Monday, November 26, 2012

Supporters of Israel Seek to Ban Hamas from Social Media

Activist Post

Social networks have become an influential part of the information battlefield, especially during uprisings and armed conflicts. In the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas on the Gaza strip, many suggest it was the first war started on Twitter and some even dubbed it the "World's First Social Media War."

Much to Israel's dismay, overwhelming military force cannot win a social media war. The sympathy for Palestinians in Gaza far outnumbered the support for Israel on Twitter and elsewhere.

Seeking a solution to this disproportionate cyber support, Israel sympathizers are lobbying to censor and ban their opposition from using social media weapons. They blockade Palestinians from having most physical goods, why not block them from Twitter as well?

The Hill reports:
Seven House Republicans asked the FBI in September to demand that Twitter take down the accounts of U.S.-designated terrorist groups, such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Somalia's al Shabaab. The letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller was spearheaded by Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas), who said Wednesday that the recent events vindicated the request. 
'Allowing foreign terrorist organizations like Hamas to operate on Twitter is enabling the enemy,' Poe said in an e-mailed statement to The Hill. 'Failure to block access arms them with the ability to freely spread their violent propaganda and mobilize in their War on Israel. 
Anti-American foreign terrorist groups around the world are doing the same thing every day. The FBI and Twitter must recognize sooner rather than later that social media is a tool for the terrorists.'
In addition to these elected officials, a group called Christians United for Israel has encouraged their followers to engage in a letter-writing campaign to demand that Twitter censor Hamas.

“The fact that a terrorist organization like Hamas, with so much Israeli and American blood on its hands, can use a service like Twitter is outrageous,” the group wrote in a campaign titled Ban Hamas From Twitter.

The complaint reads uses similar language as the letter by lawmakers to the FBI:

The United States government has designated Hamas as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Under 18 U.S.C. 2339A, it is illegal for any U.S. Company to provide 'material support' to a terrorist organization. This prohibited material support specifically includes 'services' and 'communications equipment.' By allowing Hamas to have a Twitter account, you are providing it with an important 'service' and extremely effective 'communications equipment' which are central to its primary mission of terrorizing the Israeli people and using civilian deaths to score political points.
This is not the first time lawmakers have lobbied private companies to censor opposition groups from the Internet. Google recently reported that in general take-down requests and requests for personal data from governments have risen dramatically, with the US making the most demands.

Senator Joe Lieberman has repeatedly lobbied Google to ban anti-government and violent rhetoric from their platforms, but only from stated enemies of the West. Of course, Lieberman still wants to be able to advertise bombing Iran through these platforms.

As for the Gaza situation, apparently the Tweets that sparked outrage were those that glorified rocket attacks on Israeli civilians and promulgated pictures of dead children alleged to have been killed by Israeli strikes, Tweets like "#Israel's military kills #Palestinian children in cold blood in #Gaza."

To date, there have been no calls for Israel to be banned for the IDF's incendiary tweets such as "we recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces aboveground in the days ahead."

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Anonymous said...

Truth is a fragile thing that needs protection. Like when activists tried to stop the Iraq war from starting, and truth's defenders came up with crap like free speech zones and even cut people off on C-SPAN lest the truth be polluted.

And CUFI isn't a foreign agent that advocates specifically for the subordination of our nation to another for religious reasons. Nope, that's pure tax-deductible patriotism there.

Brian Williams should follow the example of the news broadcasters in Maine who recently resigned on the air, saying they couldn't honestly report the news. The news Brian Williams reports needs the protection of monopoly on truth.

Money buys speech. Money buys legislation. Money owns the entire public discourse, but as soon as a protest becomes effective, dares to tell a different story, then mega-money's story becomes that it is being oppressed.

What cowards they are, their truth so fragile that the system it already owns and runs is not enough. There will never be enough censorship and repression to protect Washington and Tel Aviv from those who don't agree with the agenda. It wouldn't have gotten this far without massive suppression of dissent.

Anonymous said...

That slaver mentality has made free speech hate speech. Amazing, a great religion afraid of mere warm breath blown through the lips.

Anonymous said...

These jews are just terrible ... they are the ones should be censured...the ones that caused the global problems,.... and yet play "victim". They continue to steal land from Pals...and the world watches with Western nations blindly supporting them.

The western leaderships have mostly been replaced with their supporters...sad but true. That is why those leaders came out guns blazing giving top rock solid support (clinton) to Israel without checking the facts that it was Israel that started the entire firefights with Hama no choice but to respond.

Anonymous said...

Hamas is not "The Palestinians", it's a state sponsored terrorist group (also according to the state department's list of such groups) which openly advocates genocide and salivates over the murder of women and children. Such groups have no place on twiter or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

For those that seem to have no historic clew, hamas is the isrealis baby. Created by israelis for israelis.

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