Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ron Paul: Secession Is an American Principle

Ron Paul

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the bilderbergers gave paul a new assignment.

Doug Diggler said...

All this talk of secession is treason. I guess you people are cool with that. Are you also into owning slaves? Are you sure you won't end up getting owned this time?
WHy do you hate America? Is it because you listen to anything Charlie and David Koch have to say? Ron Paul clearly does.

Anonymous said...

Doug Diggler, you full of crap. Wanting to be free from the NWO means we want to own slaves? Is that what they train you govbots to say? You are the traitor.

Freedom Lover said...

Pretty obvious Doug Diggler didn't really listen or maybe the term should be hear RP's message! And he obviously doesn't know anything about Ron Paul the absolute Constitutional follower and believer in freedom and our countries sovereignty. You hit it on the head Anonymous post @ 12:55!

Anonymous said...

Please,please,please stop the succession and impeachment movement, it makes Republicans look ridiculous and does not contribute to the good of the country. Stop being Republicans, and start being statesmen sent to Washington to do the will of the people NOT the will of the party! If the ideals separating the parties cause problems for a majority of the population, it is going to be a problem for those who are fighting what the majority have voted for.

Anonymous said...

Press Release: Secession Petitions: Good PR But Bad Politics

Learn how to secede legally and politically at the state level may be worthy of your review & posting.

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