Saturday, November 10, 2012

Peace in Israel is the Establishment's Worst Nightmare

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

Israel is an excuse, a mandate, a perpetual casus belli, and both an ideological as well as literal beachhead in the Middle East. Created and propped up by the West, in particular the US and United Kingdom, it has served as the medium through which Western foreign policy flows in and out of the Arab, and to a greater extent, the Muslim World.

It is through a carefully cultivated strategy of tension that this perpetual casus belli is maintained. Without the constant perceived fear of Israel's demise and the "moral imperative" to prevent it, real or imagined, it would be difficult to justify Western involvement in nations that otherwise pose no perceivable threat to America or Europe. A "clash of civilizations" is likewise being created within the West itself to augment this paradigm, but it has yet to "come of age," and still depends heavily on Israeli-Arab tensions to sustain itself.

Image: Israel does not bulldoze homes because it thinks it will eventually eliminate its enemies by doing so. To maintain a perpetual strategy of tension to justify perpetual meddling by neo-colonialists in the Middle East, Israel bulldozes homes specifically to create more enemies. To think otherwise, would be to falsely assume Israel's current leadership is actually invested in the self-preservation of the nation-state. They are not.

It is clearly in the best interests of Western corporate-financiers seeking to remain involved in the Middle East and reassert hegemony over the region, to keep this strategy of tension viable and as heated as possible. The policies of Israel are so ham-handedly provocative, it is surprising that more people do not see the truth behind them - that Israel's heavy-handed belligerence is a calculated decision to keep the tension ratcheted up as high as possible. For what other reason could a nation-state want to deliberately, slowly, and systematically bulldoze the homes of impoverished men, women, and children? Self-preservation by eliminating it enemies? Or the perpetual creation of new enemies? 

It is not just a theory that the West and Israel purposefully cultivate and exploit the hatred incurred by their calculated, blatantly provocative policies. 

Like a dam straddling a river, the force of tension against the dam produces energy from which those who constructed it, benefit. The hatred, fear, and violence perpetuated between the Jewish people and their perceived enemies has been a prominent driving force behind Wall Street and London's century-long campaign of invasion, occupation, subversion, and exploitation across the Muslim World.

A recent example of this was using regional hatred toward Israel to implement the opening phases of the US-engineered "Arab Spring." Because any regime Israel feigned support for would be instantly poisoned by a political "touch of death," Israel openly and oafishly feigned support for Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, claiming it had sent weapons and riot control gear to assist his government in suppressing "anti-American/anti-Israeli" protesters. In reality, the protests in Egypt's streets were planned years in advance, beginning as early as 2008 in New York City by confabs organized by the US State Department.

In essence, the West and Israel played people's emotional persuasions like a fiddle, and executed one of the most profound geopolitical re-orderings in recent history.

The same ploy would be used against Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi was accused of being "Jewish," hiring Israeli mercenaries, using Israeli weapons, and of any other conceivable link imaginable to likewise inflict him with the "touch of death" incurred by this strategy of tension. And perhaps the most absurd example of all, were early attempts to use the same tactic against Syria, exemplified best in Hareetz of Israel's op-ed titled “Israel’s Favorite Arab Dictator of All is Assad.”

None of these ploys would have worked, had Israel and its Western-sponsors not maintained seething hatred against themselves throughout the world.

What if? 

Now let's imagine an Israel led by a government genuinely concerned about not only the self-preservation of Israel, but its stability, peace, and prosperity. Would such a nation bulldoze houses leaving destitute families sitting in the rubble before the cameras of the international press? Would such a nation indoctrinate its population to hold an irrational hatred that fuels a destructive conflict that exploits and expends the summation of the Israeli people's talent, economic activity, time, energy, and attention?

Image: Israel is also suffering protests against economic woes and social injustice - begotten by the misappropriation of Israeli resources both human and financial. The nation could easily redirect its immense military budget into real economic development and progress - if it could oust leaders who seek to maintain Israel as a beachhead for Western hegemony instead of growing it into a self-sustaining nation-state.

The answer is definitively no. A nuclear-armed Israel which faces no serious existential external threats, that turned away from this current Israeli-Arab strategy of tension would lead to region much like Southeast Asia, where profound cultural differences between neighbors have been largely set aside because each nation is too busy developing itself. Israel would benefit, its neighbors would benefit. Extremists on both sides would find themselves with dwindling supporters.

The only losers would be the policy makers from think-tanks like the Brookings Institution, and the corporate-financier interests which fund them. They admit nations like Iran and Syria pose no threat to either Israel's or America's national security, and in fact state that provocations must be made to bait such nations into war. Without the Israeli-Arab strategy of tension, without Arabs and Israelis dying every month, year after year, such provocations and the wars they seek to start would become exponentially more difficult to justify or sell to the public - if not entirely impossible.

A future where Israel lives in peace with its neighbors is possible. The answer is not waging war against its neighbors who neither desire nor will benefit from conflict with a nuclear-armed, Western-backed militant state, but by recognizing the current Israeli government itself as the single most pressing existential threat Israel and its people face. By removing and replacing them with people genuinely invested in "Israel the nation-state," instead of "Israel the beachhead," a true path to peace and prosperity can be found and embarked upon. 

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Anonymous said...

Instead of actually doing anything useful (that's boring), Usurpers have all this time to run around causing problems for everybody. They like it. They're like the stupid bully who's just calculating enough to use reverse psychology on his targets to get at their lunch money and then convinces himself it's justified for reasons he likes (I'm mad at them anyway, rape is fun, I'll get stuff) and then congratulates himself how smart he is. Too bad the bully doesn't realize how difficult it is to maintain trouble or how easy it would be to stop it. Or if he does, one must conclude he is incapable of change. S.O.S.! Welcome to the Age of the Conniving Culture of Earth. Intelligence gone.

Anonymous said...

Until Hamas and Hezbollah is contained and "neutered", Israel can have no peace.

Anonymous said...

Israel created Hamas Anon #2. So as you can see, we wind up right back to needing to rip the current government in Israel out of power, put them in a dungeon and put someone in their place who's actually interested in Israel moving forward in coexistence with its neighbors. Hezbollah wouldn't exist if the West hadn't spent the last 50-60 years trying to destroy Iran.

Anonymous said...

Not an entirely untrue thesis, but basically it is out of date or inaccurate to say the West created and props up Israel. This is the Noam Chomsky school of thought that Israel is the victim of US control, quite the opposite and the empirical evidence that the tail wags the dog is overwhelming.

That said, it would be wrong to only blame "the Jews" in all these, at the time Israel came about it was quite an organic and spontaneous outcome, long time in coming and most of the people involved, European Jews, could not see the forest from the trees and probably had honorable intentions. Theodore Herzl even said that Israel would serve as a model state someday! Har.

But, I'm afraid the problem is more than just geopolitics, although I commend the author for giving a crack at a thorny topic.

Might I refer to some of the following sources?

Douglas Reed, The controversy of Zion
Deanna Spingola, The Zionist Seizure of World Power
The Ugly Truth website with articles and podcasts
The Occidental

and why not read the book by David Duke, Jewish Supremacism.

Also, a very interesting essay is by Lasha Darkmoon, entitled Here Comes Evil, very succinct summary of the political situation.

The metaphysic of Jewish tribalism, religion, ideology, political power, and so on is hard for most people to grasp. Once you put it all together though then it becomes clear how it may have been once true that the West decided to use Israel for geopolitical purposes, but Jewish power soon outsmarted the dumb gentiles and took over the entire Western project.

Anonymous said...

Anon #4 - If the West cut aid to Israel, it would cease to exist in weeks. If Israel ceased to exist today, the West would continue on as if nothing happened.

So much for your thesis.

Anonymous said...

Anon #4 and#5. According to a gallup poll, approximately 78% of the U.S. population is Christian. No chance aid would be cut to Israel. The willfully ignorant Christians in this country think that Israel can do no wrong. I know, because I drive by the biggest satellite church in our area and see a sign (been there for weeks) "Israel Awareness Month". In addition, all of the right wingers in my family (the fundamentalist Christian variety) seem to think that Muslims are truly evil, and they love Netanyahu... think he's great. So, you see... Israel is taking advantage of this. They are smaller and physically less powerful, but they control the minds of many in this country. They have infiltrated western government, they control the banks, they own most of the wealth, control our policy through lobbying, etc. So the notion that the U.S government would ever withhold aid from Israel is wishful thinking at best. I think David Duke is right on, but since he is a former KKK grand wizard, I would never, in a million years, use him as a source because that takes away some of his credibility. Being a libertarian anarchist, the KKK goes against my ideals, as they have been known for violent aggression, which I do not condone. Lasha Darkmoon's website is very good and I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory. I almost wish it was true. And not Genocide against the people of Palestine. What they seem to forget is the Males all share the same Y chromosome as Abraham. So they are torturing their own cousins. It's never going to be enough for Israel. Just like it's never going to be enough for the Global elite Banksters. We are all cannon fodder for them. Disposable. God help us.

LadyRavenhaire said...

Capitalism is a system of government whereby capital is its main goal, as opposed to society or human needs. Under such a definition, is it surprising that it advocates war? Follow the money trail and you understand the system. War is the biggest money maker in the world, but especially for the US. Of course, they want war in the middle east, because there is so much profit to be made. The Israeli 1% don't care about Israel as a country or its people or any people for that matter. They care about profits! (after all they can always leave the country after they destroy it with the profits they made). Of course, they don't want peace & co-existence in Israel. They want to escalate hostilies, in order to justify buying more arms & skimming the profits from the arms sales with the US. Win win for the US manufacturers that run our country, win win for the Israeli 1% that skims its profits from the arms sales, but a lose lose for all of us, but especially the Palestinians who are viewed as collateral damage in order for the 1% to gorge itself like beezlebub in profits from human blood. When will people question why is there always $ for war and for police, but never enough $ for education or to feed the hungry children of our country.

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous #6 and I forgot to mention that I have nothing against the people of Israel. When I said "Israel" above, I meant the Israeli government... not the people. Sorry if that was not clear.

Anonymous said...

Didn't a prophet warn about future times after a long period of world wars the leaders will cry, "Peace and safety" (or security?)will come sudden destruction?


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