Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Battle for Control Over Our Plates

Eve Burton, Contributor
Activist Post

You may think it unlikely that the government would have any real interest in exactly what is landing up on the plate of the average American, but in truth nothing could be more wrong. The lid has started to be lifted on the huge scale deception that has lead to the worst health epidemic that this country has ever seen.

When you stop and think about it for just a few seconds, it really doesn’t make sense that in this day and age, in one of the most developed countries in the world, with the best medical facilities and doctors; we have the worst state of public health ever seen. How could an affluent, forward thinking country have higher rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and countless other problems that simply did not exist on this scale 50 years ago? It is no accident.

Who’s Responsible?

The blame game could lead us down a number of avenues, all of which take us back to the same answers. Those who have money to be gained from illness and disease.

Now this is not some form of twisted joke, it is a real issue, and as hard as it may be to comprehend, the illnesses that we, our friends, families, and co-workers are all getting in such high numbers are largely avoidable simply by changing our diet. It is not down to one company, or group, but a huge industry that profits from packaging up chemicals and toxins and selling it as food, and another that profits from selling the drugs that are supposed to heal you. In truth, the best way to prevent illness is to stop eating all of the processed sugars, additives, preservatives and colorants, and return to a natural diet consisting mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of processed foods we are consuming and the amount of illness and disease in the country yet the government seems intent on covering it up to protect the interests of the industries that are profiting from it.

Money Matters

This is not a speculative subject, the facts have been screaming out for years, yet nobody making legislation is listening. Money speaks louder than words and the giant cover up and PR operation has been backed by billions of dollars of corporate money over the last 30 years, which has been enough to keep the public buying poisonous products and calling it food. The cost of a poor diet is huge on the average American who spends large amounts on health insurance and care for preventable health issues. If they were not spending so much on health problems, could have spend it a second place to live instead of lining the pockets medical companies.

The sugar industry is one example of how big spending has managed to curb public thinking back around to a point where we are blind to its damaging effects. Another issue, which is very current is the GMO and Monsanto debate. The Proposition 37 vote was won by the anti GMO labeling groups, lead by large GMO production companies such as Monsanto. By putting over $46 million into an advertising campaign they managed to convince people not to allow their foods to be labeled correctly and for companies to legally hide the true contents of our food.

The Fact of the Matter

There are countless facts backing up the issues raised here, and they indicate the scale of the problem. From 1980 to 2010 child obesity rates tripled. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention published figures showing that 17% of children under the age of 19 were now obese. That’s 12.5 million overweight children! When this is shown against the increase in sugar and processed food consumption, the correlation is clear to see.

Another study by the CDC showed that one third of American adults were obese, and that rates of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease and other illnesses were at an all time high. If you are still finding it hard to understand how this could be allowed to happen, look at the other figures from the study showing the amount of money this is making for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

The 2008 costs associated with obesity were $147 billion, with obese people costing around $1500 more than those of an average weight. So there you have it, obesity and illness are big business to certain industries, making the incentive for change very difficult for the government. Large companies will do what they have to do to ensure their profits increase year on year, and a healthy country is just not good business for these huge corporations.

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Anonymous said...

Think about where your food comes from and how removed you are from its source. At one time, we were an agricultural nation. People grew food in their yards.

Today, we have little control of what we eat, how it was produced or where it came from. I remember neighborhood bakeries. Now, I go to Starbucks. They sell pastries that are days old and shipped in from far away places, loaded with preservatives and sold at ridiculously high prices. Stores don't produce food anymore. They buy it in bulk and ship it in from commercial factories. Often its unclean and loaded with insect particles.

Anonymous said...

My oncologist asked me how I had managed to shrink the primary lung tumor there by preventing him from administering chemo, but before I could answer he cut me off. In the following months as my blood results kept coming back normal he became impatient and exclaimed that I had been "lucky", but that in the coming months I would need chemo. That was 8 months ago. I came to learn that he made most of his money by administering chemo. There was no money for him to make by my changing my diet. I'm in remission now from stage 4 lung cancer and in better health than I've been in for years.

KenBrodeur said...

Read Weston A Price's "Nutrition and Degenerative Disease". Price was a Dentist, he studied native and tribal pre and post industrial diets and how it affected their dental health and health in general. This was all accomplished in the early 20th century, before GMO's.
His overwhelming conclusion is that industrial man's diet is poisonous to health and reproduction. He pointed out again and again, that a relatively narrow, local, raw and unprocessed diet was very healthy. Case in point, the Masi tribe in Africa eats a diet based wholly on the water buffalo. The Masi eat the water buffalo meat, milk and blood, they are a tall, thin and very healthy people. They eat almost no plant matter at all.
Eskimos are another tribal group that eat mostly whale blubber and seal meat. Sea weed is about all the vegetable matter they eat. The point I am getting to, is that raw, local and unprocessed food is the healthiest way to eat. Humans have the luxury to be omnivores, we can virtually eat anything, and with a proper education you can survive well anywhere on the planet.
If you want to be a vegan, that too is fine, make sure your diet consists of plenty of seeds. Common sense will tell you that a seed has all the basics to begin life, protein, fats and carbohydrates and adds to your nutritional balance. Chia seeds are an excellent example. Hemp seeds are another. Both are not yet genetically modified and very healthy.

Incriminally Sane said...

When the people finally awaken to the fact that everything in the Corporate world of America revolves around the separation of you and your money. They care not how this happens but one way or another, IT WILL HAPPEN! This means that in EVERY industry, they calculate the fastest way to accomplish this and in the food industry it is cheaper to use poisons than real ingredients which helps keep you sick and giving your money to the Doctors which fattens up the insurance companies who pay millions to the politicians which supposedly trickles down to "We the People". Can you say BS?

Anonymous said...

They are poisoning us to make us sick, stupid and dead because of Planet X. Everything else you hear is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Great article!

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY that I would take chemo. Every friend I've had that took it is dead today. They always told how sick it made them when they took it.

Rosey said...

I've only had 3 flue shots in my whole life and that was because my job 'preferred' it so that our shifts didn't run short due to illness. I haven't had the flue for 25-30 years. They even started giving out flu shots early this year in our area. Would you believe in end of August.

Another thing to look at is that the foods off the shelf in the supermarkets contain less nutrients than those you can grow in your own back yard. I grow veggies from non-GMO heirloom seeds that I can save and will grow for me twenty years from now. Somewhere I read that the vegs on the shelves contain only about 40% of the nutrients. It's no wonder our bodies store up as much as possible since there just isn't enough nutrition in our foods.

While I'm at it, think about all the fund drives and $$ collected for 'cures' that will never happen. The last big cure was polio and it put an entire industry out of business! If they cured cancer, I think the bottom would drop out of the medical world.

People have fallen into the trap of a brainwashed, controlled society.

Anonymous said...

I think a fart just talked back to me, damn GMO's!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on genetically modified corn, i.e., high fructose corn syrup:

alex said...

*...this is not the cumulative side effects of $$$ driven corporate profit 'benign-neglect'...but a mask of calculated & misdirected 'illusion' & confusion... created to obfuscate the real agenda, of 'Global Genocide' of 'us' the "useless eaters" by the"Capstone Pyramid Chess Club"...the royal reptilian 1% socio/psychopaths, colluding with their bankster-buddies 'uber-rich'
...To learn 'Who'rules over you-simply find out 'Whom' you're not allowed to criticize!?!

marcos toledo said...

To para phase Romney money are people

Anonymous said...

Good for you anon 7:09 AM - keep on healing yourself and tell the greedy doctor to go to hell.

Why on earth are we struggling to pay for national health care when the medical/pharma system is disfunctional.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Soy! It's being put into everything. You have to ask WHY??? It's touted as a health food but I've been reading the book "the whole soy story" and been finding out some horrible causes serious health problems in everyone! Soy, GMO corn(HFCS), and fluoride in our water/toothpaste/ and some foods anything else? this is just not natural or normal!!

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