

Obviously, the relationship forged between Charles and Savile went far beyond two men who merely performed charity work for the same organizations. This can be evidenced by the fact that, in 1990, Charles even consulted Savile for advice on the appointment of a senior aide for himself and Princess Diana.

The relationship between Charles and Savile, particularly Savile’s access to the Royal Family’s affairs and the respect which was afforded Savile in this regard, has confused many onlookers. After all, Savile was nothing more than a BBC presenter and disc jockey who was well past his prime. Not to mention the fact that Savile was well known as an uncontrollable freak, although many were under the impression that Savile’s television persona was merely part of his schtick.

Yet the clues to the Prince’s friendship with the Pedophile might have more to do with similar interests in entertainment than a mere happenstance relationship. Although the evidence which connects Prince Charles to pedophilia is nowhere near as documented as that of Jimmy Savile, a trail of information certainly seems to be leading in that direction.

At this point, it should be mentioned that, although the official line is that Savile and Charles met in the 1970s as part of the coincidence of mutual charity work, Savile himself has stated that he was friends with the Royal family “for a million years.” In fact, it was reported that Savile actually stated he was introduced to the Royals in 1966 by Lord Mountbatten, a known pedophile and sexual pervert. In addition to Mountbatten, however, Greg Hallett, in his book Hitler Was A British Agent, also names Prince Philip as a pedophile.In reference to how he became introduced and ingratiated with the Royal family, Savile stated,
Coming from Lord Louis, who was the favourite uncle of Prince Philip, that was quite something. So obviously I hooked up with the Prince – what was good enough for Lord Louis was good enough for him.
So, already, we have Savile, a notorious pedophile linked to other individuals of the Royal Family named as pedophiles as well. Prince Philip, of course, is Prince Charles’ father. Lord Mountbatten is largely considered Charles’ mentor.

Savile was indeed close to British Royals as well as other elites for many years. It seems his qualification for such high connections were mainly due to his ability to obtain children for the twisted appetites of those considered beyond reproach for the mainstream media and, unfortunately, the general public.

Savile himself seemed to hint at this possibility in an interview conducted with Esquire where he stated, “The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover.”

Savile’s ridiculous television show (created for the sole purpose of enhancing his access to children) was thus appropriately named, Jim’ll Fix It. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the public were completely unaware as to what he was fixing and who he was fixing it for.

Essentially, it is clear that Jimmy Savile was a procurer of children not only for himself but also for wealthy pedophiles all across the world, particularly in Britain. Even Savile’s own nephew has recently gone public with information tying Savile to a network of pedophiles and sick sexual parties where children were repeatedly raped. Guy Marsden, Savile’s nephew, also stated that the parties were attended by household names in show business.

However, as is being widely reported in the news, Savile’s escapades of pedophilia were by no means limited to parties with the elite of entertainment. Many of his attacks on children took place in the halls of the hospitals and charities he helped fund and operate, even residing in his own personal room at two of these institutions. At this point, it is worth noting that Savile and Prince Charles are open “supporters” of the same charities.

Apparently, Prince Charles and the Pedophile did have some similar tastes, some of which were even reported by the mainstream media. In 1999, after the Prince accepted Savile’s invitation to a private meal at Savile’s home in Glencoe, Scotland, Savile had arranged for three women to parade around dressed in pinafores, a type of dress without sleeves and an open back that is often worn over other dresses. Interestingly enough, pinafores were often worn by children.

After the dinner, Charles wrote Savile a Christmas Card with a note that read, “Jimmy, with affectionate greetings from Charles. Give my love to your ladies in Scotland.”

Of course, the mainstream is certain that Charles is referring to the local women brought in for the Royal entertainment. However, unless the hired help made an exceptional impression upon the mind of Charles, one must wonder whether or not these particular ladies are the “ladies” to which Charles is referring in his Christmas note. After all, Savile’s Scottish cottage was also the scene of much child abuse as well.

Later, Charles sent Savile a box of cigars and a pair of gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday along with another note that cryptically read, “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.” Fortunately, many are now aware of what Jimmy has done for his country. Clearly, it would be best if they are given the full story along with it.

This is not likely to happen, however, as global pedophile rings are generally made up of some of the most elite individuals the world over. This is particularly relevant when it comes to any questions regarding the behavior of the Royal Prince. At any moment when there is a chance that information might be leaked that would be damaging to the reputation of genetic royalty, the documents are sealed, the whistleblowers are dealt with, and the controversy covered up.

Some have even speculated that Princess Diana sealed her own fate after threatening to reveal networks of pedophilia within the Royal family. Indeed, Diana did speak of “dark forces” and members of an “organization” that were monitoring her shortly before her death.

For instance, when it appeared that the so-called Black Spider Memos, a series of letters written by Charles to government ministers, would damage the perception of Charles’ impartiality if he were to become king, then memos were immediately blocked by the British government. Indeed, it would be extremely interesting to see the contents of the letters, since, in reality, the impartiality of the king is truly irrelevant in the grand scheme of British society and government.

What is particularly interesting is that the letters are being blocked from release now, as the biggest pedophilia scandal in British history is unfolding - specifically, at a time when one of the main focal points of the scandal, Jimmy Savile, was a close friend of the Prince. Even more so, it comes at a time when British government officials are also being implicated in pedophilia networks.

For those who may still be under the impression that pedophilia is a crime beyond the capabilities of British politicians, take a look at this partial compilation of British politicians convicted of pedophilia in recent years.

But, while the connections between Prince Charles and the Pedophile Jimmy Savile are themselves enough to make one wonder, the fact is that Savile is not the only relationship with a potential pedophile that Charles has maintained.

As reported by the Digital Journal, the Right Reverend Peter Ball is the most senior member of the Church of England to be arrested for offenses against children. Ball was arrested on eight suspected cases of abuse against boys and young men ranging from ages 12 to 20 during the 1980s to 1990s. Ball, who was the former Bishop of Gloucester, resigned in 1993 after he was served with a police caution for “committing an act of gross indecency against a teenager.”

Upon his resignation, Ball retired to Manor Lodge, “a wisteria-clad property owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.” Manor Lodge is a property of the Prince's Duchy of Cornwall.

In reference to his new living arrangements, Ball stated, “He (Prince Charles) has been wonderfully kind and allowed me to have a duchy house. The prince is a loyal friend. I have immense admiration for him, he has been through horrific times and is a great person.”

Considering the connections and personal friendships maintained by Prince Charles, one must question whether or not Charles himself has had some experience in the underworld of pedophilia. At the very least, the Prince is the absolute worst judge of character who ever lived.

What is also very interesting regarding the people named in these child sex scandals and the scope of the scandals themselves, is that the individuals who have been trying their best to bring this information to light have been ignored and derided for years on end. This has been the case whether the individuals were whistleblowers, researchers, or even victims themselves.

For instance, while much of mainstream Britain has had quite a time laughing at David Icke, suddenly his claims do not seem so fantastic and funny after all. Indeed, it was Icke who mentioned the global cabal of pedophiles and even many of the participants in them by name many years ago. While his voice was scarcely heard above the laughter at the time, he is, at the very least, on the record as having exposed these networks early on.

As for Icke’s remarks regarding the scandal today, he had this to say on November 7, 2012.
This guy, William Hague, the foreign Secretary, needs to be questioned on why that Welsh inquiry into the massive pedophilia in Welsh children’s homes was given the brief that it did and therefore stopped these kids from talking about what happened to them. And this is the big thing. If the police investigation does not knock on the door of Buckingham Palace over this whole Savile [case] and the wider implications that have followed then it’s a cover up. Because the British Royal family are fundamentally involved in this right to the top. Right up to the people like Prince Philip and all these other people . . . . . This man [Savile] was an aging sleazy disc jockey, right? And he had complete access to the British Royal family AND they used him as an official go-between [with] Prince Charles and Princess Diana when they were falling out in their marriage. And now it’s come out this week that he was advising Prince Charles on aids to employ. Why is this man so close or was so close to the British Royal Family? The answer to that will bring the British Royal family down.
Considering Icke’s accuracy in terms of information on this particular issue, perhaps it would be wise if those who heard him speak years ago might take him a little more serious the second time around.

Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over 175 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 

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Anonymous said...

Good on AP for staying with this.

We have all heard about J Edgar Hoover and his FBI files filled with sex photos of American politicians. All for control.
We always hear how this was just him, and waaay way in the past.
Another rogue individual, like Savile.....or would other spook agencies like the CIA make use of such a diabolical control mechanism?

If these sick protected sex rings are compromising governments all around the world by getting individuals on film in these types of situations, it sure would explain a lot.

The connections of governments and spooks to these pedo networks in the USA, Europe and the UK especially, are too numerous to be coincidence.

google, courage,

Anonymous said...

There are links to an orphanage in the Isle of Jersey located in the English channel. The orphans were forced into sex parties. The police chief of the isle will not investigate because "it would blow the lid off the crown". I think you can see where this is going.

Anonymous said...

A side effect of inbreeding. Freaks of nature.
Princess Di knew all about this lot.

Dharma Sanctuary said...

This is too important an issue for it to disappear again off the MSM. Thanks to AP in keeping it front and center on the alternative press.

Pedophelia and its attendant depredations is at the core of the elite's power management. It is used not only as a private thrill, but to hone the ongoing subjugation of others, recalling again and again that one is a powerful perpetrator. It is a sick and disgusting practice, sucking the life force by victimizing the vulnerable. These psychopaths need to be uncovered and vilified.

Anonymous said...

These are purely Satanic and Luciferian acts.

By their acts shall we know who they really are.

They are no royalty or even high government officials - They are Luciferians first and foremost.

Hopefully the good people will wake up and know that they have been had. Those ruling over them are psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the IRA blew up Monty. Maybe there's where to will find a crack in the code & the real dossiers.

Larry Robson said...

We have to keep the pressure up. Will someone please come forward with more facts about a certain high-profile litigant? This could blow the lid off everything. He is a pretty weak bet as it is;(and they know it) thus there is a chance to prove them all liars. Remember an editor of scallywag may have died for this info and as Icke points out, why wasn't redress sort by this man at that time?

Anonymous said...

No wonder we broke from these GODLESS people in 1775 !!!

Anonymous said...

A deeply complex issue surrounded by the structures of power and corruption. Perhaps a source of awakening for many.

Nothing new under the sun; a societal reality as old as the dawn of civilization. When the natural tendency of love and nuturing is deliberately driven into subversiveness and hierarchical control, the roots of deviance and demonization are born.

It's not coincidental that these revelations come at this time. While it may indeed throw the corrupt chains of the power structure, it requires distance and discernment in each human being to step back from the emotion, and try to decipher where the real truth is. Do we truly care for and cherish every human being and his or her innate freedom in a world of love, compassion and understanding?

Anonymous said...

TRANCEformation of America by Kathy O'Brian

Anonymous said...

4:37 Please wake up.

You were created by those GODLESS people as THEY wrote your Constitution and ran your little colony from day 1. They never gave up control and used the USA as their hammer to destroy the remaining honest independent nations with family values.........places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, many nations in Central America too. Now they use you to destroy the middle east.

The Franklin Coverup scandal is an American story. It is worse than the crap that seems to cause you so much outrage against the UK. Stop pointing fingers elsewhere like a coward and deal with 'your' own problems.
google Franklin coverup scandal and learn about your own country.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good 6:02! I will look into it!

Anonymous said...

You may have another Royal pedophile. Prince Andrew has promised to sever his controversial links with child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein
Read more:

Anonymous said...

That last post demonstrates a level of maturity not often seen in the blog responses: "Sounds good 6:02! I will look into it!" Good on ya.

Dent Arthur Dent said...

You write so authoritatively yet you are clearly just regurgitating what you have read online in the past few weeks and cobbled it together to make yourself look like you know all there is to know. You had never heard of Jimmy Savile before then, had you? How can I be so certain of this fact? Simple; the programme which you describe as 'Savile's ridiculous television show' (which, despite its flaws and his, was about the most popular thing on television at the time) was called 'Jim'll Fix It - not 'Jimmy'll Fix It'. A glaring error that only somebody who had absolutely no knowledge of Jimmy Savile would have made - it's (unfortunately) part of the British psyche so I'm also prepared to bet the farm on you not being remotely British either.

Anonymous said...

Yes good on ya 8:46/4:37.
Sorry for my harsh tone at 6:02
The Franklin topic has a lot of 'debunking' articles written about it, a lot. Wonder why so many?

Anonymous said...

oh, so THIS is why the Princess dumped him!
well, now i get it.

Activist said...

Thank you Dent ... fixed. Trying to help bring attention to an important topic. Appreciate the comments.

Anonymous said...

Dent. Only British people can comment on this scumbag????????????
If you had never heard of Charles Manson, and you read up on him and wrote an essay about it..........would we be forced to reject every word and condemn you because you are not American.
WTF kind of logic trip are you on? Or are you just looking to get people off this awkward topic?

The Royal family are surrounded by pedophilia scandals. Dead girl's bodies on their estates(January 2012), close personal servants convicted of pedophilia crimes, the sick twisted prince Andrew and his close connections to pedo pimp Jeff Epstein. Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and other top politicians connected to all of this crap and your BBC covering up its own crimes is a filthy bloody disgrace!

I'm not British Dent, I'm Irish and I understand your sick twisted country.
Jim, Jimmy, Jimi, James or Jimbo, that creature worked with the protection of MI5, partied with the Royal family and destroyed little children and their families. What about you Dent, what do you do?

Anonymous said...

He picks up the royal scraps.

Dent Arthur Dent said...

@ Anonymous

No, my point is that there are a hell of a lot of instant experts on Jimmy Savile who had never heard of him a month ago, just like the writer of this article who had never heard of 'Jim'll Fix It' which anybody who had heard of him would know!

So, as I said in my comment, all they are doing is copying and pasting other people's opinions.


Anonymous said...

Looking into the Franklin scandal I would have to say that there is probably a lot of truth to it!! Very sad!! I have heard that Atlanta is the sex trafficking capital of the world!! Even more sad!! The point that I was making was that in 1775/6 we had enough!! Nothing is perfect but I would like to think that they where trying to get away from any kind of sickness!! Looks has if it may have reverted back to its old self!! If God doesn't punish them then He may have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!! Perhaps that could shed light on this country sad condition?! We are suppose to be a free light to the world, but we can't do it with a sick mind and heart!! So sad!!

Anonymous said...

Pyschopaths obtain power and wealth by, for examples, bribery, or the sale of illegal drugs or what are known to be stolen goods, or by using a programmed child sex slave to seduce the target while the cameras roll, then using that to obtain acquiesence and cooperation through the threat of blackmail. If a target proves resistant to such techniques and an obstacle or threat to the plans of the psychopaths then the target will be murdered. Psychopaths appear to be a sub-species of homo sapiens, constituting some 5% of the total population. Apparently psychopathy can be induced by traumatic genital mutilation soon after birth followed by intensive brainwashing (e.g. repeated religious claptrap) into adulthood.

Anonymous said...

Well done!! Well spoken!! Now that is a level of maturity not often spoken!!

Anonymous said...

Its irrelevant which country you originate from, this is an international ring with HQ in Belgium.
Check out this link...

Anonymous said...

Our victorious, happy, and glorious monarch has her share of questions to answer as well. Specifically, about what happened to ten Mohawk children who are reported to have kissed her feet whilst she was on a first visit to her colony of Canada with her male associate, and who were were then taken away on a picnic. And were never seen again. Google
The nerve centre for satanic paedophile abuse in Europe appears to be the Chateau des Amerois.

Anonymous said...

Everything you ever wanted to know about the crimes of the Windsors is in "The Zion King"
DVD - a must see.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the 70's Italian film 'Salo: 120 days of Sodom'? This all sounds eerily like that. It depicted 4 older rich men, pillars of society, abducting working class teenagers to their secluded castle to ride out the last days of WW2 raping & torturing. The well respected director was murdered shortly after completing it too (ah-ha). I thought it showed accurately what power does to your head after awhile. Very haunting

Its like fairy tales where the monster eats the child except the monster himself was once a child. I think once you get to a certain pinnacle of worldly renown your heart is so closed off only spoiling other's innocence makes you feel alive anymore. What a terrible existence to live as a vampire

Brian Thiesen said...

Nobody says anything about that dead child that was found on the queen's property, which we should all be sure is not a one-off

mona said...

Hey, don't lose the plot here, you are all fellow humans who sound decent so beware of attacking fellow scribes, truth can be a bitter pill and hard to find, so lets just stick to that.

Frank Jackson said...

Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to St John International head office in London, are here:

Anonymous said...

"Considering Icke’s accuracy in terms of information on this particular issue, perhaps it would be wise if those who heard him speak years ago might take him a little more serious the second time around."

Does this mean that the Queen of England actually is a shape-shifting reptile?

Anonymous said...

This report is sensationalism at its finest.

Yes Jimmy Saville was a pervert, yes the royal family had met with him on several occasions.

Does this mean the royals are perverts?

No ofc not, there is no EVIDENCE of this only your SPECULATION.

Typical Americans...

Anonymous said...

...Typical troll drive by denouncement. POS.

Emma said...

Progressives don't want to hear that occultists run governments. Since John Dee and long before him. Court astrology is as old as time. Reagan had one.

Sodo / pedo / orgy cult acts are initiation and bonding rites. Think of killing to be "made" in the mob. You'll never talk after that.

Yes footage is taken for control and places are wired. Catherine Austine Fitts says everyone in DC has a "control file." Abel Danger tracks the pedo issue. One founder is a Brit.

When you see the Cocaine Import Agency running drugs and guns worldwide, understand it running sex rings too, all hidden by (anti-)national (in-)security, underneath British occultists out of City through fronts like Halliburton and UN, where so many agents work.

There's a logical reason why (a) no upright citizen can move or think without being databased for it, yet (b) somehow magickal $trillions in black market evil continue year in, year out.

The lame mantra "slip through the cracks" is government agitprop for power. That kind of dough is Niagra Falls. Banks are in on it, and as Fitts says, depend on it. Some crime is approved.

Anonymous said...

Where's the proof?

This article was - TOO LONG - most people won't read it. Are you fucking stupid?

Succinct, and to the point is what we need.

Anonymous said...

Savile had a collection of child porn that included the royal family raping children. That evidence is out there that's why all the royal PR campaign at the moment. There are a bunch of Satanist scum.

Anonymous said...

You never did

Anonymous said...

read the lyrics to god save the queen (sex pistols), it says it all, the royals answer to know one because everyone is scared of there power, when the liz croaks we will have them out with any hope, there is the 60 million in public spending cut straight away. Disney land London anyone,

Anonymous said...

Bill Malone is an older British man who runs Pie 'n Mash Films. He stood up in Trafalgar Square a while ago and whilst surrounded by the boys and girls in blue proclaimed via a megaphone that the erstwhile "Queen Mother" was a paedophile. None of these bought and paid for enforcers of the status quo moved in to arrest him for slander.
As I understand it, the Canadian Mohawk children's school referred to above was closed down sometime in the relatively recent past, after many successful years spent in the service of church and state. Prior to its closure, large volumes of earth were bulldozered over its grounds; not however before a number of buttons and remnants of school uniforms were brought to light, together with assorted fragments of bone.
Many there are in our various societies who will be thrown into the Lake of Fire which is the final reward of the wicked. Their "royal" status, or their friendship with such persons, will not prevent this final judgement.
"Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord".
You will remember the words of the Lord Jesus Christ with reference to any person who "offends against one of these little ones".
And also His words, "Depart from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels".
The time draws on apace.

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