Saturday, November 3, 2012

PSA: Trust Us ... Vote Yes on GMO Labeling (Prop 37)

Activist Post

There is a camp of activists who belive that the best way to expose the controlling minority is through sarcasm and irony. When it comes to GMOs, where the truth has been revealed ad naseum about the ill effects across the generations, it certainly can be an effective tool.

The scientific debate is over -- GMO's kill -- so perhaps now it is time to just laugh in the corporate faces of mega-chemical companies like Monsanto and DuPont and expose them for the arrogant pyschopaths that they are. However, let us not forget that they are treating the human population of the world like lab rats ... literally. The right to know what we are ingesting should be a basic human right. GMOs have crossed the line in the most profound way possible, since even "organic" foods are susceptible to unknown cross-contamination

The following video is humorous and necessary, but let us not view it as merely gallows humor; it should galvanize us to realize what a pathetic and weak system we are opposing. They have the money behind them, but not the truth. We should rejoice in their desperation to preserve their failures, even stooping so low as to impersonate government agencies to spread their lies. The current policy chief of the FDA is Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto attorney, vice president, and lobbyist. Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Just laugh at these pricks, but be informed. Great video and links. Follow the trail, you'll be amazed.

KenBrodeur said...

Knowledge is power, why would anyone willfully be ignorant? YES ON 37!
And for those that argue it will cost more...
Can you put a price on your health?
It is only a one time charge to reprint a label and manufacturers well know if they use GMO's.
The economy is totally controlled. Here is a personal fact to drive home the point.
Where I live in California raw milk, if you can find it, cost almost $18 a gallon, you can get pasteurized rbst hormone induces milk for about $2 a gallon.
It obviously costs more to buy and inject hormones, heat process (pasteuriztion) milk while raw milk only needs to be collected.
We live here in the US in a totally controlled economy by the big bankers, even more so than communist Russia or China ever hoped to be. To bring down the monopolies YES on 37 would be a big blow and a step to greater health and freedom.
61 countries are ahead of the US in labelling GMO's is it not time to bring America back to greatness and health?

Anonymous said...

These same celebrities throw fancy parties and funny money for obama who appointed Monsanto as our food safety czar.

citizen ron says you need to f*cking wake up said...

to bring america back to greatness and optimal health you have to start by THROWING OUT GOVERNMENT. O-U-T.

NO ONE IS WILLING TO DO THAT. so sit down and shut up. you don't like GMOs? DON'T EAT WHAT YOU SUSPECT IS GMO FOOD. simple.

go cry elsewhere for your bandwagon of idiots.'

YES on 37 solves nothing. THEY'VE GOT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU VOTERS BY THE DIGITAL BALLS. this game is rigged so that THE PEOPLE DO NOT WIN ANYTHING. you're relying on a crooked system to give you an accurate vote. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY, YOU FOOLS.

wake up, humans.

Wipe the Drives said...

I'm with Wake Up! WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

When the cops, Monsanto lawyers and complicit judges and farmers start getting cancer in droves, maybe they will wake up too.I hope by then it won't be too late but I'm not holding my breath.

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