Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Multinationals Walmart, Disney, and Sears Connected to Bangladesh Factory Where Fire Killed 112

Walmart clothing found at scene of fire
Credit: International Labor Rights Forum
Joe Wright
Activist Post

More information is coming to light over the tragic factory fire that killed 112 workers in Bangladesh.

Tony Cartalucci reported yesterday that Walmart has gone on record admitting to its clothing being made there, but supposedly without the retailer's knowledge.

Now after further investigation two more multinational mega corporations have been linked: Disney and Sears.

As the video report below highlights, the factory had a history of poor safety, specifically including faulty fire extinguishers according to survivors.

Other reports indicate that management told people to continue working even after the fire alarms sounded. Fortunately, three factory officials have been arrested, accused of actually locking the doors to the facility and trapping workers inside. Thousands of protesters have filled the streets demanding answers.

Hopefully this tragedy will highlight the disgrace of purchasing from these companies and supporting the conditions that lead to injuries and deaths that occur in their facilities.

In addition to what is happening overseas, Walmart in particular is directly responsible for contributing to the economic decline in America, and their list of crimes continues to pile up including bribery, exploitation, and discrimination. This has resulted in a backlash by various local communities who have taken action to expose their deceptive and dangerous practices.

It is not enough to expect that reforms are likely to come, however, we must boycott and eventually replace them. As Cartalucci suggests, this can be done through "a concerted local effort to create citizen-networks, clubs, hackerspaces, and makerspaces to pool resources together and begin replacing permanently, large multinationals like Walmart, not through mere protests or policy changes, but through local innovation and entrepreneurship."

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Anonymous said...

I'll never buy anything from these companies again. Sorry kids, no Disney.

Anonymous said...

A woman started a petition on towards walmart, GAP and H&M to fix these factories.

Activist said...

Terrific anon, thank you for the link - J.W.

Anonymous said...

How is this Walmart's fault? If anything it would be the fault of the country, their government, their workers etc. How is it Walmart's fault??? This is just biased ganging up on Walmart.

Anonymous said...

It works like this.

American #1 hires a desperate poor person to clean out his paint shed for $50, and this poor person decides to pour the paint into the sewer in front of the house.

#1 gets a prompt visit from local authorities, heavy fines, possible civic law suits, possible demands for damages from the city, audits etc.
Why? Responsibility, morality, accountability.

American #2 some rich guy (corporations are people too, dontcha know!) hires a bunch of poor people to make clothes, big million dollar deal. Over 100 of them are burned alive due to all sorts of work safety violations.

#2 is above the law and takes no responsibility, and laughs as poor people here fight like dogs to buy his crap made by slaves. His media empire will protect him, his stock of political hacks in both D and R parties will rally round him too.

Little people are responsible, big corporations get away with murder. Governments always guilt us over personal responsibility, and they always protect their corporate masters.

How can anyone shop at Walmart? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

So did you hurt yourself jumping to conclusions??? Here is how it really works. Walmart or Disney is approached by a businessman from another country, could be a European country it could be an Asian country. It could be a poor country it could be a rich country. The workers could be incredibly better off because they have jobs they could be marginally better off. But none of that matters becase they are the foriegn businessman's workers not Disneys, not Walmarts. Disney and Walmart have ZERO control over the foreign countries rules an laws and if they tried to interfere they would be shown the door. But none of this makes any difference to knee jerks like you. All that matters is you see the name "Walmart" and you pounce like the nut case that you are. After all if it is "corporation" then THEY must be bad, right!

Anonymous said...

ZERO control.

112 dead people. Fcuk off!

Anonymous said...

One can only assume you mean that Bangladesh or the foriegn businessman who owns the factory should Fcuk off.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame WalMart, Disney, Sears. People made a free choice to shop there knowing precisely that they were getting cheap crap made by slaves. If people decided that it was time to eradicate slavery by paying more for stuff made by people working for real salaries, this problem would go away, and incidentally, would spur the economy by creating jobs.

Not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Walmart had a big big impact on many small towns in the USA heartland.
After breaking the balls of good American manufacturing companies who tried to pay their workers a living wage, Walmart got busy finding messed up countries who were happy to treat their workers like slaves and now no Americans make crap for Walmart.
But many of those poor Americans out of work due to the fact that Walmart killed their employers, now do shop at Walmart. Why? Because they work there, no other jobs available. No choice.
The American people have been screwed by foreign trade deals, forced on our inept government by corporate scum like Walmart.
The little people have no choice here, they have also been brainwashed into believing they do. You are a perfect example. Pitiful, truly.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Shop at Target, Sears, Penny's where they make their good, ah, um overseas in the very same factories all the other stores make them. Why? Because the unions have driven them out of the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Good point, 7:40.
Walmart is the poster child, the face of it all.
But Home Depot, Target, Sears and all the big box stores are equally guilty too.
Buying American is not easy, nor cheap. But we still have a choice to support the few remaining American factories, or to mindlessly support the big corporate slave industry. We are free to decide, free to support slavery or to oppose it.
I am against slavery, and the slave masters like Walmart who profit from it.

Greg Matt said...

This is what happens when American Companies are allowed to outsource their goods manufacturing. I do not buy anything that is not made in the USA. All of the cheap ass companies that use third world labor to profit should be boycoted, and taxed very heavily for their B.S. tax dodges. They are the ones that are ruining the American Dream....Do Not Purchase third world crap.

Anonymous said...

"allowed" to outsource??? Are you suggesting they are not free to outsource or that the constitution does not guarantee that freedom? Surely you jest. And do you really think you could legally tax based on a bias against Walmart or Target, etc???

Anonymous said...

blame the country system , not walmart, it is their choice to make maximum profit , but system should have a capacity and efficiency to seal with such traders, punish them book them ,, or what ever the western countries does with this kind of fault. corrupt political set up in the third world should follow liberal path and put a proper rule of law to punish each violations that is the only solution . Union carbide escaped without any punishment becuse of indian leadership and judicial system that is to be correcte first ,, not walmart or any other trader

Anonymous said...

I haven't purchased any Disney products in decades and Sears clothes never fit me properly. Wal-Mart, although I really don't like the company, its owners and its policies have bumped out many small stores in the area in which I live. I was hoping that the Union would cause enough discord on the friday after thanksgiving and make them start coming around. Unfortunately, the dumbed down, greedy, self-centered Americans still went to Wal-Marts and spent gobs of cash or, actually charged on their already overburdened credit cards, and fed wal-mart's bank acconts while the Waltons laughed their asses off.

Anonymous said...

Walmart makes far less profit then Apple does. Walmart instead provides quality products at low prices which helps the poor and middle class. No other company has done as much for Americans as Walmart has. Rather then Walmart "bumping out" other stores Walmart sites become centers of capitalism and other stores eagerly spring up around Walmarts because they benefit from the traffic Walmart brings. Whereever Walmarts exist the other local and small businesses flourish. This irritates the unions who are communist and are fighting hard to destroy and not build. They hope to benefit if they can bring donw successful businesses. Unions are driven by greed and Marzist/Leninist philosophy. They want to create more poor people because poor people are easily lead.

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