Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scientists Discover New Technique to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post

Around the world, it is estimated that tens of millions of people are affected by both dental and skeletal fluorosis. In many cases, it is the addition of fluoride into drinking water supplies by governments that is the primary cause of both dental and skeletal fluorosis.

Common techniques used for defluoridation are coagulation-precipitation, membrane process and ion exchange.

The problem with these three techniques is that they are either too expensive or they further pollute the water.

Researchers from the National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan have discovered an effective method to remove fluoride from drinking water that is less expensive than conventional filtration processes and is safe to use.

The study, published in the Journal of Chemistry, concluded that the removal of fluoride from drinking water using modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) resulted in a removal efficiency that was 1.35 times higher than normal immobilized activated alumina.

Modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) was added to water that was tainted with fluoride and then analysis was conducted to evaluate the quantity of fluoride that was removed from the water.

Effect of an adsorbent dose on the removal of fluoride at 20 ± 1°C.

It was discovered that MIAA, at 20 +/- degrees Celsius has the capacity to remove more than 95% of fluoride from water. In fact, the adsorption capacity of MIAA was much higher (0.76 mg/g) when compared to the adsorption capacity of activated charcoal (0.47 mg/g) for the same concentration fluoride samples.

The adsorption method that is used by modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) is much more cost-effective (Ali, I., & Gupta, V. K. [2007] Advances in water treatment by adsorption technology. Nature Protocols) than the popular Reverse Osmosis Filtration method.

Considering that both MIAA and Reverse Osmosis Filtration remove more than 90% of fluoride, MIAA could be a viable alternative to removing fluoride from drinking water supplies in developing countries.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the use of MIAA in removing fluoride from drinking water. The greatest challenge in the use of MIAA for removing fluoride from drinking water is filtering MIAA once all fluoride has been absorbed.

Real water samples with initial fluoride concentration and final concentration

However, considering that the granules produced by MIAA varied from 3 to 6 mm, all that was required during the study to remove the MIAA granules from the water was basic water filtration.

Ultimately, the primary challenge faced when trying to removing fluoride from drinking water is cost.

The use of modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) to remove fluoride from drinking water could become a viable option that would enable communities in both developed and developing nations to remove fluoride from drinking water.

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Anonymous said...

You know I suspect instead of just not putting it into the water corporations will try and make even more money selling us purifiers! Its called the Hegelian Dialectic! Look it up! A lot of prepper sites are owned by some of the same groups that are causing problems! They are selling flouride to the people and at the same time selling goods to counter it! Same with other products! When getting on a site, do a command prompt then google the ip addresses found on that site! You will be amazed!

Anonymous said...

Using Alumina to filter fluoride is like wiping your butt with poison ivy. . . It gets the job done but YOU'LL BE SORRY LATER!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be more efficient to just not put the f**king fluoride in the water in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, ever thought of not putting the toxin in the water supply to begin with?? It isn't a naturally occurring substance, people add it to the water supply because they get paid to poison the populace. Junk science is everywhere you look, from chemotherapy to vaccines to GMO crops. The truth is your overlords wanted you dumbed down and sick so they can prey upon your energy.

That was then this is now, now they want you dead and to anyone with eyes to see it is blatant and obvious.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seems as the Saving$ derived from NOT Poisoning the WATER with Flourasylic Acid, would be enough to Motivate Murderers to STOP adding NON Benficient Poisonous Neurotoxins and Joint debilitating sterilants to Drinking Water?

Anonymous said...

Alumina removes flouride from Drinking water!? WOW! Alumina - i.e. aluminum oxide. That's the same thing the government is spraying out of the airplanes. Chemtrails people!! Wake up! It's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Try again Pakistan 'cause I ain't buyin' it!

LadyRavenhaire said...

For those who's water is fluoridated; instead of complaining, you need to do something about it. Get together with your neighbors & family, spread the message & fight. Check out

Anonymous said...

The key problem in that the fluoride being added is NOT calcium or even sodium fluoride, but actually flourine which is a by-product of aluminum production and very bad for any living thing. When people finally admit to the deep and extensive involvement of industry,big pharma, the government and the dark side of the medical industry maybe then changes will occur but not until then.

Anonymous said...

Savings? If murder or dumbing down are the purposes, why would they want to make such savings? That would be like the mass murderer "saving" by not buying a gun. Try to think like they do and it'll come clear.

Anonymous said...

This is asinine! Just don't floridate the water in the first place!

Anonymous said...

My buddy is a fire chief. I asked him what would u do if somebody took a sledge hammer to the fluoride pipe at the water treatment plant and the fluoride spilled everywhere. He said it would be a major HAZMAT spill and the men in white suits would be called in. So if you spill it, the State is called in and a major HAZMAT cleanup is required, but drink as much as you can, no problem. Just sick.

Cheryl Whitestone said...

I am in complete agreement with all the comments posted as of November 28, 2012. I had a well until the Military put a Gwen/Haarp Facility across from me. I fled. Now in Atlanta I am hauling water and try not to touch the tap water. By the way, when I shower quickly, I have long hair and its falling out a tablespoon per shower. How that for a side effect. Great they are killing us with fluoride. I have been trying to spread the word but these fluoride drinking zombies don't care or believe the disinformation.

Anonymous said...

Where can you get MIAA?

Anonymous said...

I live in Iowa, we have the worst water in the nation with farm chemical run off and fluoride. To ensure my drinking water is clean, I purchased a one gallon water distiller to clean my tap water. My water tests 000ppm, after distillation. Distilling will remove everything except VOC's "volatile organic compounds" so named after turpentine but in reality its all oil based chemicals or chemicals with lower than water boiling points. My distiller does come with an out-spout activated carbon filter. For those that whine, "but you will not get essential minerals", I take mineral supplements. Looking at the residue in my water distiller, cant see why anyone would think lime is an essential mineral. The reason they put lime into the water is to reduce the corrosive action of fluoride. Undiluted fluoride can eat through concrete. You can find one gallon water distillers on the net, as cheap as about $100.

Cathy Justus, FAN National Spokesperson Against Fluoride Poisoning In Animals said...

It has been shown that fluoride and aluminum increase each other's toxicity significantly when they come in contact with each other. For this reason I doubt this process. Go to and see what fluoride consumption did to my horses in the first necropsy and tooth report. Remember, horses drink far more water in a much shorter period of time. Go to the peer reviewed journal FLUORIDE The Quarterly Journal Of The International Society For Fluoride Research and read the editorial and two peer reviewed scientific research manuscripts on our horses at: , , . Go to and watch "Poisoned Horses", the short documentary produced by Dr. David Kennedy and the International Academy Of Oral Medicine and Toxicology on our horses. Don't complain. Get up and make a difference. Stop this stupidity of fluoridation. We did it after 20 years of it's practice in our town. Get a grass roots groop together, educate yourselves, and stand up for your rights to choose what you put into your body.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone point out a resource that'll tell me what counties in my region do fluoridate their water??

Someone posted it in a previous fluoride article but I cannot find it.

And I highly doubt adding something in the ALUMINUM family to our water is too great for our long term health. No thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Pinellas County, Florida. Last year we got the council to stop adding "flouride" to the water supply. I felt free for the first time in a while. Then on election day, the council members who stood with us were voted out by the non-thinking masses who said "So many of our kids live in poverty and can't afford to go to the dentist. Solution, poison all of us." The Tampa Bay Times, crap paper that it is, did nothing but run smear stories on the issue too for well over a year; including cartoons with toothless black children thanking the council members who voted to end "flouridation." Now with new council members they say they will begin adding "flouride" back into the water on March 1st of 2013. I cried and am depressed severly about this. I hate this country, state and county so much!

Anonymous said...

...this aricle is another attempt at fooling you to eat/drink MORE POISON!!!...*

Anonymous said...

we're charged$ when it's put in the water
we're charged$ when it's removed from the water.
primitive mind at the highest levels of academia and government.

Anonymous said...

Here in Santa Clara county CA, they just decided to start adding this poison to the water. I guess all these Silicon Valley big shots aren't as smart as they think they are.

hurricane11 said...

I Distill my water at home,It takes about 8hrs for 4lt,then i run it through a carbon removes everying,think evap from ground to sky then rain,same principle.As the water is stripped clean.if you want which i do is add collodiale silver copper and gold to the water one glass aday mixed.They say distilling water is bad for drinking as it has all the minerals taken out i say tastes great and a ballanced diet will surely fix the mineral issue.hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Hurricane11, your post prompted me to investigate water distillation. Thank you!

And Ifound it! Here's the site which shows you which counties and cities have fluoride:

Granted, this is the CDC we're talking about here so take the info with a grain of salt. Also, the information shown is voluntary. Cities my fluoridate but simply don't say so on this site.

It says, "My Water’s Fluoride allows consumers in currently participating states to learn the fluoridation status of their water system.

The best source of information on fluoride levels in your water system is your local water utility. All water utilities must provide their consumers with a Consumer Confidence Report that provides information on a system’s water quality, including its fluoridation level. The state drinking water administrator or state oral health program also should be able to help you identify the fluoride level of your drinking water.

Optimal fluoride levels recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service and CDC for drinking water range from 0.7 parts per million (ppm) for warmer climates to 1.2 ppm for cooler climates to account for the tendency for people to drink more water in warmer climates."

In my county the majority of the cities which do use fluoride do so at 0.80mg/L. The page says it was last reviewed by the CDC back in 2008(!!!) so that's just confidence inspiring, yeah?

Makes me want to call my water company and grill someone for current info.

Diane Drayhton Buckland said...


by George Glasser

BRIEF EXTRACT "In l999, EPA convened a group of experts to carefully consider the results of the Varner et al. (1998) study," USEPA spokesman, Charles Fox wrote in a September 5, 2000 letter to US Congressman Ken Calvert, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. Fox continued, "As a result of that conference, EPA has requested that the National Toxicology Program consider the possibility of conducting additional studies of the neurotoxicity of aluminum that include verification of the results observed in the Varner et al. Study."
Fox carefully avoided mentioning the fact that the reviewed study he cited was replicated in two previous studies by Dr. Julie Varner. All three studies found that aluminum-fluoride interactions are associated with brain and kidney damage in laboratory animals. Aside from brain and kidney damage, there was an 80% mortality rate in the animals fed doses of sodium fluoride and aluminum similar to those found in artificially fluoridated drinking water.
Alum (aluminum sulfate) is most frequently used by water companies to improve the appearance of drinking water, to make it clear. For many years, aluminum has been known to be neurotoxic to humans and animals.
The original Varner, et al, study published in Neuroprotective Agents, 1997, was designed to determine whether aluminum and fluoride (aluminum fluoride) in drinking water play a role in age-related neurological damage similar to Alzheimer’s disease. It was the first scientific study to deal with fluoride/aluminum interaction.

The researchers considered that fluoride and aluminum could combine in the stomach and be more readily transported to the brain. The combination, they believed, could enhance neurological damage and cause conditions such as presenile dementia or Alzheimer’s like dementia (ALD). During the first experiment, the researchers had noted and were perplexed by the alarmingly high death rate in the group of animals receiving aluminum and fluoride in their drinking water (80% of the animals in the low-dose group died before completion of the experiment).
They also noted that the amounts of aluminum and fluoride fed to the animals was about the same as the amounts people are exposed to in artificially fluoridated public water supplies. The reasons for the high number of animal deaths is still unexplained as was the fact that the greatest number of mental impairments appeared in the low-dose group of animals.
It was also observed that the animals who drank the aluminum/fluoride-laced water developed sparse hair and abnormal, copper-colored underlying skin which is related to premature aging. Researchers said that most often this condition is the result of several diseases including chronic kidney failure. Further autopsy results showed serious kidney abnormalities in animals that drank water containing both sodium fluoride and aluminum fluoride.........

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous: it is not a naturally occurring substance..."
You're wrong, it naturally occurs in many parts of the western U.S. that I know of, maybe elsewhere. I live in Reno, NV and our community well has high natural fluoride content. I had fluorosis that destroyed my teeth. Fluoride never prevented cavities, it's another lie, but sure does cause them. Look it up in any medical book. ~ Mark

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg group: "reduce the population to 500 million." Research it. Then you'll understand why all this is happening. It will be hard work to be a survivor of this process. And it makes sense that those that have the sense to do so - are the ones that survive.
And it'll just get worse.
By the way, you do know that Roundup (glyphosate) kills gut flora... and there is residue in all plants we eat that have been exposed. Creates a yummy environment for Candida Albicans to thrive.

Anonymous said...

Fluoride is naturally occurring in wells throughout the world, which is the primary focus of the research.

Anonymous said...

Chlorine is added to our Australian water supplies. That combined with fluoride must also form some toxic chemical to shower in and ingest.

Anonymous said...

The YT videos the Aluminum, glass, steel, cement and fertilizer industries don't want you to watch. . . ever!

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary
FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy - a David Kennedy film
Dr. Paul Connett - Toxic Tapwater
The Fluoride Deception
Fluoridation - At Any Cost - Part 1 of 3
Fluoride, Aspartame and Population Control
Nutrition and Behavior - Excitotoxins
Dr. Russell Blaylock
Iodine - The Most Misunderstood Nutrient

got these of the NWO Survival Guide in Chap 3.

Jonathan Tyndall said...

Your city is given an incentive payment to add phosphate by products to the water system so they can't be prosecuted for illegal dumping your the dump site.

Pamela Oatlle said...

Really the new technique is great to remove fluoride from drinking water. I feel happy to got the new technique. Thanks

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