Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ron Paul Bids Farewell to Congress with Inconvenient Truth


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Anonymous said...

God bless Ron Paul the only true American left in congress.

Anonymous said...

The man may not feel he has accomplished a lot but watching his career has been an education for millions of us who have more that fifty brain cells to rub together thoughtfully.

3:45-4:14 are what this man is going to be known for. It's sad to see him leave but I have a feeling that we have NOT seen the last of this guy. He's going to be yelling from the roof tops til the day he dies.

The Federal Reserve and Income Tax is nicely recognized by Ron Paul. So is Federal Debt, redistribution of wealth, materialism in general, and the NDAA.

15:20+ is Ron Paul at his best, asking the blunt questions. Pot, hemp, gold and silver as currency, raw milk, light bulb choice, TSA, drug law hubris, toilets, APAC, drug war failure, prison society, policing the world, bank bailouts while middle class lost their homes, fiat money, personal responsibility, presidential kill list, REAL patriotism!!, and religious authoritarianism creating wars which benefit us, and special interest groups controlling government instead of the people.

"Have more trust in ourselves and less in the government."

And hahahah.. he called the president a psychopath!

Yes, Ron, an intellectual awakening will occur but it's going to be accompanied with gunfire I fear.

Also, this( is an excellent vid of him confronting Bernanke on the Fed. He spells it out succinctly. It's just so horrible that it's fallen on deaf ears and hearts there in DC.

Anonymous said...

Lumps began forming in my throat at several points. This is not over.

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