Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Defeat of Prop 37 Means Go Back To Voting With Your Fork

Sayer Ji, Contributor
Activist Post

While many of us are disappointed with the results of the CA proposition 37 ballot initiative, to say the least, the political process is so corrupted with unlimited corporate spending1 that the real surprise for me would have been if it had passed.

Whereas the two-party system enables corporations to equally fatten the campaign larders of both "flavors" of senator, or president – Coke or Pepsi; Democrat or Republican – ensuring that while the public thinks one side is the victor, they get their hooks in no matter who wins, the California ballot initiative was actually a grassroots effort where the only side being funded by the multi-national corporations was the one against the people's right to know what's in their food.

In other words, this was a unique opportunity for an increasingly co-opted and "entertainment value only" American political system to vindicate itself, showing that a legitimate basic human right (informed consent; the right to choose not to consume potential toxins) could attain legal-regulatory support if enough folks voted for it.

Unfortunately, however, CA voters are highly susceptible to propaganda. The overwhelming majority support for Prop 37 eroded in the last few days before the vote. In essence, $48 million dollars of misleading media, advertising and even criminal misrepresentation of the truth, was enough to scare people into not doing what is so obviously required for there to be a semblance of food and health freedom in this country: the right to know what you are eating, and as a result, being able to choose to not eat something that is potentially toxic.

So, the truth and the people's will can and will continue to be outspent... UNLESS, we decide to heighten our awareness of the issue (which the Yes to 37 campaign undoubtedly did, on an unprecedented, massive scale), and learn to take our daily food purchases as seriously as we do our vote...

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Do not buy anything that contains corn, soy, beet sugar, canola, cow's dairy, papaya and is not explicitly labeled either "non-GMO" (in the case of milk "rBGH free") or "USDA certified organic."
  • Avoid "natural brands" owned by pro-GMO mega-corporations, e.g. Heinz owns Spectrum Organics, M&M owns Seeds of Change, Hershey Foods owns Dagoba, Coca-Cola owns Odwalla. See entire list in the infographic here. Why not support these brands? Because even if you are buying one of their products containing an organic ingredient, the money goes to a corporation whose overall net effect is likely to expand non-organic practices versus organic ones. Or worse, the brands are simply labeled "natural" when they contain no organic ingredients, or even genetically modified ones.
  • Avoid restaurant food whose ingredients are not clearly apparent. Have a discussion with the server and manager if necessary in order to express to them your desire to eat non-GMO foods. These efforts can go a long way in making a difference in the way they source and label foods in their menu.
Each and every purchasing decision you make today will have lasting effects tomorrow. Unlike plying massive efforts towards generating a majority vote on a ballot initiative, or getting our president to live up to his now failed GMO labeling campaign promises, the positive effect is immediate and will ripple out in ways that are deeper (even while being harder to directly measure) than simply changing labeling requirements.

So, given that the political process has put a stopper on much of the momentum behind the pro-labeling movement, send a message today by withdrawing your support (with your dollars, your forks, your mouths!) for the companies that do not support your right to know.

Their bottom line is the only thing they will listen to.

1, Citizen's United "opened the floodgates for unlimited corporate spending on election campaigns."

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Anonymous said...

What the idiots don't appear to appreciate is that agriculture is one of the last bastions of exportable commerce and a huge revenue generation event for balance of payments.
So what do the assholes do?
They make sure that noone overseas who will not buy GMO foods will not buy our agricultural exports, thus limiting jobs and exacerbating the balance of payments issues.
Nice going, you nitwits.

Anonymous said...

All that needs to be done is a "kosher" type symbol for non gmo foods needs to be created.. Companies dont have to have it...but we dont have to buy their food, the same way a Jewish peson does not buy food products that have not paid a Rabbi to certify as kosher. That simple.

Anonymous said...

If GMO's are chemical, and they are, and if these chemicals cause cancer, then GMO's are already subject to proposition 65 in California. Read the law - it's just a lawsuit away from an outcome "worse" than prop 37. Mon-sant made a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Proposition 37 had many built in loopholes for products to be excluded from having to be labled as GMO. So many in fact that the law, if passed, would have been effectively useless.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming the "stupid voters", the great majority of them supported this measure. Proposition 37 failed because of massive vote fraud.

Anonymous said...

Vote with your fork and wallet. From cornucopia a partial list of those who supported your right to know and those who didn't:

YES on 37 (heroes):

New contributors include Glorybee Foods ($10,000), Teeccino Caffe ($1,000) and Earth Circle Organics ($1,000). Companies making contributions in addition to prior donations include Presence Marketing (an additional $55,000) and Stonyfield Farm (an additional $25,000). And several executives chipped in with personal contributions, including Presence Marketing owner Bill Weiland ($25,000), UNFI, Inc. CEO Michael Funk (an additional $15,000) and Presence Marketing COO Christine Tzumas ($1,000). Briarpatch Community Co-op contributed an additional $1,375.

Music fans might be interested to learn that musician Jack Johnson contributed $5,000.

NO (fighting citizens right to know what is in their food):

The agrochemical corporation DuPont contributed half a million dollars 10-31-12. General Mills, the parent company of organic brands Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen yesterday contributed an additional $95,000 and the J.M. Smucker Company, which owns organic juice brands R.W. Knudsen and Santa Cruz Organic, contributed an additional $70,000 to oppose Proposition 37.

The other learning curve is for voters to watch who "gives" them their voting information. Be more critical of what you think you know and how you came to know it. Collect the fancy fliers and analyze them and note who sent them (the more innocuous sounding the sponsor, the more likely it is Rove or Monsanto.)

Be more skeptical and vote against Money.

Anonymous said...

You do realise "They" do not have any intention to address the balance of payments nor any other fiscal or monetary problem this country has from here on out, until the collapse happens, and it will happen. "They" are ALL PSYCHOPATHIC and power hungry and there is no cure. "They" do not care about any of this or us or what will happen. THEY DO NOT CARE!

Anonymous said...

There's a load of Mexicans in California, and corn, etc. is a staple of their diet. Do the math.


Are we going to sit back and let them kill us? I guess you have to change your diet to nuts and berry's. These scientists need to be rounded up and force fed their glyphosate creations and let us observe them for a few years.

Anonymous said...

STEADCORE is right.

In the meantime keep voting with your forks and WATCH WHAT YOU EAT like a HAWK!

I'd like to add this list to the foods you may be consuming that have GMO and you need to AVOID:

GMO Soups

The following soups contain GMO ingredients, typically in the form of corn-based thickeners and flavoring enhancements:

Campbell’s Basic Soups

Cheddar Cheese
Chicken Noodle
Cream of Broccoli
Cream of Celery
Cream of Chicken
Cream of Mushroom
Green Pea

Campbell’s Healthy Request

Chicken Noodle
Cream of Celery
Cream of Chicken
Cream of Mushroom

Campbell’s Select

Baked Potato with Steak & Cheese
Beef with Rice
Chicken Rice
Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes
Hearty Chicken & Vegetable
Pepper Steak
New England Clam Chowder
Roasted Chicken with Rice
Vegetable Beef

Campbell’s Simply Home

Bean & Pasta
Chicken Barley
Chicken Noodle
Chicken & Rice
Chicken & Wild Rice
Corn Chowder
Country Vegetable
Crab Soup
Fat Free Chicken Noodle
Fat Free Lentil
Fat Free Minestrone
Fat Free Roast Chicken
Fiesta Chicken
Garden Vegetable
Lobster Bisque
New England Clam Chowder
Roasted Chicken with Rotini
Tomato Basil
Vegetable Beef with Pasta
Zesty Herb Tomato

Campbell’s Soup to Go

Chicken Noodle
Chicken Rice
Garden Vegetable
Vegetable Beef & Rice

Healthy Choice (ConAgra)
All soups

Pepperidge Farms (Campbells)
All soups

Progresso (Pillsbury)
All soups

Brian Thiesen said...

EVERYONE needs to watch this inspiring video:
As upset as I was about the 'defeat' I am fully inspired, because I know that we now, have truly gotten to the point where the solution will appear.

This video shows how an indigenous tribe WON the David vs Goliath battle, found food, energy, and medical independance and took on Britain, Australia and Rio Tinto ALL at the same time. They were shooting down choppers with bow and arrows!

It is at these times, we need to be uplifted, and it is at these times we know we are close, I feel this is the last 'defeat' but in reality a big step toward victory!

Anonymous said...

Let's make it easy for dummies to understand. If ANY food product you buy does not have the word "organic" in front of each ingredient, then it does contain GMO. If you know that simple fact then you can understand all the labeling is simply a massive waste of money.

Two words....BUY ORGANIC!

But being organic doesn't mean the food isn't contaminated with Barium, Cesium, Strontium, Americium, and many other radioactive isotopes, not to mention lead, arsenic, and so on.

EVERYTHING on this planet is poisoned.

abinico said...

We are doomed.

Brother Mark S Phillips said...

It is up to us "The American People" to not let this go idly by. Not only is food labeling important to us right now but OUR CHILDREN. THEY will pass on the GENETIC issues caused by food products that have not been adequately tested.

The FDA has a proven track record of failure to protect the American people and rescinding previously approved products AFTER the poison of kill people. Wright, Call, Email your representatives. Share on social media, talk to friends... We cannot let legislature like this be defeated by CORPORATE MONEY and FAILED POLITICIANS.

If you dont have the time or energy to stand up support organizations like OCCUPY. They are fighting the fight for those who cannot, they are feeding and helping the people FEMA cannot. OCCUPY is about us the people and our liberties, our economy and our planet...

Anonymous said...

Who DOESN'T want to KNOW what they are eating? Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Eat right - we don't need silly laws passed by silly legislators whose financial well-being is dependent upon the corporations - that is plain silly.

Do you need some law passed before you do what is right?


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong wit this author,is he clueless? It is obvious it was massive vote fraud. Till paper ballots put into clear plastic boxes and counted by the voters in front of voters, you will never have an honest election. Author please school your self in vote fraud before you cal people stupid. Everyone I know whether liberal or conservative thought labeling GMO's was a good ides. People should be auditing the machines.

Anonymous said...

Did Prop 37 really lose or was it vote fraud?
by Jon Rappoport

(NaturalNews) Hold your horses.

On election night, not long after the polls closed in California, the announcement came out: Prop 37 was losing. A little while later, it was all over. 37 had gone down to defeat.

But is that the whole story? No.

As of 2:30PM today, Thursday, November 8th, two days after the election, many votes in California remain uncounted.

I tried to find out how many.

It turns out that the Secretary of State of CA, responsible for elections in the state, doesn't know.

I was told all counties in California have been asked, not ordered, to report in with those figures. It's voluntary.

So I picked out a few of the biggest counties and called their voter registrar offices. Here are the boggling results:

Santa Clara County: 180,000 votes remain uncounted.

Orange County: 241,336 votes remain uncounted.

San Diego County: 475,000 votes remain uncounted.

LA County: 782,658 votes remain uncounted.

In just those four counties, 1.6 million votes remain uncounted.

The California Secretary of State's website indicates that Prop 37 is behind by 559,776 votes.

So in the four counties I looked into, there are roughly three times as many uncounted votes as the margin of Prop 37's defeat.

And as I say, I checked the numbers in only four counties. There are 54 other counties in the state. Who knows how many votes they still need to process?

So why is anyone saying Prop 37 lost?

People will say, "Well, it's all about projections. There are experts. They know what they're doing. They made a prediction..."

Really? Who are those experts? I have yet to find them.

For big elections, the television networks rely on a private consortium called the National Election Pool (NEP). NEP does projections and predictions. Did NEP make the premature call on Prop 37? So far I see no evidence one way or the other.

NEP makes some calls for the television networks, but NEP is composed of CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, and AP. It could hardly be called an independent source of information for those networks.

NEP has AP (Associated Press) do the actual vote tabulating, and NEP also contracts work out to Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International to do exit polls and projections based on those polls.

Edison Media Research did the exit polls in the state of Washington for this election. How? They surveyed 1493 people by phone. Based on that, I assume they made all the projections for elections in that state, even though there is no in-person voting in Washington, and voters can submit their ballots by mail, postmarked no later than election Tuesday. So how could Edison know anything worth knowing or projecting on election night?

Both Edison Research and Mitofsky were involved in the 2004 election scandal (Kerry-Bush), in which their exit polls confounded network news anchors, because the poll results were so far off from the incoming vote-counts.

Edison and Mitofsky issued a later report explaining how the disparity could have occurred; they tried to validate their own exit-poll data and the vote-count, which was like explaining a sudden shift in ocean tides by saying clouds covered the moon. It made no sense.

So if NEP did the premature Prop 37 projections that handed 37 a resounding loss, there is little reason to accept their word.

We're faced with a scandal here. An early unwarranted projection against Prop 37 was made, when so many votes were still uncounted.

Those votes are still uncounted.

Why should we believe anything that comes next?

Jon Rappoport

Anonymous said...

As for ORGANIC food companies, here is some very practical, ‘actionable’ information:

Which, so-called “organic” food companies are fighting Prop 37 in California, to stop
GMO-labeling, and which organic food companies are funding/supporting GMO-labeling
(ie, your right to know)?

Boycott the Organic and ‘Natural’ Traitor Brands Whose Parent Companies Oppose Your Right to Know

Which Mega-Corporations own which “organic” food companies?

Download the “NON-GMO Shopping Guide” here:

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